Saturday, May 30, 2015

Corvid Canine - オオカミ人 (Placenta Recordings #301 - 2015)

Corvid Canine - オオカミ人 (Placenta Recordings #301 - 2015)

1. Pharisees In Flannel 
2. How Do You Feed With No Stomach 
3. ゴ!ゴ!オオカミ人 
4. Heart Of November 
5. Lust For Power, Devolve 
6. Burial At Sea 
7. Enter The Chaosphere 
8. Wandering Grounds 
9. A Crack In The False Mirror 
10. Tall Trees Cast Long Shadow 
11. Cold Toned Headspace 
12. Autoerotic 
13. Asymptotic Reaching Out

Music is dead. Art is dead. Face extinction.

Bio: Founded in 2009, Corvid Canine is the chief solo project of coastal Georgia multi-instrumentalist and producer Matthew Borders. A sonic manifestation of ever wandering headspace, drenched in post nihilistic absurdism, and irreverent worship of the space between The Everything and The Nothing. Rooted in grind, noise, 20th century avant-garde, surf rock, EDM, and video game scores, the project maintains a signature of prominent atmosphere and existential anarchy despite a consistent inconsistency between the overall timbres of each release.

Info: Recorded sometime early 2015. All instruments/lyrics/programming/vocals/recording/mixing by Matthew Borders. Art by Jay Watson and bonus art by Matthew Borders

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