Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bookwar - Real Wigger (Placenta Recordings #294 - 2015) OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD!!!

Bookwar - Real Wigger (Placenta Recordings #294 - 2015)

1. Реальный пацан | Real wigger 
2. Анна | Anna 
3. Утро.обед.ночь | Morning.lunch.night (original version) 
4. Скрипкин | Skripkin 
5. Реальный пацан | Real wigger (beat version) 
6. Все равно | Storm (full lyrics version) 
7. Реальный пацан | Real wigger (instrumental) 

Receiving an offer by Placenta Recordings to release something, Bookwar made an effort and created mini-album especially for US listeners. Why is it worth to listen? Because this is probably the last work of the artist - no more pins! - you can`t punk ‘til you die, have remorse! So this EP is made with school lyrics and not so serious as usual. The Real wigger song is about white trash guy close to your house and his love adventure - he is on the way to his girl but everywhere he ended to spoil his fancy clothes by shit (real shit - human or animal or birds shit). But his clothes have shit-cleaners built-in, so he doesn`t care. Anna song is about love, "become my bathtub, oh, Anna, ruin me as i can`t surprise you''. What else - just all sort of experimental spontaneous sounds that come into mind in early spring. ''Storm'' is inspired by sounds by Iranian ambient musician Amir Baghiri - thanks to him and thanks to YOU. Beware - Russians are coming! Book! War! 

Читай Букварь – Реальный пацан ЕР 

Bookwar – lyrics, voice, music, except of: 
6 – beat & some effects by Amir BaghirIi
2 – second vocal by Marfa Oblomskaya 

Recorded from 19 to 21 april 2015 specially for Placenta Recordings 
using soviet analog synths Polivox, Altair 231, Ritm-2, Rokton drum machine, sampler Roland. Many thanks to Amir and Emerge for inspiration and sounds in Storm.

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