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NOT YOUR WORLD MUSIC Noise in South East Asia by Cedrik Fermont & Dimitri della Faille features Placenta Recordings

NOT YOUR WORLD MUSIC Noise in South East Asia
by Cedrik Fermont & Dimitri della Faille

A book about art, politics, identity, gender and global capitalism

From academic electronic music to do-it-yourself noise in South East Asia. Contemporary and past noise, electroacoustic, industrial, experimental music and sound art in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar/Burma, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. With political, historical and sociological essays, exclusive interviews with artists and organizers, as well as an extensive bibliography of popular music from South East Asia and a thorough discography of noise and experimental music artists.

"The first book aiming to chart the spread of noise music across South East Asia" - The Wire Magazine

Softcover and electronic versions available

276 pages

We are proud to mention that Placenta Recordings is referenced a few times in this book. Thank you Cedrik!


Dental Work live 4/18 + 4/22!!!


April 18, 2017 @ Phoney Island

Period Bomb (Miami, FL) // pop rocks and soda

Dental Work (Detroit, MI) // chewing rusted metal

The Stasis // boots on concrete

SAKÉ MOM // iridescent dendrites 


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100% Definite Satisfaction Distraction.


April 22, 2017 @ Studio 8700



Dental Work
The Sir & Baby Show
Kriss Gaynes
Champions of Breakfast

Cover charge: $7
Refreshments will be available.

Watabou + Seanni B Spring 2017 Tour

Watabou + Seanni B Spring 2017 Tour

Dates very well may be added and facebook events will be included when available:

5/5 St. Louis: TBA

5/10 Windsor: TBA


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