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2015 in review/plans for 2016!!!

Placenta Recordings 2015 year in review/plans for 2016!

2015 has been a fun, challenging, great year for Placenta Recordings. A ton of events have unfolded, more friends have been made, more enemies sour. Our family continues to grow stronger, our collective coming together as a fluid “team”. We have moved to a new location, we are doing things a bit different. It’s hard to know where to begin, but let’s break it down like this:

January: The year kicked off with the release of a 4 way split by Denver, CO’s Dali’s Aardvark & Snowfeeder, Gorniel, Hungary’s Solemkin and Belgrade, Serbia’s WeAreAllSlaves. The album was put out both digitally and as a limited edition DIY CD-R, in a spray painted pink case with yellow discs. The front cover was done by Filip Stojiljkovic and the back was collaboration between Filip and myself. Copies are circulating through the US and Serbia. Up next was a post-humus release of the classic “Synonym For The Word Decay” by the legendary artist and close pen-pal Adam Cooley aka Scissor Shock (Columbus, Indiana), which was released as a free download to all of the fans. R.I.P. Adam Cooley/Scissor Shock, a friend and inspiration to many people. Following right behind was the old-school Thrash-Punk Rock legends Cholos On Acid (Ventura, CA) who dropped “Grab Your Brain” on CD/Digital. Later in the year a legal battle ensued over the name of the band who is now “Cycos On Acid”. The 2nd week of January resulted in the release of Detroit, MI’s  7 Mile Clee  “Name Hold Weight 2” as a limited edition CD and download co-release from Forever Gutta Music (Team Eastside Dame/Dame Dot’s label), 30 Rich Entertainment, and Placenta Recordings. This was the 3rd full length of 7 Mile Clee, which featured the grim reality of Detroit, MI’s eastside neighborhoods, and featured GT, Icewear Vezzo (Green Guyz/Iced Up Records/Syrup Gang), Hardwork Jig, Team Eastside Peezy, and more. Videos on YouTube got thousands of hits, a few were released from this album including “Famous”, “No Love”, “Thoughts”, and “Business”. The album art was collaboration between Lil’ Ron and myself. Next was a digital release of Harrisonburg, Virginia’s constantly changing, shape-shifting, re-incarnating Big Drum In The Sky Religion with “Raw Power Of Myth”. Tokyo, Japan’s Teppei Togashi was up next with the digital release of “Acalanatha” claiming "A new generation Noise artist in Japan." We dropped the split by Copenhagen, Denmark’s Kusari Gama Kill and Courtice, Ontario, Canada’s GirlsNames on their birthday as a free download next, which had cover art by Janus of KGK. That wraps up our first month in 2015!

February: Month #2 started with the start of Tokyo, Japan’s Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. US & Canadian tour 2015 "Cosmo Saraswati Tour 2015", which hit many legendary venues along the way with supporting act ST 37. Justin Lee Smith (Barbeque, Dental Work) was interviewed on Pizza Talk, which can be found on YouTube, and is a cool, funny, informative interview which is well worth searching for. Despite feuds between Trashfuck Records and Placenta Recordings, Midwest Harshfest Uno continued on booking many acts who work with both labels, as did PR for planning the 10 Year Anniversary Show/Mental Spaghetti #6 around this time. Across the equator we were getting ready to release the female fronted Power Violence trio RICHARDBARKER with their self-titled CD and download. They are one of the most extreme acts to come out of Ambato, Ecuador, and we are working on many other plans with this band for the future! On the 24th we released “hell” by Chicago, IL’s soul9499, the project of 14 year old John Schroeder, and this was his official debut. On the 26th an Italian radio station called Radio Frankenstein did a 92 minute special showcasing Placenta Recordings artists over the last 10 years, which included Tropical Painforest, Bubblegum Octopus, Corot Ghost, Barbeque, Bear-Trap, Merzbow, Black Mayonnaise, Sete Star Sept, Watabou, Chulo, crochetcatpause, Yatagarasu, Scissor Shock, RedSK, Alienslang, 7 Mile Clee, and more. Thanks to Radio Frankenstein very much!

March: The 2nd day of March we released a split by Michigan Harsh Noise outfit Dental Work, and Tokyo, Japan’s World End Mambo extraordinaire haiiyuuko. The album was a digital co-release between High Concentration Contaminated Water Records and Placenta Recordings, which marked the start of an ongoing series of splits and more releases by haiiyuuko/Heidy Youko for the future. “Rostov” edition Placenta Recordings hoodies began taking pre-orders later in the week, which sold out quick! Glad people could be warm and represent at the same time. The next week we put out the download “Durante todo esto tiempo” by Ecuadorian Harsh Noise kingpin ARMENIA, followed by the long awaited Dental Work/Otomo Hava split which was a free download for the true fans. Dental Work is Lebanese from U.S. and Otomo Hava is the HNW/Power Electronics project of Thomas Havales from Greece. The album boasted “From Lebanon to Greece across the filthy sea to the USA in Harsh Noise we trust forever”. In Daly City, California, electronic experimentalist of all things Crunk, Breakcore, IDM, and more David Wang aka Mochipet gave away his entire discography to the fans for free download, which was MASSIVE in size and content. We remembered the days of old when we released the Mochipet/Dental Work split “2008 Erections”. 

April: This month the dates and line-up for Placenta Recordings 10 Year Anniversary Show/Mental Spaghetti Fest #6 were announced, which was organized by Sean Barry, Doc Colony, and I. The only release of the month was a digital re-issue of the 92 minute Radio Frankenstein special on Placenta Recordings “Ciliegia”.

May: Chicago’s Basement Widow “Mute” was the first release this month, a free download of dark ambient Minimalist Noise dedicated to his mother. Following that we did our first release from Puerto Rican independent Noise/Electronic/Ambient producer Jose Marti aka Dead Hands On A Piano, entitled “Walking Around”. The same day we released a bizarre album by Saitama, Japan’s Tasuketekun called “Heads” as a free download, plus Moscow, Russia’s Bookwar “Real Wigger” who boasts recording this Russian Hip Hop album “Using Soviet Analog Synthesizers”, and the sophomore album “Suicide” by soul9499. We dropped a limited edition cassette from a strange Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fanatic making tribunal J-Pop Noise. The tape was called Kyary Ero Guro And The Eroge Fanatic Band “Candy Candy” and it sold out immediately. The next week we released “Book Of Sounds (Book 1)” by Detroit, MI’s Zach Hill aka Poete Maudit. “Parallel Play” was released by weirdo Italian band Helka Wu? on a variety of formats on various labels and we were honored to help with the CD edition, which they sent us! Thanks guys! May 20 New York City label Alrealon Musique and Placenta Recordings co-released the digital download of “Live @ Experi-MENTAL Fest 6 – The Silent Barn – Brooklyn, NY 9-27-14” aka “No Creep ‘Til Brooklyn” by Dental Work, which was the first of many to come releases of the act as a trio of Jay Watson, Justin Lee Smith, and Sean Barry after a number of live dates where they experimented together. Near the end of the month we did a manufacturing job for our friends at Kitty On Fire Records in Las Vegas for the extreme loli-grind duo Cheerleader Concubine. The CD was called “Bukkake Birthday Blast” and has a crazy cover to say the least. Eric Stephenson hosted his Ultra Mega Awesome Extreme 8 at The Sanctuary in Detroit, which featured many PR fam like SNESEI, Saskrotch, Kkrusty, and more. The same day we released the sophomore album “Underdog” by Team Eastside D-Nice on CD as a co-release with RichMen Records out of Detroit. The album is one of the best solo releases from legendary Detroit Rap super group Team Eastside to date, which featured the single “100 Ball” which got over 25k views and counting on YouTube. This was our 300th release at Placenta Recordings! The follow up was Georgia’s Corvid Canine “Wolf Man” as digital/limited CD-R of Grind, Noise, Surf Rock, EDM, and Video Game Music, and the album art was collaboration between Corvid Canine and myself. We finished the month with a Team Swoop and Placenta Recordings co-release of Detroit, MI’s Walk In Circles “Before I Go” as a download and limited edition CD-R. John Pilbeam (Walk In Circles) is an amazing musician and visual artist who is also known as WLKNCRCLS and needs to be recognized.

June: On the first day of June we released the Placenta Recordings 10 Year Anniversary/Mental Spaghetti Fest #6 Fundraiser Benefit Compilation as a digital download, which featured an array of international artists like 85 Bears, Dental Work, Eyes, FARMACIA, Medicine Mouth, PAS Musique, Qixoni, tooth_eye, and more. The cover model was Agent Annette Éclair and the photographer was Doc Colony. Mid June “A Lost World” was released which was a free digital split by Michigan’s Dental Work and Texas Noise artist N0123NOISE.

July: Years Later, we finally released the demo from Germany’s She Destroys Hope. Very sorry it took so long! Next up was French & Belgian Musique Concrete from Nw & Ripit “ADC-DAC”, and Russian Rapper Bookwar “Inscect Liberation Front”, all free downloads. Sometime in here we got the Placenta Recordings “10 Years In The Game///Representing Worldwide” t-shirts, stickers, and 1.5” buttons printed up. July 23rd William Sides hosted the MSF6 pre-party in Chicago, IL and July 24th and 25th we held the Placenta Recordings 10 Year Anniversary Show/Mental Spaghetti Fest #6 at Tangent Gallery/Hastings Street Ballroom in Detroit, MI. The show was amazing. Organized and hosted by myself, Sean Barry, and Doc Colony, with the help from my lady Ashley Kennedy, and many of our comrades such as Stephanie Bennett, Jordan Sunshine, Jon Pilbeam, Rachel Viola, Justin Lee Smith, and more. HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to all of you! The bill included Skellie LaFluer, Ex-American, Insect Deli, William Sides Atari Party, tooth_eye, Kkrusty, Barbeque, SNESEI, EYES, Dental Work, Right Eye Rita, Coral Remain (ex- Styrofoam Sanchez), Chamomile Portrait, Logan Place, Amigo, Scientific Sunshine, Lionghoulman, Marital Vows, Jaws That Bite, Sid Yiddish, Mirror Moon, Death Factory, Spaceband, Blackmail, PAS Musique, Pep-Step, Watabou, Shema, Selector Catalogue, Team Eastside D-Nice, Whitey Alabastard, Qixoni, DJ Seanni B, musclebaby, crochetcatpause, Eprom Colony, soul9499, Boxfort Collective, Giant Squid Autopsy, Nortmono, Volcano-Themed Bathroom, Rektal Prolapse, Hideous Replica, Vitriol Gauge, Poete Maudit, Kevin Summers, Stiverson, Transvaginal Mesh, Walk In Circles, Five Star Hotel, SKGB, Bit Mummy, and more. Visuals were provided by Walk In Circles, Ohhinaifu, and Hekkate. Thank you to EVERYONE who made it possible. It was great sharing stories of the good old days with all of you, and everyone did an outstanding performance. Shout out Jorge Tapia, Mulu, BBQ, Billy Sides, and the Ratskin Records crew for helping change my tire at 4:45 am! One of the greatest and most diverse shows I have ever been a part of. Cheers to turning 10 years old!

August: We started off the month with the re-issue of the classic out of print Dental Work album “Anxiety.Addiction.Abuse.” on limited edition DIY cassette and digital download. The next day Texas label No Lights Tonight Records and Placenta Recordings co-released a free download “Kill A Nazi, Save A Life: Anti-Nazi Compilation Vol. 2” which featured international acts and legends Agathocles, Changoz!, Dental Work, Haramjadah, La Capra, Porraloka, Shitnoise Bastards, Sid Redlin, SxRxTx, Extreme Hair Stench, and more in an attempt to say NAZI PUNKS, FUCK OFF! Up next was the official release of the limited edition CD-R curated and manufactured by Billy Sides for Placenta Recordings of Call Me On The Allophone, Death Factory, Dental Work, Hideous Replica, Insect Deli, and Secret Means Of Escape “Atoner – It’s Distracting”. The split was mastered by Mark Shippy (US Maple) and William Sides. The cover photo was taken by Daniel Hintz. After that was another sonic offering from Big Drum In The Sky Religion “Give The People What They Pray For”, some extreme HNW from mysterious French act Rejet “La Somation” and “Dealeur de Mauvaises Textures”, a YouTube video release of Team Eastside D-Nice performing “100 Ball” live at MSF6, and the digital re-issue of New Jersey 8-Bit Spazz Pop Twee Grind Pop legend Bubblegum Octopus and Michigan native Break-Noise-Psych-Collage weaver Dental Work “My God Is The Cat King” with re-mastered tracks from BGO!

September: Seanni B, aka Stone Coma, Sean Barry, friend, member of Dental Work, and “intern” at Placenta Recordings drops his “Mental Spaghetti Footwork Mix” as a free download on Placenta Recordings and Team Swoop. Jit That Booty! The following day we put out Tokyo, Japan’s Alternative Post-Breakcore Pop mastermind Robot Speaker “Error Pop” as a free digital download, which got great reviews in Spacerockmountain! Next was the digital re-issue of a cassette by Austrian Breakcore/Noise legends Grim Kirby and Tropical Painforest. September 6 we released Bandung City, Indonesia’s Thrashcore/Power Violence EP “Thrashing Faster” by Marrah, along with German Gore Noise from Black Centipede (ex Cumdivision Spermany) “Day Of The Centipede”, and a co-release with London, UK label Legs Akimbo Records for British Nekro Tekno band HateWire “Let’s Get Methy”, all free downloads! Up after that was another release from Tasuketekun called “Vitamine D”, then Kyary Ero Guro put out a limited edition CD in a DVD case/download with us called “Miracle Orange (70 Love Songs)”. Our 324th release was by Maloyaroslavets native Artyom Slon “Revolution”, followed by Vancouver, British Colombia’s 8-Bit Cybergrind Nintendocore geniuses Senpai Suicide Club with their “Super Scope 6”.

October: Michigan resident DJ Thug Bites kicked off October with the “Berlin Ghost” EP, followed by Experimental Musique Concrete from Bergamo, Italy’s Almitra Siffredi “Sator arepo tenet opera rotas”, a 2nd offering from Thug Bites, this time a screwed & chopped b-side mutation some may call experimental Vaporwave “Drug Rites/Jug Nights”, Robot Speaker “Plastic-TV Channel” which got a nice review in His Voice Magazine in Czech Republic, and the long awaited “SNAKE PARTY” released on Halloween by Detroit, MI’s Interion and Jaws That Bite. Dental Work and Barbeque performed at Haunted Hybrid Fest at Hybrid Moments in Detroit a few days prior to that. This marks the date of Placenta Recordings move from Traverse City, MI to Detroit, MI successfully! 

November: “Global Communication Mambo” by Tokyo, Japan extreme Noise psychopath HeidyYouko kicked off November, followed by Kusari Gama Kill “Astral Prison”, Lima, Ohio’s Methlab Explosion “Odium”, Brazil’s New York Against The Belzebu self-titled Noise-Grind opus, Methlab Explosion & Dental Work “Live @ The Birth Canal – Frankfort, MI 12-05-09”, Dental Work “Live Vol. 1” which got a nice review in His Voice Magazine in Czech Republic, Germany’s Body Smasher “Mindscape”, 7 Mile Clee “THC: The Hustle Continues”, and Makassar, Indonesia’s Potasium Sianida “Derau”. Dental Work performed live at PJ’s Lager House with Toronto, Ontario’s HSY and at Tangent Gallery with Detroit’s Spaceband. Now you have the option to get our entire digital discography for a 20% discounted rate at

December: The 1st was my 29th birthday which I spent with my family. We released French Grindcore EP from Banana Wakbar “A.C.A.B.”, and Detroit Grindcore from OD IN THE BATHTUB “Winter 2015 Demo”. The following day we put out the Dental Work + To Die + Lo Mas Bello split “Fuck Corporate Punk Rock” which showcased US, Indonesian, and Ecuadorian Noise and Grindcore. The next week we released bizarre Italian Noise from Massimo Brazzini “Rock Album (a noise fall)”, Thug Bites “Smoke, Snort, & Drank Vol. 1 which mixed screwed and chopped tracks of Dice, The Geto Boys, Team Eastside, South Park Mexican, Mac Dre, Esham, Spice 1, Necro, Doe B, C-Murder, Big Moe, and more. The follow up was Thug Bites “Fuckin’ Prince Game Up”, then East Lansing, MI Emo Violence from Ownlife “This is (not) art”, “Requiem For A Pothead” by Netherlands Indie weirdo Lo-Fi Terrorist, and 60 minutes of compressed and manipulated field recordings by Dental Work called “Microkassetten”. Dental Work also had a split with PimZen and HeidyYouko that was released on Japanese label Super Malevolent Deity Records. The Indonesian releases this month will be featured in Syrphe/Cedrik Fermont’s upcoming book! Dental Work was featured on Alrealon Musique’s From A to U compilation which accompanied the Jan 2016 issue of The Wire Magazine (UK) which hit the streets in late December. Shout out to Alrealon Musique and The Wire! Stay tuned for the upcoming Dental Work group studio album “China Town To Detroit” coming soon on Alrealon Musique.

Shout out and thank you to my lady, my family, my parents, my cats, the entire Placenta Recordings family, everyone who loves us and hates us.

2016: Up next we have lots of cool stuff in the works, including a series of upcoming concerts in Detroit, the long awaited Agoraphobic Nosebleed vs. Dental Work collaboration, the Big Michigan Noise Compilation, Art ‘zines from both Joesph Sciamanna (pencilneck666) and Zoe Burdick (bedbuggs), one of our newest members who will be doing a bunch of art collabs with us, a Dental Work comic book by Tom Kittendorf, new T-Shirt designs, a collab from Jan (Kusari Gama Kill) and Jay (Dental Work) called “ROBEDADS”, a Chulo/Dental Work collab, art collaborations with Ashley Kennedy, art collaborations from Henning Wagenbreth, Dental Work Japanese tour, a bunch of re-issues, new releases from Kool Skull, Little Mack, b4by f4c3, SKGB, Rats, Gray/Bliss, The Flatlinerz, Kevin Summers, Dental Work, Days Of Hate, Boys Age, Bubblegum Octopus, Cock ESP, Rubber O Cement, K2, Demonsleeper, crochetcatpause, Eprom Colony, Spaceband, Farmacia, Harry Knuckles, Lost Appeal, Boxfort Collective, musclebaby, Passenger Of Shit, Shema, Robot Speaker, Sid Yiddish, Team Eastside D-Nice, Cuttboy G Dinero, Team Eastside Lil P, Tropical Painforest, Water Rats, Sriba Boys, and many more!

Hoping to do releases for: The Lemons, L.U. Cipha, Hex, KGP, HSY, Black Fog Mountain, Beastnest, Sakasa, SNESEI, Watabou. Hoping to end the feud with Trashfuck Records. I would like to put out some kind of DVD releases featuring visuals from Walk In Circles, Ohhinaifu, and Hekkate. I would like to do many things that I am not even aware of yet. Please get in touch! Let’s talk! Also, if I owe you a package or something or am supposed to release an album for you and I haven’t yet, please get in touch and remind me! I went through a black hole and lost a box of packs and a folder of masters! Help me help you! If we haven’t talked in a while, fact is I probably still have love for you <3

- Jay Watson, Placenta Recordings December 31st, 2015


REAL LIFE: Placenta Recordings P.O. Box 442187 Detroit, MI 48244 


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dental Work - Mikrokassetten (Placenta Recordings #347 - 2015)

Dental Work - Mikrokassetten (Placenta Recordings #347 - 2015)

This piece was recorded in Michigan on a micro cassette. 60 minutes of sound compressed into a 10 minute "single" Photos taken in Texas by my family in the early 90's...Thanks to my step-mom for uncovering these photographs!

For booking, splits, collaborations, and more:


REAL LIFE: Placenta Recordings P.O. Box 442187 Detroit, MI 48244 


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lo​-​Fi Terrorist - Requiem For A Pothead (Placenta Recordings #346 - 2015)

Lo​-​Fi Terrorist - Requiem For A Pothead (Placenta Recordings #346 - 2015)

Very odd Dutch music. "Requiem For A Pothead" by Lo-Fi Terrorist out now on Placenta Recordings! 

"I would like to attract your attention to the lo-fi terrorist from the Netherlands. I think he is a post-lo-fi sound artist. At least that's what I would like to call him. His songs are like skeletons for songs, or for vision or thoughts. Every show he does is different. He uses loops and soundscapes and sings over them to create surrealism and emotional layers. He is Inspired by hipsterism, cartoons and popular media outings like Jersey Shore. Maybe you should check this guy out and give him some attention. He is like a cult-hero in the Netherlands, I think he should be heard." - Jonas Dorfseinner. Pitchfork Netherlands 

Lo-Fi Terrorist: 


REAL LIFE: Placenta Recordings P.O. Box 442187 Detroit, MI 48244 


Monday, December 14, 2015

Ownlife - This Is (Not) Art (Placenta Recordings #345 - 2015) OUT NOW!

Ownlife - This Is (Not) Art (Placenta Recordings #345 - 2015)

Hardcore Emoviolence from East Lansing, Michigan's Ownlife out now on Placenta Recordings!



REAL LIFE: Placenta Recordings P.O. Box 442187 Detroit, MI 48244 


Thug Bites - Fuckin' Prince Game Up (SCRI + Placenta Recordings #344 - 2015) FREE DOWNLOAD!

Thug Bites - Fuckin' Prince Game Up (SCRI + Placenta Recordings #344 - 2015)

Screwed & Chopped deterioration of Prince. #RIPDJScrew #Prince

released December 12, 2015 

Unofficial mix, if anybody has a problem with this, contact my label in old Russia! We love Prince, just making a little tribute <3



REAL LIFE: Placenta Recordings P.O. Box 442187 Detroit, MI 48244 


Friday, December 11, 2015

Thug Bites - Smoke, Snort & Drank Vol. 1 (SCRI + Placenta Recordings #343 - 2015) FREE DOWNLOAD!

Thug Bites - Smoke, Snort & Drank Vol. 1 (SCRI + Placenta Recordings #343 - 2015) 

Unofficial mixtape by Thug Bites. If anybody has a problem with any of these tracks being used - contact my label Snitch Carnitas Russian Imports in Old Russia/// 


#TeamEastsideLou #TeamEastsideDNice 


#7MileClee #MicrowaveMan 
#BigMoe #ESG 





#ThugBites #Unofficial #ScrewedAndChopped #MixTape #SnitchCarnitasRussianImports #PlacentaRecordings #RIPDJScrew

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Massimo Brazzini - Rock Album (a noise fall) (Placenta Recordings #342 - 2015) OUT NOW!!!

Massimo Brazzini - Rock Album (a noise fall) (Placenta Recordings #342 - 2015)

Bizarre Incomprehensible Italian Noise from Massimo Brazzini, released 2015 on Placenta Recordings! 



REAL LIFE: Placenta Recordings P.O. Box 442187 Detroit, MI 48244 


released December 10, 2015 

Art and music by Massimo Brazzini

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

OD IN THE BATHTUB - Winter 2015 Demo (Placenta Recordings #340 - 2015)

OD IN THE BATHTUB - Winter 2015 Demo (Placenta Recordings #340 - 2015)

Engorged Through a Garden Hose 00:36
DPH 00:38
A Savage Journey to Meat World 00:40
Minced to Shreds 00:53
Diced Children 00:35
Deathcore Interlude 01:48
Tormented Anal Remains 01:09
The Damn Goat Who Could Not Shit (Black Curse cover) 01:56
Tainted Meat Vortex 01:10
Engulfed In Syphilic Blisters 01:39
Gorthrak, the Barbarian 01:39
Digested In The Womb 00:38
Walk This Way 00:50
Correct Aborticide And The Gerbil Pursuit 00:53
Fucked And Mutilated in a U-Haul Van 00:46
Shitty Punk Song 01:25
Punk Song #3 00:35

"Meaningless sonic violence from Detroit, MI Grindcore fucks OD IN THE BATHTUB out now on Placenta Recordings!" 


REAL LIFE: Placenta Recordings P.O. Box 442187 Detroit, MI 48244 


released December 1, 2015 


#alternative #experimental #grindcore #hardcore #Michigan #grindcore #noise #odinthebathtub #powerviolence #punk #Detroit

Banana Wakbar - A​.​C​.​A​.​B. (Placenta Recordings #339 - 2015) OUT NOW!!!

Banana Wakbar - A​.​C​.​A​.​B. (Placenta Recordings #339 - 2015)

#France #Grindcore #PowerViolence 

Members: xcx : guitar, drums, vocals 


REAL LIFE: Placenta Recordings P.O. Box 442187 Detroit, MI 48244 


Monday, November 30, 2015

Potasium Sianida - Derau (Placenta Recordings #338 - 2015) out now!

Potasium Sianida - Derau (Placenta Recordings #338 - 2015)

Ivan Baruadi started this project in 2008 in Makassar Indonesia. Derau is the third album from Potasium Sianida.

Potasium Sianida has made several split albums and participated in several noise compilations.


REAL LIFE: Placenta Recordings P.O. Box 442187 Detroit, MI 48244 


Saturday, November 28, 2015

7 Mile Clee "The Hustle Continues" out now on Forever Gutta Music + Placenta Recordings!

Forever Gutta Presents: 

7 Mile Clee - The Hustle Continues

Hit up @__7mileclee or @forevergutta for hard copies! Forever Gutta + Placenta Recordings edition coming soon!

Check out the new video: 7 Mile Clee featuring Dame Dot "Far From Basic"

Play catch up - Do your research:

Hard copies are hard to find these days, but you might be able to pick up some from @__7mileclee @forevergutta @placentarecordings - hit us up on Instagram! You can download them here:

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dental Work - LIVE VOL.1 (Placenta Recordings #336 - 2015) Official Free Download!

Dental Work - LIVE VOL.1 (Placenta Recordings #336 - 2015)

Dental Work - Live @ Watabou's Birthday Party - Ann Arbor, MI 2012* (Recorded by Morgan Feger)

Dental Work - Live @ The Halfway House - Detroit, MI 5-27-12* (Recorded by Tom Kittendorf)

Dental Work - Live @ Mental Spaghetti Fest #3 - The Property - Weldon Twp., MI 8-10-12*

Dental Work - Live @ Denver Noise Fest - Rhinoceropolis - Denver, CO 5-10-13*

Dental Work - Live @ The Hollow - Traverse City, MI - 8-9-13* (Recorded by Erika Escobar)

Dental Work - Live @ Leland City Club - Detroit, MI 11-29-13* (Recorded by Giovanni Settimo)

Dental Work - live @ Placenta Recordings 10th Anniversary - Mental Spaghetti Fest #6 - Detroit, MI 7-24-15*** (Recorded by Micheal Jerome)

Dental Work Live @ PJ's Lager House Detroit, MI 11-1-15** (Recorded by Ashley Kennedy)

Dental Work - Live @ Group Session - Tangent Gallery - Detroit, MI 11-7-15**** (Recorded by Ashley Kennedy)

* Jay Watson
** Jay Watson, Justin Lee Smith
*** Jay Watson, Justin Lee Smith, Sean Barry
**** Jay Watson, Justin Lee Smith, Sean Barry, wsg/ Nicholas Mancuso

Thank you: Justin Lee Smith, Sean Barry, Doc Colony, Ashley Kennedy, The Halfway House, Maxxwell Lange, Vincent Trotto, Chris Miller, Travis Jarosz, Tom Kittendorf, Mental Spaghetti Fest, The Property, Denver Noise Fest, Rhinoceropolis, Todd Novasad, Erika Escobar, Doc Colony, Leland City Club, Giovanni Settimo, Tangent Gallery, Micheal Jerome, Tangent Gallery, PJ's Lager House, Nicholas Mancuso, Will Olter, Detroit, Michigan, Ratskin Records, Team Eastside D-Nice, My family, and the entire Placenta Recordings family!!!


REAL LIFE: Placenta Recordings P.O. Box 442187 Detroit, MI 48244


Pick up our full digital discography!!!


Get all 86 digital Placenta Recordings releases available on Bandcamp and save 20%.

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Dental Work - LUCY (Placenta Recordings #206 - 2012), Robot Speaker - Plastic-TV Channel (Placenta Recordings #329 - 2015), Dental Work & Kinky Cinch - Rapid HIV Testing (Placenta Recordings #012 - 2008), Almitra Siffredi - Sator arepo tenet opera rotas (Placenta Recordings #327 - 2015), Black Mayonnaise - When You Get Caught Between The Moon And Boston Harbor The Best That Black Mayonnaise Could Do 1991-2008 (Placenta Recordings #149 - 2011), Kyary Ero Guro - Miracle Orange (70 Love Songs) (Placenta Recordings #322 - 2015), Dental Work - Sasha & Lara (Placenta Recordings #213 - 2012), Tasuketekun - Vitamine D (Placenta Recordings #321 - 2015), and 78 more.

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Team Eastside D-Nice upcoming live performances + news!

Team Eastside D-Nice will be performing live in Detroit, go show your support to one of the realest people out there!

Nov 27 @ Royal Skating Land

Dec 7th @ Erotic City

#TeamEastsideDNice #TeamEastside #PlacentaRecordings #Detroit #Michigan

Go pick up Team Eastside D-Nice "Must Be Nice" (Placenta Recordings)

Official SEALED CD:


Go download the Team Eastside D-Nice, Placenta Recordings, and 7 Mile Clee interview at 7 Mile Radio:

Go pick up Team Eastside D-Nice "Underdog" (Placenta Recordings + Richmen Records)

Official SEALED CD:



Go watch the video Team Eastside D-Nice "100 Ball"

Go watch the video Team Eastside D-Nice "100 Ball" live at Placenta Recordings 10 Year Anniversary Show - Tangent Gallery - Detroit, MI

Stay tuned for Team Eastside D-Nice "Must Be Nice 2" coming 2016!!!