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Dental Work - Bury Me - Tales From Beyond The Graveyard Chapter 1 (PR #464 - 2018)

Dental Work - Bury Me - Tales From Beyond The Graveyard Chapter 1 (PR #464 - 2018)

STREAM (4 cowards), DOWNLOAD (4 the TRU), and ORDER THE DOUBLE CD (4 fam ONLY) right fucking here: https://placentarecordings.bandcamp.com/album/dental-work-bury-me-tales-from-beyond-the-graveyard-chapter-1-pr-464-2018

CD INFORMACION: 2x CD sealed in jewel case. (Heavy Russian accent)...Full color art by Jay Watson. 

Rare, lost, forgotten, out of print, and more oddities...Covered in filth, ready for you to devour. Plus an entire bonus disc of live rituals spanning/spawning 2008-2018. 

Songs about murdering pedophiles, missed connections for PC games, washing machines, screenshots, abandoned hospitals, braces, asbestos, jambalaya, Rostov, latinas, and shallow graves. 

DISC 1 is tracks 1-20 
DISC 2 is tracks 21-beyond (the grave)...

Released October 16, 2018 

All music, art, titles, and concepts by Jay Watson. 
Guest instrumentation from Justin Lee Smith, Sean Barry, Micheal, Morgan Feger, and Billy Sides. 
Front cover photo by Ashley S. 
Dedicated to my cousin Heidi Johnson. R.I.P. <3

Редкий, потерянный, забытый, из печати и больше странностей ... Покрытый грязью, готовый к тому, чтобы вы пожирали. Плюс целый бонус-диск живых ритуалов, охватывающих / нерестующих 2008-2018 гг.

Песни об убийстве педофилов, пропущенных связях для компьютерных игр, стиральных машинах, скриншотах, заброшенных больницах, фигурных скобках, асбестах, джамбалайе, ростове, латинанах и мелких могилах.

DISC 1 - дорожки 1-20
DISC 2 - это дорожки 21-за (могила) ...
выпущен 16 октября 2018 года

Вся музыка, искусство, названия и концепции Джей Уотсон.
Гостевой инструментарий от Джастина Ли Смита, Шона Барри, Мишеля, Моргана Фегера и Билли Сайдес.
Фотография передней обложки Эшли С.
Посвящается моему двоюродному брату Хайди Джонсону. ПОКОЙСЯ С МИРОМ. <3

نادر ، ضائع ، منسي ، من الطباعة ، والمزيد من الشذوذات ... مغطى بالقذارة ، مستعد لك أن تلتهم. بالإضافة إلى قرص مكافأة كاملة من الطقوس الحية تمتد / تفرز 2008-2018.

أغاني حول قتل مشتهي الأطفال ، والاتصالات المفقودة لألعاب الكمبيوتر ، والغسالات ، لقطات ، والمستشفيات المهجورة ، الأقواس ، الأسبستوس ، jambalaya ، روستوف ، اللاتينيات ، والمقابر الضحلة.

DISC 1 هو المسارات 1-20
DISC 2 هو 21 المسارات (القبر) ...
صدر في 16 أكتوبر 2018

جميع الموسيقى والفن والألقاب والمفاهيم التي كتبها جاي واتسون.
أدوات الضيوف من جاستن لي سميث ، وشون باري ، وميشيل ، ومورغان فيغر ، وبيلي سايدز.
صورة الغلاف الأمامي لـ Ashley S.
مكرسة لابن عمي هايدي جونسون. RIP. <3

Selten, verloren, vergessen, vergriffen und mehr Kuriositäten ... Mit Schmutz bedeckt, bereit für dich zu verschlingen. Plus eine ganze Bonus-Scheibe von Live-Ritualen, die 2008-2018 spannen / laichen.

Lieder über mordende Pädophile, verpasste Anschlüsse für PC-Spiele, Waschmaschinen, Screenshots, verlassene Krankenhäuser, Zahnspangen, Asbest, Jambalaya, Rostow, Latinas und flache Gräber.

DISC 1 ist die Spuren 1-20
DISC 2 ist Tracks 21-jenseits (das Grab) ...
veröffentlicht am 16. Oktober 2018

Alle Musik, Kunst, Titel und Konzepte von Jay Watson.
Gast Instrumentierung von Justin Lee Smith, Sean Barry, Michael, Morgan Feger und Billy Sides.
Titelbild von Ashley S.
Gewidmet meiner Cousine Heidi Johnson. RUHE IN FRIEDEN. <3

Dental Work - Haunt (Placenta Recordings #463 - 2018)

Dental Work - Haunt (Placenta Recordings #463 - 2018)

STREAM, DOWNLOAD, INSPECT, AND ORDER THE LIMITED EDITION CD HERE: https://placentarecordings.bandcamp.com/album/dental-work-haunt-placenta-recordings-463-2018

This album is not an album. It is actually 3 individual pieces recorded by Jay Watson, Justin Lee Smith, and Sean Barry in an infamous haunted warehouse in Southwest Detroit, Michigan with a sordid past. The building was once a speakeasy, with prostitution, gambling, and alcohol available upstairs. After that, there was a fire and the place was declared abandoned for many years. Eventually in the 1980's-1990's it began to be inhabited by vagrants, bums, crack heads. junkies, alcoholics, prostitutes, and those going through extreme despair. An old woodworker decided to buy the building, planning to turn the place into the factory of his dreams...Multiple dead bodies were found in various rooms and had to be removed...Overdose victims, people who froze to death at the hands of cruel Michigan winters, and some causes unknown. He started to make headway in the twisted labyrinth of a building it was, but at some point his health began to decline and his addictions to booze, tobacco, and young ladies grew. After a heart attack he decided to sell the building, despite his fading dreams...It was too much for his body and mind to handle. The building was bought by a group of artists who I rented a space from through a recommendation of a close friend who was also living there at the time. I was slightly apprehensive, as the few times I was over to his space prior to this he was already burning sage to clear some strange presence he felt there. It seemed to be helping. The first night I stayed the night there, something weird happened. Actually is was downright scary, and I love Horror novels and films. I was sitting on a chair, placed above what appeared to be a sewer drain with a lid, like you would see out in the street, anyway I am sitting here in the dark, talking on the phone with my girlfriend at the time. Out of the blue this insane digital shrieking came over the line, something louder than I have ever heard a phone capable of omitting. My girlfriend never heard it. I decided then to not disrespect this sewer drain, and whatever was down there. It never happened again, and I always kept this experience in the back of my mind. During the 1.5 years that I lived here, lots of unsettling things happened here. I learned that one of the bodies had been removed from my room personally, a frozen corpse that appeared to be a wino who ran out of hope. One day I returned from work at a local record shop to find that the double sided mirror that was mounted on the outside of my door had fallen and broken in a very curious way. The panel it fell on was unbroken, but the back panel of glass was shattered in a delirious pattern that I still can't make sense of. The most notable event was when I was moving out. I forgot to mention that the first day I moved in, I placed an old Ouija board that I had originally used with my best friend around 12 years old to contact my dead Grandfather in my closet, successful I might add, and later used it for many years to cut up and snort lines of Coke, Meth, and Oxy. Anyway, I kept this thing with me since, and I placed it in this glass enclosed display case that was left in the room I was renting. It stayed there the entire time, but on the day I moved out, I decided to take out the Ouija board and thought to myself "I'll just put this down here"...Like in a box that I was getting ready to load up. The moment my internal dialogue eneded, an entire stack of boxes of CDs, tools, clothes, records, movies, paperwork, etc. fell crashing to the ground. Chills engulfed my entire body, and it was very difficult to even enter the building after this experience. After analyzing these raw recordings, we have uncovered sounds in the mix that we never made, and that were never intended to become this "haunt"... 

- Jay Watson 

Released October 16, 2018 

Recorded at Placenta Recordings in Detroit, Michigan USA in 2016 by Jay Watson. The material was used to create material that was released on the Dental Work and yeongrak split cassette. Here are the raw individual sessions of Jay, Justin, and Sean. We invite you to listen closely to discover the hidden warnings and tales from beyond the grave that we honorably invited into our souls... 

Photographs taken by Jay Watson in the actual studio where this was recorded, with the actual Ouija board and unexplained broken mirrors mentioned. 

All titles and short story by Jay Watson.

#avantgarde #deathmetal #experimental #gorenoise #grindcore #haunting #horror #horrorcore #noise #powerelectronics #psychedelic #soundtrack #trash #truecrime #vaporwave #worldmusic #Detroit

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Tasuketekun - Machibitokitarazu (Placenta Recordings #461 - 2018)

Tasuketekun - Machibitokitarazu (Placenta Recordings #461 - 2018)


BOY​-​MOUTH - Hot Bitches Drinking Gasoline (PR#460 - 2018)

BOY​-​MOUTH - Hot Bitches Drinking Gasoline (PR#460 - 2018)

Bizarre sweethearts from Grayling, Michigan and Portland, Oregon respectively...Once released on Weiner Records...

Released October 8, 2018 

Music and art by James Lee Jones and Dan Bale. 
Released by Rotten Princess Records and Placenta Recordings CD/Digital.