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Greek radio show: Guests From Chaos 19: Placenta Recordings!

Guests From Chaos 19: Placenta Recordings


Bear-Trap - Zombie Gurls (V/A - MSF5 Benefit Compilation MP3 / Placenta Recordings / 2014)
Dental Work - 16 Bit Asteroid Wreckage (16 Bit Asteroid Wreckage MP3 / Dadaist Audio / 2007)
7 Mile Clee & Team Eastside Babyface Ray - Mitten (V/A - MSF5 Benefit Compilation MP3 / Placenta Recordings / 2014)
Acid Mothers Temple - Porks' Bomb in Aztec Part 0 (St. Captain Freak Out and the Magic Bamboo Request CD / Ektro Records / 2002)
Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Thanksgiving Day (PCP Torpedo 6" Single / Hydra Head Records / 1998)
Drokz & Tails vs. ANBrx - Smoke Hard Drugz Mix (PCP Torpedo (Agoraphobic Nosebleed Remixed) 12" LP / Blast Beat / 2006)
Dental Work vs. Aleister X - Black Metal, Fish & Chips On Blow
Alienslang - Smoking Joints With Allah (V/A - Toxic Appetizer Platter Vol. 1 MP3 / Placenta Recordings / 2014)
Almond Milks - Little Ghost (Ghost/Palace MP3 / Self Released / 2015)
Anal Cunt - The Only Reason Men Talk To You Is Because They Want To Get Laid, You Stupid Fucking Cunt (It Just Gets Worse CD / Earache / 1999)
Arab On Radar - A Kidney Problem (Queen Hygiene II LP/CD / Herapin / 1997)
ARCANO18 - El Striptease De La Muerte (Desprecio Sudamericano MP3 / Vias Negras / 2013)
Artfull Dodgers - Remember (V/A - The Placenta Compilation 2CDR / Placenta Recordings / 2008)
Barbeque - Holy Hands (V/A - Desktape USB Card / Deskpop / 2015)
Black Mayonnaise - Contamination Diet VS Black Sabbath (When You Get Caught Between The Moon And Boston Harbor: The Best That Black Mayonnaise Could Do 1991-2008 CDr / Placenta Recordings / 2011)
Bubblegum Octopus - I'm Going To Roll You Up And Beat The Shit Out Of You (V/A - The Placenta Compilation Vol. 3 MP3 / Placenta Recordings / 2008)
Chulo - Naturaleza Colombiana (Chulo / Tumor Ganas - Third World Nightmare CD / Placenta Recordings / 2011)
Cock ESP - Meth Wish (Cock ESP / Actuary - Electric Static Bodies 7" Single / Love Earth Music/No One's Ark / 2012)
Crank Sturgeon - Quite Soise Asswhole (St. Doggery CDr / Placenta Recordings / 2011)
crochetcatpause - It's Just Different Everytime (Bravery Boys MP3 / Self Released / 2015)
Days Of Hate - Estupidez On-line (A Mao Que Alimenta O Odio MP3 / Placenta Recordings / 2016)
DJ Fungus, DJ Illogik, & DJ Zest - Hip Hop 101 (V/A - The Early Bird Gets The Worm: The Best Of The Placenta Compilations 2006-2009 / Placenta Recordings / 2012)
Evil Robot Ted - Oh Dude A Bear Ass Bro Ass (V/A - The Placenta Compilation Vol. 3 MP3 / Placenta Recordings / 2008)
GG Allin - Dope Money (Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies LP / Homestead Records / 1988)
haiiyuuko - Magic Girl And Cattle (DTM MP3 / Placenta Recordings / 2014)
Inflatable Best Friend - Nicotine Dinosaur (V/A - MSF5 Benefit Compilation MP3 / Placenta Recordings / 2014)
Kessenchu - I'm Just A Teenaged Pervert Baby
Kevin Summers - Live @ Man.Is.She 12.11.10 - Manistee, MI (Cosby / Rxdskyy / Dental Work / Kevin Summers / Belphegore– Violence And Confusion Part23 CDr / TRASHFUCK Records / 2014)
Kusari Gama Kill - Government Omega (Chaos Surge MP3 / Grindcore Karaoke / 2011)
Mochipet - Barack Obama (V/A - Toxic Appetizer Platter Vol. 1 MP3 / Placenta Recordings / 2014)
Mustafio - Mustafio's Models (V/A - Toxic Appetizer Platter Vol. 1 MP3 / Placenta Recordings / 2014)
New York Against The Belzebu - Repulsive Sociopath Killer Homicide (New York Against The Belzebu MP3 / Placenta Recordings / 2015)
Otomo Hava - Encephalomyopathy 4 (Encephalomyopathy CDr / Placenta Recordings / 2012)
Pillars Of Sarnath - Grid based Lifeforms (The Deepest Sleep MP3/CD / Kitty On Fire Records/Placenta Recordings / 2014)
RICHARDBARKER - Busca Tu Nombre En Youporn (RICHARDBARKER MP3/CD / Placenta Recordings / 2015)
Saul Turteltaub - 10:57 A
Scissor Shock - Art That Dies To Live (Synonym For The Word Decay MP3/ Placenta Recordings / 2015)
Sete Star Sept - Wrist Chopped (Messenger From The Darkness CD / Placenta Recordings / 2013)
Team Eastside D-Nice, Team Eastside Peezy & Team Eastside Lil P - Sell Crack And Buy Pills (Team Eastside D-Nice - Must Be Nice CD / Placenta Recordings / 2015)
Team Eastside Lou - Lot Of Money
Thug Bites - Hoomi Mix (Deep In The Heart Of Tuva: Remixed MP3 / Snitch Carnitas Russian Imports/Placenta Recordings / 2015)
Tropical Painforest - All For You
Watabou - Breath Of Fresh Air (V/A - MSF5 Benefit Compilation MP3 / Placenta Recordings / 2014)
William Sides Atari Party - Outro
DJ Seanni B - Don't Get Foxed Out
Methlab Explosion - Die Alone (Cynic MP3 / Placenta Recordings / 2016)

DJ Mix - Jay Watson


Placenta Recordings is an eleven years old experimental and other extreme music label based in Michigan, U.S. and owned by Jay Watson, known for his sonically wide variety paranoid project Dental Work, firstly as a solist and nowadays operating as a trio including Justin Lee Smith and Sean Barry. Jay also works at the experimental / chopped and screwed Thug Bites moniker.

In this episode, Jay chooses and mixes some tracks from his label and his own delights. Recorded live in Flint, MI @ Club Tropical Ice Age Disaster.

If anyone's interested for doing a DJ mix or providing a track(s)/album(s), contact me here:

Big Michigan Noise Compilation (Placenta Recordings #360 - 2016) OUT NOW!!!

Big Michigan Noise Compilation (Placenta Recordings #360 - 2016)

"Having grown up and lived in various cities and towns in the state of Michigan, I can honestly say it is one of the most fucked up states in the country...facing every issue imaginable, it reflects in the Noise music that comes from deep down in the pit of the souls of Michigan residents. This compilation shows appreciation for all of the oddball musicians and artists in Michigan who will never be booked back to the local watering hole ever again...This is for the outsiders who will never have their album available at FYE, and would never want it to be. This is for the girls/guys still running DIY spaces for us to play at, for the cats pressing 250 copies on vinyl for the sole fact they believe in the music, for the dudes dubbing tapes for the cassette label, the people cutting up tiny pieces of text and art making fliers and album covers...the people who make Noise possible in Michigan, defying odds and saying FUCK YOU to top 40 bullshit music and corporate influence on how you should live life...This music is not pretty, it's not for the faint of heart, and it's probably not for YOU." - Jay Watson (Placenta Recordings/Dental Work) 

Organized by Jay Watson and Sean Barry 2015-2016. Released by Placenta Recordings 2016. Special thanks to Lob (Thee Instagon Foundation) who asked PR to handle the Michigan chapter of this series inspired by Hal McGee's "Big Florida Noise Compilation". Thank you to all of the artists who made this album possible! 

Big Michigan Noise Compilation (Placenta Recordings #360 - 2016) 

1. Amigo (Flint, MI) 
2. Andrew Dalio (Traverse City, MI) 
3. Deglet Noor Fakirs (Marquette, MI) 
4. DeLIEN (Detroit, MI) 
5. Dental Work (Detroit, MI) 
6. Different Species (Detroit, MI) 
7. Ex-American (Detroit, MI) 
8. Fz (Gaylord, MI) 
9. GRAY/BLISS (Detroit, MI) 
10. ICCCP (St. Claire Shores, MI) 
11. Kevin Summers (Traverse City, MI) 
12. OD In The Bathtub (Detroit, MI) 
13. Poete Maudit (Detroit, MI) 
14. Schizo Gherkin (Detroit, MI) 
15. Sid Redlin and Dennis Waltz (Kalamazoo, MI) 
16. Spaceband (Detroit, MI) 
17. Stiverson (Detroit, MI) 
18. Stone Coma (Detroit, MI) 
19. Submissive Dissent (Flint, MI) 
20. The Fleshy Timeclock (Ann Arbor, MI 
21. Underglass (Chesterfield Township, MI) 


REAL LIFE: Placenta Recordings P.O. Box 442187 Detroit, MI 48244 


This compilation was inspired by the BIG FLORIDA NOISE COMPILATION that was organized by Hal McGee. 
..this inspired an even larger undertaking.. to attempt to generate noise compilations from EVERY state.. and the ONE NATION UNDER NOISE project was born ( - Also check out Big California Noise Compilation: 

"Noise music is a type of music that employs noise as a musical resource. It is generally created with nontraditional musical instruments such as static, feedback, electronics, circuit bent instruments, or any other noise source." - Google 

"Noise music is a category of music that is characterized by the expressive use of noise within a musical context. This type of music tends to challenge the distinction that is made in conventional musical practices between musical and non-musical sound.[1] Noise music includes a wide range of musical styles and sound-based creative practices that feature noise as a primary aspect. It can feature acoustically or electronically generated noise, and both traditional and unconventional musical instruments. It may incorporate live machine sounds, non-musical vocal techniques, physically manipulated audio media, processed sound recordings, field recording, computer-generated noise, stochastic process, and other randomly produced electronic signals such as distortion, feedback, static, hiss and hum. There may also be emphasis on high volume levels and lengthy, continuous pieces." - Wikipedia 

"Luigi Russolo, a Futurist artist of the very early 20th century, was perhaps the first noise artist." - The Art Of Noises 


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Thug Bites - Down In The DM (Robitussin Overdose Mix) (Placenta Recordings #359 - 2016)

Thug Bites screwing and chopping the infamous "Down In The DM" - unofficial remix - if anybody has a problem with this contact my label in old Russia...#RIPDJScrew

Remix and art by Jay Watson/Thug Bites for Placenta Recordings and Snitch Carnitas Russian Imports. RIP DJ Screw!!!

Snitch Carnitas Russian Imports: 

04136 St. Basil 6-9 Rostov-Veliky Russia 


REAL LIFE: Placenta Recordings P.O. Box 442187 Detroit, MI 48244 


released March 7, 2016 

#alternative #avantgarde #breakcore #dm #electronic #experimental #glitch #hiphop #noise #psychedelic #punk #rap #Russia #screwedandchopped #slow #top40 #Detroit

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sid Yiddish - Fly Having Sex (Placenta Recordings #358 - 2016) Limited Edition CD + 2 collectible 1" buttons available now!

Placenta Recordings is honored to release the long awaited album "Fly Having Sex" by Chicago, Illinois bizarre Tuvan throat-yodeling extraordinaire Sid Yiddish, whom you may recall from NBC's "America's Got Talent"...Available in a limited edition CD of 50 sealed inside a jewel case with full color art, and featuring a set of 2 different 1" pins that were inspired by the album! 

Released by Placenta Recordings in March 2016. Special thank you to Ashley K. for her assistance with this release. 

Sid Yiddish vocals/Tom Repetny - drum mix machine - producer 
Recorded February 11, 2014 Ynteper Productions, Oak Lawn, Illinois 
Bonus tracks provided by Sid Yiddish

SID YIDDISH links to check out: 

Sid Yiddish on NBC's America's Got Talent: 

Sid Yiddish on Chic-A-Go_Go: 

Sid Yiddish on Facebook: 

Sid Yiddish - A film by Ryan Buckley: 


REAL LIFE: Placenta Recordings P.O. Box 442187 Detroit, MI 48244 


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cheers to WATER RATS for recent work with Converse Rubber Tracks, Thurston Moore, Jack Endino, Vice, Noisey, Alternative Press, and more!!!

Water Rats "Hellway To High" 10" vinyl record featuring legends Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Jack Endino - coming soon on Hearts Bleed Blue Records, Laja Records, and Placenta Recordings! Stay tuned for details! Until then go read up and watch these videos and documentaries presented through Noisey!

Catch up:

"Converse Rubber Tracks, a multifaceted global music platform, will release four documentaries featuring emerging musicians’ journeys to some of the most prestigious recording studios in the world. These artists were mentored by a list of surprise guests, including Marky Ramone and Mark Ronson. Watch the trailer for the entire documentary series below.

Read more: Sex Pistols collection released through Converse

So, here’s how this worked: Converse Rubber Tracks chose 84 international up-and-coming musicians from over six continents out of 9,000 applicants to record original music in world famous studios alongside a team of experienced producers and sound engineers during one to two day sessions free of cost. Plus, the musicians retained the rights to their music after the fact.

Then, out of those 84 acts, four were chosen to star in their own documentary, recording their journey from hometown to recording session. Converse Rubber Tracks is now releasing these documentaries over the next two months.

The documentaries, presented by Noisey and produced by Pulse Films, will feature the following acts. First, Forever Vacation spotlights Brazilian alt-rock band Water Rats with special guests Thurston Moore and Jack Endino at Avast Recording Co. in Seattle, WA and releases Feb. 24. Second, The Undergraduate spotlights a Providence-based rapper/musician DAP with special guests Mark Ronson and Ken Scott at Abbey Road Studios in London, England and releases March 2. Third, 4,700 Miles spotlights British indie rock quartet the Magic Gang with special guests Sly And Robbie at Tuff Kong in Kingston, Jamaica and releases March 9. Lastly, A Band Of Five spotlights Chinese punk rock group Pumpkins with special guest Marky Ramone at Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin, Germany and releases March 16." 

-Alternative Press