Sunday, July 17, 2011

RedSK, Dental Work, and +DOG+ have new albums out now on Placenta Recordings!

Placenta Recordings is extremely happy to announce the release of 3 new albums in our ever growing catalog!

PR#136: RedSK “Juxt Glltichtz”

36 broken glitches of culture by Detroit, MI’s most hated on noise artist Patrick Doyle aka RedSK. Recorded between 2007-2010 in TRASHFUCK studio, with extreme/awesome titles like “Snitches Get Glitches”, “Special K Party Gone Bad”, and even a remix of Dental Work’s “Halloqueen”. This is a must have for all fans of Noise, Breakcore, Glitch, Drugs, Sex, RedSK, Trashfuck, and Placenta Recordings. Art by Jay Watson.

PR#137: Dental Work “Facebook Glory Hole/Teen Choice Awards”

1 stand alone piece by nomadic Arab-Russian-psych-noise-grind-gangsta Jay Watson, focusing on his obsessions with teenage gir1s and the loop-holes of social networking sites! Recorded at Danger Garden in Traverse City, MI using a broken turntable, a broken delay pedal, a contact mic, and a Tom Jones record! Art by Jay Watson.

PR#138: +DOG+ “Public Disgrace”

3 lessons of harsh noise by the Los Angeles, CA collective known as +DOG+. Steve Davis is the mastermind behind +DOG+, and also runs the amazing noise label “Love Earth Music”. This album was recorded in both Sacramento, CA and in LA and features 5 members: Ed, Bobby, Lob, Geordan, and Steve. Pick up this piece of extreme sound history for your collection! You will not be disappointed! Art by Jay Watson.

$6 each or get all 3 albums for $15!
Labels/Distros get a special rate of $4 each for ordering bulk (10+ copies)

Send your order and payment to:

Placenta Recordings
c/o Jay Watson
P.O. Box 694
Beulah, MI


U.S. orders - Cash or Moneygram (made out to: Jay Watson)
International orders - Trade or Moneygram (made out to: Jay Watson)

A moneygram is a money order. You can either go to and do the payment online, or go to a variety of stores who offer moneygram services…You can send and receive money at most Rite-Aid, Wal-Mart, Liquor Stores, Post Offices, etc. It is really easy to do….

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mental Spaghetti Fest 2: The Deuce! August 12th, 2011 - Thompsonville, MI!

Friday - August 12th 2011

An evening of solid awesomeness!
Sounds, Visuals, Eats, Beats, Friends, Tents, and more!
Experimental - Psychedelic - Avant Garde - Noise - Grind - Electronic - Dance - Pop - World - Hip Hop - Hardcore - Punk - Breakcore - Jungle - IDM - Comedy - Theatre - Gabber - Industrial - No Wave - Improv - Jazz - Jam - Circuit Bent - 8-Bit/Chip - Unclassifiable Awesome Sound - And More!

Location Confirmed, but won't be announced just yet! 10 Minutes outside of Thompsonville, MI!

There will be a suggested donation fee of $5 per person upon entry of the gate....This covers camping for the whole fest! Artists get in free and can bring however many guests they can fit in their vehicle for free!


Open Mic (Bring Gear!!!) - 4:00
Angryrancor- 5:00
Kevin Summers - 5:20
Fugue Fat - 5:40
MEGAskyfish - 6:00
RedSK - 6:20
Theo Batzer/Rory Johnson - 6:40
Sound Poet - 7:00
Gickstep - 7:20
Ein Sof Goyle - 7:40
Barbeque - 8:00
Faction Disaster - 8:20
Crochetcatpause - 8:40
Little Mack - 9:00
Nyarlathotep - 9:20
Kessenchu - 9:40
Free Love Association - 10:00
Watabou - 10:20
Fatale - 10:40
Tooth_Eye - 11:00
Bubblegum Octopus - 11:20
Total Hipster Crusher - 11:40
Dental Work - 12:00
Break 12:20
Improv Session 12:40 - ???


Bubblegum Octopus (Verona, NJ) (Spazz Pop/Twee Grind/Pico Thrash)
Fatale (Chicago, IL) (Deafening Female Harsh Noise Downpour!)
Tooth_Eye (Chicago, IL) (1 Man Windy City Breakcore Ganja Gangsta)
Nyarlathotep (Detroit, MI) (D-Town Lady Of Jungle/Breaks/Gabber/IDM)
RedSK (Detroit, MI) (No Holds Barred Hardcore Punk/Harsh Glitch/Hip Hop)
Crochetcatpause (Detroit, MI) (InsultingComedicBlissPop Drugged Out!)
Dental Work (Traverse City, MI) (AvantGardePsychedelicNois​eArt)
Free Love Association (Benzonia, MI) (Porno Grooves/Uncertain Dance)
Kessenchu (Lansing, MI) (Lolicore Gabber Grind Dance Off!)
Watabou (Ann Arbor, MI) (Digital 8-Bit Introspective Motivational Grind)
MEGAskyfish (Petoskey, MI) (Utilizing Drums, Guitar, & Spoken Word)
Faction Disaster (Gaylord, MI) (Northern Michigan Grindcore Assault)
Kevin Summers (Manistee, MI) (Analog Noise/Circuit Bent Expression Outlet)
Gickstep (Lansing, MI) (Breakcore/Post Dub/Dance)
Angryrancor (Ann Arbor, MI) (Glitch Hop)
Barbeque (Detroit, MI) (Chill Beats/Chip Tune/Vintage Keyboards)
Little Mack (Ann Arbor, MI) (Breakcore/Psychedelic/Bas​s)
Rory Johnson/Theo Batzer (East Lansing, MI) (Stoned Funked Up Improv Jam Jazz)
Fuguefat (Lansing, MI) (Hip Hop/Chop Shop)
Ein Sof Goyle (Lansing, MI) (No Wave/Goth/Industrial/Noise​/)
Sound Poet (Traverse City, MI) (Hip Hop/Jazz/Dub/Electronic/Da​nce)
Total Hipster Crusher (Fowlerville, MI) (Grind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
+ More TBA!

Art Installations/Workshops by:

Dwy Drobena (Art Display) (Elberta, MI)
Miranda Johnson (Photo/Art Display) (Copemish, MI)
Ashley Dansby (Art Display) (Thompsonville, MI)
Jay Watson (Art Display + Unconventional Instruments 101 Workshop) (Traverse City, MI)
Kevin Summers (Workshop) (Manistee, MI)
Steve Cattin (Graffiti Expo) (Traverse City, MI)
Randall Erno (Petoskey, MI) (Circuit Bending 101 Workshop)
Justin Lee Smith (Detroit, MI) (Painting Installation)
Tom Kittendorf (Beulah, MI)
Kelly Feger (Benzonia, MI)
+ More TBA!

Projections/Visuals by:

Morgan Feger
Jay Watson
+ More TBA!


Placenta Recordings
Man Is She
Kitty On Fire Records
Trashfuck Records
+ More TBA!


Snitch Carnitas
Manny & Ron’s

+ More TBA!

Things to that you can bring to enhance your trip to Mental Spaghetti 2:

-An open mind
-A tent
-A chair
-A decent supply of food, beverage, ice, vitamins, etc.
-Money for supplies when you run out
i-Items to trade or sell

Do you want to help? Do you want to play? Need directions? Write me here: