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Decibel Magazine Reviews: Black Mayonnaise “When You Get Caught Between The Moon And Boston Harbor: The Best That Black Mayonnaise Could Do 1991-2008”

Decibel Magazine Reviews: Black Mayonnaise “When You Get Caught Between The Moon And Boston Harbor: The Best That Black Mayonnaise Could Do 1991-2008” (Placenta Recordings #149)

Thanks to our pal Scott Seward/The Wages Of Din at Decibel Magazine for taking the time to listen to our garbage music here at Placenta Recordings! We <3 you!

Review from Decibel Magazine, March 2012 (Issue No. 89)

Black Mayonnaise “When You Get Caught Between The Moon And Boston Harbor: The Best That Black Mayonnaise Could Do 1991-2008” (Placenta Recordings #149)

“Archival release of the month here, and Jesus, this is demented stuff. One man’s wasted bummer trip into the heart of his underwear and all we get is this stupid T-shirt. Play this for friends and see how many you have left when it’s over. There are definitely sounds underneath Mike Duncan’s grindcore-inspired growl and crude fuzz-bass, and those sounds are very unhealthy and they may want to eat you. I’d like to say the going gets easier as Mike travels from the 90’s into the 21st century, but I don’t think he believes in easy. Recommended for people who can only afford bad drugs or conspiracy theorists who know the “real” story behind all those traffic light boxes that tell people when to stop and go.”

-Scott Seward/The Wages Of Din - Decibel Magazine - March 2012 (Issue No. 89)

Order a copy of the album here:


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Placenta Recordings Presents - Quit Your Job To This Vol. 1 - (PR#167 - 2012)

Placenta Recordings presents:

Quit Your Job To This Vol. 1(International Compilation/Data Disc/Download)
(Placenta Recordings #167 - 2012)


73 Tracks/43 Artists/10 Countries/417 MB/4+ Hours

Burn these MP3 files to a DATA CD-R, print out the artwork, and enjoy!



Afrika Pseudobruitismus
Black Saturn Meets FluiD
Bubblegum Octopus
Death Factory
Dental Work vs. Arvo Zylo
Dental Work vs. Hemorrhoidal Anal Suffering
Devoured By Gramps
DJ embryonic PETIT sac
Eprom Colony
Geronimo Arafat
H8 no.3
Le Cose Bianche
IIIe + kNullp
Lost Appeal
Matt Hex
Medicine Mouth
Neuro Kampf & Cherie Roi
Nurse Ratched
Terry Childers
The Circulatory System
The Implicit Order
The Men Of Easy Leisure
The Nyhylist
Tooth_Eye vs. Vankmen
Tooth_Eye vs. RedSK

Compiled/Organized/Released by Jay Watson/Placenta Recordings 2011-2012

More info on the artists/label can be found here:

Review of Dental Work - "K Chai Flan And Z Lysergic Supremas" on Kulturterrorismus

Raphael Feldmann Writes Review of Dental Work - "K Chai Flan And Z Lysergic Supremas" on Kulturterrorismus – (webzine for noise, industrial, breakcore, neofolk, neoklassik, minimal and more - in German!)

Read the original here:

Dental Work - "K Chai Flan And Z Lysergic Supremas" REVIEW by Raphael Feldmann


VÖ: 2011 Label: Placenta Recordings

Genre: Breakcore, Grindcore, Noise Format: CD-R

Über Umwege, mein Dank an Familie Hjuler, erreichte meine Person der Tourrückblick “K Chai Flan And Z Lysergic Supremas” von Dental Work, der 6 derbe Mitschnitte, aufgenommen in Lansing, Chicago, Oakland (2x), San Francisco & Denver, offeriert, welche eine “Gebräu” aus Breakcore, Grindcore, Noise und abstrusen Ton- wie Sprachsamples zum Besten geben, das entweder fasziniert oder völlig missfällt – eine Grauzone existiert bei dieser Art Kunst definitiv nicht!

Wie der überwiegenden Teil der Dental Work Releases publizierte Jay Paul Watson seinen Tour-Impressionen “K Chai Flan And Z Lysergic Supremas” über die hauseigene Tonträgermanufaktur Placenta Recordings, deren riesiger Backkatalog ausschließlich harsche Veröffentlichungen aus den Genres Breakcore, Grindcore & Noise bereithält.

Amerikas Prüderie dürfte den thematischen Schwerpunkt von Dental Work bilden, der nicht nur die Musik, sondern auch sämtliche Covergestaltung + beiliegendes (schwarzweiß) Poster bestimmt, welche (halb-)nackte Weiber in Gross zeigen, die an billige Pornoheftchen der 80er wie 90er erinnern. Neben diesen rein musikalischen Tour-Impressionen existiert auch die visuelle Variante (unter dem gleichen Namen), wo sie/ er im Gegensatz die doppelte Spielzeit zu sehen bekommt, den diese Aufnahmen “dauern” (inklusive dem Gequatsche von Jay Watson) nur knapp 37 Minuten, weshalb der Satz “In der Kürze liegt die Würze” den Nagel auf den Kopf trifft. Nach den “äußeren” Details zum vernehmenden Krach, jetzt zum Inneren, das zwischen totaler Atonalität und unverfremdeten Einspielern (aus Popsongs) schwankt, wodurch sich der Mehrheit ein grausames Hörerlebnis(?) offenbaren dürfte, welches “trven” Break- wie Grindcore Fetischisten, die auch auf Noise (inklusive Hochtongepfeife) abgehen, ein Heil sein müsste. Am Rande vernehmen aufmerksame Hörer(-innen) Publikumsgeräusche, womit ein wenig Liveatmosphäre in den heimischen vier Wänden aufkommt. Über Punkte wie Abwechslung usw. brauchen wir im Fall von Dental Work nicht debattieren, hier steht alleine die Harschheit im Vordergrund, an der es Jay Paul Watson nicht fehlen lässt. Anspieltipp? Love it or hate it – this is only harsh music for trve noise lovers!


Kurz, aber eindrucksvoll, beschreibt die Tour-Impressionen mit dem Titel “K Chai Flan And Z Lysergic Supremas” von Dental Work trefflich, deren einziges Manko die kurze Spielzeit von knapp über 36 Minuten sind – meine absolute Empfehlung den Konsumenten, die nach harschen “Ohrenfräsen” verlangen!

Bruxism - Gutting America (INTERVIEW) Written by Graham Beck

Bruxism - Gutting America (INTERVIEW)

Written by Graham Beck - Read the original here:

“Jazz upstairs - Metal basement. $5 for both shows.”
That’s what the sign read as I stood with my back to the bar and a Black Label in-hand. After fighting the cold, blistering Cleveland wind on the walk up to Now That’s Class, a dive bar on the city’s edge, I was ready for the warmth of beer and the brethren of my fellow bar-goers. The portly gentleman at the door unenthusiastically took my money, barely looking up from his IPhone game, as he says, “Metal bands are in the basement.”

Perhaps he didn’t take me for a jazz fan.

Stepping into the main concert hall, there’s a sense of history that vibes off of the room. It has a decent-sized stage to the left of the entrance door, enough to fit the five John Meyer look-a-likes and their equipment. A wide open room in front of the stage with tattered, red walls covered in band stickers and huge open ceilings above. The whole room just oozed rock and roll nostalgia. This is where the jazz band was playing. I only stepped in for a second to check them out but quickly left.
Don’t get me wrong, the quintet on stage seemed to have a good thing going on up there but tonight, I am not here for jazz. I’m here for my first love - metal. Tonight I stand among a crowd of about 10 to 12 hardcore, beer-swilin’, metalheads. Tonight my night is spent in the basement of Now That’s Class among the boxes and the stench, the dirty couches and the broken-down equipment. For tonight, Cleveland is graced by Fenton, Michigan’s own Bruxism.

I make my way down the dimly lit stairways past a long-haired fellow who seems to be upset really by the way he’s blabbering to himself. Entering the basement, I quickly scan the room over and gravitate towards the band. Drummer Gino Settimo stands in front of what would be the stage, if there was one, setting up for tonight’s brutalities.

Settimo’s hair got longer in the months that passed since our last meeting - his mustache more prominent. With his mesh trucker hat on, he looks like a Brooklyn fruit stand owner in a street market smack dab in the middle of the 70’s. Setting up his amp behind Settimo was guitarist/vocalist Zack Wood, giant beard-like muttonchops and all. Both Settimo and Wood looked a bit road-worn but still excited, like a kid on Christmas who’s been up too long but still wants to play with the brand new toys. They seem changed.

The first time I had been exposed to the car wreck that was Bruxism, just a two-piece back then, it was in the back auditorium of a church playing with a handful of other bands in front of a handful of other people. Their set was shaky and discombobulated; the songs were lackluster at best. Settimo would rant and rave from behind his kit exclaiming that the crowd should “fuck off and die” while Wood backed-up his drummer’s comments with his own thoughtful anecdotes. But then again it was grindcore, so what did one really expect?

“What’s up?” Settimo says with a giant smile, piecing the last of his kit together.
Why not smile? Bruxism has had quite a year. In the short time they have been in existence they’ve been signed to Placenta Recordings ( and released their first album
entitled EP along with touring the Midwest for the second time in 2011, appeasing grind fans from Marquette to Lansing, Chicago to Cleveland. So what’s not to smile about?

Only being together for a year and a half, one might think that Bruxism’s early success was almost handed to them. Not quite - but not too far off. According to Wood, his start into playing and the eventual inception of Bruxism came on the wishes of God...sort of.

“I ended up getting that Schecter that I have right now for free. Some crazy guy in the Guitar Center’s parking lot said ‘it was God’s will for you to have the guitar’ and he ended up giving it to me.”
“I was like, ‘Okay.”

But even before the encounter with the prophecies of a madman, Bruxism’s birth into the grindcore world started with the teat-suckling of metal heavyweights like Napalm Death, Gaza, Iron Lung, and “piles of demo tapes and shitty CDs.” Having surrounded himself in a blanket of extreme music for so many years that when Wood did get his hands on a guitar, it gave him the motivation to get better and better.
As the old adage goes, before you get the gold you have to trudge through the shit. (Or something like that.)

For young Zack Wood, that meant going through the trials, tribulations, and overall headaches of being in a band that wasn’t living up to his expectations. It’s hard to sit in a car when it’s stalled out. The first incarnation of Bruxism came in the form of a death metal band with no name. When Wood and then-bandmate Jared Cartwright went looking for a drummer, they didn’t realize that the guy they were looking for just happened to be in their own backyard.

Enter Settimo.

Beginning his career on drums at the age of 13, Gino Settimo credits, not only Derek Roddy (Hate Eternal, Nile) and Meshuggah’s Thomas Hakke as major influences on his playing, but Michigan’s Black Dahlia Murder’s Zack Gibson as well.
“I hate to sound like a kiss-ass, but I've always enjoyed Zach Gibson's drumming on The Black Dahlia Murder album Miasma. That was definitely a record that actually made me want to play drums when I was younger.”

In true brutal fashion, Wood and Cartwright went to the one place that one might expect to find a musician to fill the void in a death metal band - Facebook.
“We actually just started scrolling around Facebook and [ended up] just finding [Gino] and he posted all these videos of him drumming and we were like, ‘Woah, this guy lives in Fenton, are you kidding me?’ We contacted him and were like, ‘Are you for real? Is this a real person,” Wood laughs.

Settimo revealed in an online interview that the only reason why he posted himself behind the kit was because he knew that Zack was hunting for a drummer. After brief conversation and with bandmate in tow, Wood joined Settimo’s band Intestinal Delicacy.

Almost from the get-go, Wood and Settimo were unhappy with being in a death metal band that was seemingly going nowhere. With Wood playing bass at the time and Settimo on drums, the two were responsible for writing the band’s material while, according to Wood, the rest of the group did very little. The frustrated duo decided if they were doing all of the work anyways, why share the spoils? So they both walked away from Intestinal Delicacy to start what would become Bruxism.

With Wood now on guitar, the two began writing songs without an absolute goal in mind. They dumped most of the death metal past and began sculpting this new concoction of extreme music into something new. Keeping the band as a two-piece, they even played a show or two without a name. As practices went by, the material got stronger and more convincing but there still remained one question...what do you call it?

“We were looking for names or whatever and we couldn’t find anything that we actually liked,” Wood says laughing. “But Me and Gino, I think Gino has it, we both grind [our teeth] in our sleep and Gino texted me one day and was like, ‘Hey, I just went to the dentist and found out I have [Bruxism]. Do you think Bruxism would be a good name?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, that’d be cool.’ We didn’t question it, we just kept it.
That seems to be the nature of Bruxism going forward from that point; don’t question it, just go with it. This mantra has served them well in the writing process leading up to their debut album entitled EP. Titles like “Fuck Your Scene,” “Mindless Sack of Shit,” and “No Hope,” the listener gets a sense that Bruxism has chosen a harsher path compared to their death metal days. A path they were meant to be on.
“We just like to be 100%, like 110% honest about how shit is and, you know, honesty isn’t always the nice thing.”

Wood elaborates, “If a person is acting like a big moron, we’re gonna say, ‘Hey, you’re acting like a big moron and you’re a jackass.’ And if that person is acting like a retard, we’re gonna say, ‘You’re acting like a retard.’ We don’t want to just be not honest or not true. We don’t shit talk people, we just, we call them out. That’s just kind of how it is. Not a whole thing like we’re funny or anything. It’s like, Gino’s an asshole and I’m just kind of sick of everyone and all their bullshit. I’m not just going to walk away or not say anything. That’s just kind of how the assholeness or whatever comes.”

Having thicker skin about most everything has served Bruxism well out on the road, as they have just wrapped on their second midwest tour. Accompanying the now-defunct Nosferatu Man, Bruxism made the rounds through Michigan’s U.P., Chicago, and Cleveland, meeting new bands and new fans at every stop who have taken notice of the band’s growth over the course of the year.

“From the first tour to the second tour, we’ve seen a lot more people getting into it,” Wood says of their fans. “I think it’s because we’ve spent a lot more time writing our music now that we’re on a label and releasing bigger and better stuff now.”

Bigger and better, indeed. Bruxism just released their debut album on Jay Watson’s Placenta Recordings, which on it’s website boasts releasing anything from noise to grindcore to even unclassifiable (my favorite!). It’s no wonder Bruxism was able to call Placenta Recordings home. Wood and Settimo were just hoping that Waston would be kind enough to print their CDs, instead he brought Bruxism onto the label to release the album. Waston sent Bruxism over to record with Christian Rudes at CXD Media where they focused on making their album...”buyable”.
“I think the only pressure we feel is to make our releases actually buyable,” Wood jokingly confesses. “We sat down, riff by riff, like second by second, going through everything and making sure everything was as tight as possible. Still, looking back there’s still somethings we could’ve fixed but I think it was our best release so far and and our best recording so far.”

With the tours in the bag, the album doing well, and the recent addition of drummer-turned-bassist Nick Erikson (Nosferatu Man) to the lineup, it might be safe to assume Bruxism is becoming quite a name within the Grindcore scene. On the contrary. To Bruxism, there is no scene.

“My view of it is more of a community, not a scene,” Wood explains. “In a scene, people have to keep up with appearance, keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. I definitely think there’s a lot of community within Grind, Powerviolence, and the underground stuff just from the house shows and everyone we’ve met within just the past five months, we’ve met so many people and so many bands and we’ve played so many different places in Michigan.”

Wood continues, “I definitely think there’s a sense of togetherness and community within that and I don’t necessarily think there needs to be a scene in order for people within Metal or Indie or acoustic or whatever the hell you’re playing in order for people to get together to play a show...and enjoy music. I definitely think there’s a good sense of community in Michigan [metal].”
For Bruxism that’s where the music comes from. It’s not modeling themselves after any certain sound or any certain band but rather from seeing through the bullshit of life and surrounding themselves with like-minded people. Bruxism has their influences in and out of music, but more importantly they have their principals at heart and the balls to back it up.

So as I stand not two feet away from the mediocre PA speaker in Now That’s Class’ basement, watching Bruxism gear up for their set, I too am geared up. For in just a few minutes, this entire room will be exposed to a set full of fast songs, profanity-laced lyrics, someone telling me to “go fuck myself” and doing it all with a smile. The first note is struck - the fury begins and does not stop until the strings are broken and the damage is done. As they tear through song after ferocious song, I think back to that gig in the church and how far Bruxism has come. Growing from the sloppy sets and amateurisms that they once projected to this force of grinding nature that is now before me.

I don’t know if it was God’s will for Bruxism to exist or not. Either way America, it’s too late now.

Do you need yourself more Bruxism then you can shove in your pants? Find them at Bruxism's Bandcamp

If you want your band or your band's CD reviewed or just want to shove things into Graham's pants, write him at

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God Pussy + Torturing Nurse + Richard Ramirez - "Death Of A Memory" (Placenta Recordings #166 - 2012) AVAILABLE NOW!

God Pussy + Torturing Nurse + Richard Ramirez - "Death Of A Memory" (Placenta Recordings #166 - 2012)


ORDER A COPY (SEALED CD IN DVD CASE W/ART + INSERT) FOR $8/U.S. or $10/International! Price includes shipping/handling! First 25 orders receive free bonus gifts from Placenta Recordings!



Placenta Recordings
c/o Jay Watson
P.O. Box 694
Beulah, MI

1. God Pussy - Suffering Unlimited
2. Torturing Nurse - Alive Not Dead
3. Richard Ramirez - Autofucking

God Pussy is Jhones Silva from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Recorded at House Inferno, September 2011

Torturing Nurse is Junky and Arrebato from Shanghai, China
Recorded at O3 Studio, September 24th, 2011
Mastered by Junky

Richard Ramirez is Richard Ramirez (Black Leather Jesus) from Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
Recorded at Dogville, October 2011

Released by Placenta Recordings 2012 - Art by Jay Watson 2011/2012

Placenta Recordings:

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DJ Urine - R3M!X (Placenta Recordings #165 - 2012) AVAILABLE NOW!

DJ Urine - R3M!X (Placenta Recordings #165 - 2012)

"He helps himself to some noise directly in the record's flesh, cut with fists as well with surgical precision. Disassembled into slices, the music is then reinvented, rebuilt, and rendered through startling plastic, acoustic, and analog processes developed by French nomad/turntable destroyer DJ Urine."

Raw Material

The initial work of this creation resides in the following 22 tracks of raw material forged by DJ Urine: Adagio, Alakazam Breaks, Black Petal, Breaks, Bulletproof, Burning Needles, Clean Split, Fishsauce, Lotus, Maîtrise De La RTF, Monkey Hell, Pergola 45, Pin Pon, Ragas & Gara, Red Beethoven, Sapphire, Septante Cinq, Spiral Garden, Turnabout, Vampyr, WB Green Sponge Record, Z.

The tracks are made available to your inspiration under the conditions specified by the license.


The final work of this creation results in a music album based on the raw material, realized by nine inventive and intrepid musicians (plus one web track by Computer truck).


Aneka Digital Safari
An Endless Contortionist
Nine Owls In A Baguette
Dino Felipe
Death By Car
Devilman (Dj Scotch Egg)


Docteur Petiot (cover front & logo)
Mammique (cover back & labels)

Re-Issued On CD by Placenta Recordings 2012

ORDER A COPY (SEALED CD) FOR $10/U.S. or $12/International! Price includes shipping/handling! First 25 orders receive free bonus gifts from Placenta Recordings!



Placenta Recordings
c/o Jay Watson
P.O. Box 694
Beulah, MI

Crazy Andy - Parallel (Placenta Recordings #164 - 2012) AVAILABLE NOW!

Crazy Andy - Parallel
Placenta Recordings #164 - 2012

Chicago, IL's apartment building stalker Crazy Andy spewing truth from every orifice!

1. X
2. Y

ORDER A COPY (SEALED CD) FOR $8/U.S. or $10/International! Price includes shipping/handling! First 25 orders receive free bonus gifts from Placenta Recordings!



Placenta Recordings
c/o Jay Watson
P.O. Box 694
Beulah, MI

Placenta Recordings:

Kessenchu - I Heart Kessenchu (Placenta Recordings #163 - 2012) Available Now!

Kessenchu - I Heart Kessenchu (Placenta Recordings #163 - 2012)

1. Being Okay With Being Okay
2. Blissful Breakz
3. Calling Home
4. Coyote Crawl
5. Crunk Ass Gabbur Kixxx
6. Dreamz And Lazer Beamz
7. Fuck Forever
8. Haiku Highway
9. I'm Just A Teenaged Pervert Baby
10. Letters To The Sky
11. Mental Magnetz
12. Neva Scaredt To Busta Gabba Kick
13. Never Ending Story (Kessenchu Remix)
14. Pitiful Lakez
15. This Isn't Popular
16. Better Off Alone (Crackula Cover)
17. *BONUS TRACK* Live @ Far House - Ann Arbor, MI 7-7-11

Featuring the hit:

Better Off Alone - Crackula Cover by ☥CRACKULA☥

Kessenchu is Caleb McPherson from Lansing, MI.

Album Art by Kessenchu/Insert Art by Jay Watson

Released by Placenta Recordings 2012

ORDER A COPY (SEALED CD IN DVD CASE W/ART + INSERT) FOR $8/U.S. or $10/International! Price includes shipping/handling! First 25 orders receive free bonus gifts from Placenta Recordings!



Placenta Recordings
c/o Jay Watson
P.O. Box 694
Beulah, MI


Placenta Recordings:

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angryrancor + Dental Work - Split AVAILABLE NOW!

angryrancor + Dental Work - Split (Placenta Recordings #162 - 2012)

1. angryrancor - It's a dub mix Charlie Brown!
2. angryrancor - Laboratorium
3. angryrancor - Psychological Game
4. angryrancor - Strange Tension
5. angryrancor - Strange Tension (dubstep remix)
6. angryrancor - Superjanky
7. Watabou - Moonbrooke (angryrancors darkness rmx)
8. Dental Work - Charlie Don't Surf + Anal Dentist House Party

Art: Jay Watson
Model: Lucy Aguilar

ORDER A COPY (SEALED CD) FOR $10/U.S. or $12/International! Price includes shipping/handling! First 25 orders receive free bonus gifts from Placenta Recordings!



Placenta Recordings
c/o Jay Watson
P.O. Box 694
Beulah, MI



Dental Work:

Lucy Aguilar:

Placenta Recordings:

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Happy New Year + Upcoming Releases

Happy New Year Friends/Fam/Boys/Girls! You are all amazing and I ♥ you! Together we accomplished SO FUCKING MUCH in 2011, and I have a really good feeling about 2012! Tons of new Vinyl, CD, DVD, Cassette, CD-R, Flexi-Disc, and Digital Downloads are brewing in the lab! Get in touch if you want to talk about working together! Upcoming Releases I am working on for 2012:

Upcoming Releases!

Placenta Recordings:

2APES/Yogurt - CD (TBA)
Acid Mothers Temple - 12” LP (TBA)
Agathocles + Hogra - Split 7”
Alienslang - CD (TBA)
Amigo - TBA
Bagman - Memento Mary
BB Allin & The Murder Kings - TBA
Bubblegum Octopus - Full Length 12” LP Vinyl/MP3
Caroliner - 12” LP
Colombian Butt/Kool AIDS - TBA
Count Zoloft - 7”
Crazy Andy - TBA
Crochetcatpause - Cool Teeth (CD/DVD/Book)
Digital Trash + Thug Bites - Eating A Papusa Faded As Hell
DJ Rainbow Ejaculation - CD
DJ Urine - TBA
E&M - CD (TBA)
Emerna - The Prince Of Darkness CD
Endometrium Cuntplow - CD
Eprom Colony - TBA
Faction Disaster + Bruxism - Split CD
Franck Schweitzer - TBA
God Pussy, Torturing Nurse, & Richard Ramirez - Death Of A Memory
Heartworm - CD (TBA)
Histoplasmosis Records + Placenta Recordings Presents: The Gore, The Grind, The Noise 1.0 DVD
I.M.d.P. - La Sua Gamba CD
I.M.d.P. - Mai (3”)
Kessenchu - I Heart Kessenchu
Lara’s Dolphin - TBA
Le Cose Bianche - TBA
Little Mack - Full Auto Stop CD
Mark Shippy/U.S. Maple - TBA
Mauthausen Orchestra - TBA
Me And My Computer - TBA
Medicine Mouth - TBA
MEGAskyfish - TBA
Moira Scar - TBA
NightShade - EP
Pig Shrapnel + Fist Taker - Hambeast
Pollux - Optical DVD
Power Pill Fist - CD (TBA)
Rank Sinatra + Toecutter - Split 7”
Right Eye Rita - The Witch On The WZRD
Ro So Matix And Egogod - Stringkiller
Rudolfo - TBA
Scissor Shock - Synonym For The Word Decay CDr
Sid Yiddish - TBA
Striations - 3" Cdr
Styrofoam Sanchez - TBA
Systemofadon - TBA
The Early Bird Gets The Worm - The Best Of The Placenta Compilations 2006-2009
The Placenta Family Tree - Box Set (Vol. 1-5)
Tropical Painforest + Tooth_Eye - Split
Twobitvision - TBA
William Sides Atari Party - All Aboard To Mrs. Rifkind's House 12'' LP
Xome - TBA

Upcoming Releases:

Dental Work:

Angryrancor + Dental Work - Split
Arvo Zylo vs. Dental Work - Collaboration 1
Cementimental + Dental Work - Split
Cerebral Roil + Dental Work - Split
Cock E.S.P. + Dental Work - Split 12” LP.
Concrete Shiva + Baronic Wall + Sissisters + Dental Work + Cock E.S.P. - Live @ Club Med 2011
Dental Work - 12” Vinyl LP (TBA 2012)
Dental Work - Egg Foo Carl Jung
Dental Work - Elsa Fraulein's Cookie Monster Enabled Sludge Filled Yeast Infection
Dental Work - Fruit Of Lebanon 7” Vinyl EP (Love Earth Music/Placenta Recordings)
Dental Work - HAREM (CD)
Dental Work - Osker Matzerath Performs Micheal Jackson's Beat It
Dental Work - Smoking Lizard 1986
Dental Work - Spice Me As Sweet That Rocks
Dental Work - TABOO
Dental Work + Barbeque - Split
Dental Work, NRYY, HLO - Split
Dental Work + Practitioner + Pissdeads - Split
Dental Work vs. Arvo Zylo - Collaboration #2
Dental Work vs. HLO - 90's Porn Addiction Recovery - DVD
Dental Work + Ecoute La Merde + Fistule Davai - Split CD
Dental Work/Lara’s Dolphin - Ductaped & Handcuffed: The Remixes
Endometrium Cuntplow + Dental Work - Split Tape (Love Torture Records)
Faction Disaster + Total Hipster Crusher + Dental Work - Split
FluiD + Dental Work - Split
Hal McGee + Dental Work - Split
Hysteraectomia + Rotten Bitch + Dental Work - Split
Karl Krieger And Dental Work - Collaboration
Kevin Summers + Dental Work - Live @ Man Is She 1.10.11 (Fecal Matters)
Lost Appeal + Dental Work - Split
Mama Baer & Kommissar Hjuler and Dental Work - [SHMF - 014+...]
Ordo Lacrima Cristi + Dental Work - Split
Orgasm Denial + Dental Work - Split
PissPissPissMoanMoanMoan + Dental Work - Split
RedSK + Dental Work - Split 7”
Richard Ramirez + Dental Work - Split 7” EP (Scotch Tapes)
Roberto Maldoror Manfredi + Dental Work - Split
Shortwave Surfers + Terror Apart + Dental Work + Rubber O Cement - Live Bootleg 4-19-11
SoftMICRO + Dental Work - Insert Track List Here CD
Striations + Dental Work - Split
Take Up Serpents + Dental Work - Split
Terror Apart + Dental Work - Split
Terror Apart + Micose And The Mau Maus + Dental Work + Caroliner - Live Bootleg 4-20-11
The Black Scorpio Underground & Dental Work - Split
To Die + Dental Work - Fuck Corporate Punk Rock 3''
Total Hipster Crusher + Dental Work - Split 7”
Various Artists - Live @ Chili Fest 2.4.11 (Trashfuck Records)
Zeid Bin-Zubala And Dental Work - Collaboration

Get in touch if you are interested in working together!



P.O. BOX 694