Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dental Work & N0123NOISE - A Lost World (Placenta Recordings #304 - 2015)

Dental Work & N0123NOISE - A Lost World  (Placenta Recordings #304 - 2015)

1. Dental Work - Teenage Lobotomy (Ramones cover)
2. N0123NOISE - Run


Dental Work on this release consists of Jay Watson

All sounds (de)constructed via Magix///

Links to Dental Work:

Thanks to Zachary (N0123NOISE), my lady, family, cats, and all of that haters for years of motivation///

N0123NOISE is: Zach L.

All noise was made using Audacity, field recordings from a micro tape player, and a old piano.

Links to N0123NOISE:

Thanks to Jay (Dental Work) for doing another split with me! The first split we did can be found on the No Lights Tonight Records bandcamp for free download!

Front cover art by Zachary Ledsinger

Monday, June 1, 2015

Placenta Recordings 10 Year Anniversary /Mental Spaghetti Fest #6 Fundraiser Benefit Compilation!!! (Placenta Recordings #303 - 2015) AVAILABLE NOW! OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD!!!

Placenta Recordings 10 Year Anniversary /Mental Spaghetti Fest #6 Fundraiser Benefit Compilation!!! (Placenta Recordings #303 - 2015)

1. 85 Bears - The Plague
2. Amigo - Horseshit
3. Ballsonbitchs - So Nice
4. Bunny - 10ix14
5. Cholos On Acid - Victim
6. Chris Prythm - Brighter Days
7. City On The Edge Of Forever - Demon Yuppie Soul Brokers From Hell
8. Corvid Canine - Washed Out Corpse Of A Rare Beast
9. Danceflour - The Ultimate Dance
10. Dental Work - Dead Wrong (Try Me)
11. Eyes - Kill Him
12. FARMACIA - Hori Miwako (Live only for us)
13. Koobaatoo Asparagus - Heat From Yer Mouth
14. Medicine Mouth - It's All Good
15. N0123NOISE - Just Some Sick Killer Clown
16. PAS-Musiqe - OcularSensations 
17. Poète Maudit - Book of Sounds
18. Qixoni - Thirst
19. REISEBÜRO86 - The Power Of The Charlatan
20. Sid Redlin - My Dog Daisy
21. tooth_eye vs Igor Amokian - Spiritual Excrement
22. Walk In Circles - Press 9 (To Skip)
23. Wavvr - Mutant Nympho Cronies

Organized/compiled/released by Jay Watson/Placenta Recordings 2015. Model: Agent Annette Eclair - Photographer: Doc Colony

Downloading this compilation and donating will help out with expenses at the 10 Year Anniversary show for the label Placenta Recordings. Thanks to all of the artists/people involved in making this happen. We appreciate your continued support fam!!! Our goal is to spread diverse alternative music from all corners of the earth. We are anti-racist, anti-abuse, anti-censorship, anti-corruption, anti-religion, anti-police, and anti-government. We support International Experimental Music, Noise, Grind, Breakcore, Chiptune, Rap, Alternative, Avant-Garde, Psychedelic,  Punk, Hardcore, and many other extreme art forms, freedom of speech, expression, individuality, human rights, animal rights, recycling, the decriminalization of controlled substances, and the recognition and preservation of indigenous people & culture. If you aren't with us you are against us!

RSVP to: Placenta Recordings 10 Year Anniversary /Mental Spaghetti Fest #6:

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Walk In Circles - Before I Go (Placenta Recordings #302 - 2015)

Walk In Circles - Before I Go (Placenta Recordings #302 - 2015)

1. weight
2. pillar
3. idonteven
4. birds
5. harvard
6. press 9 (to skip)
7. pillar (springtime breaks mix)

Limited Edition CDR coming soon! Stay tuned!

production/art by jon pilbeam

** chippy bass tones on pillar (springtime breaks mix) on loan from shoujo kiss
** LCWT originally written by The Get Up Kids

s/o to the homies: the #teamswoop fam (snesei, bbq, seanni b, monotony, infodrive), michael bradley, michael vallejo, dani crownover, jay watson & the whole PR/MSF crew, bryce case jr, chris jarvis, volcano themed bathroom, michael jerome + #VDHAUS, and the dozens of other pals i wish i could list here

Walk In Circles:

Placenta Recordings: 

Corvid Canine - オオカミ人 (Placenta Recordings #301 - 2015)

Corvid Canine - オオカミ人 (Placenta Recordings #301 - 2015)

1. Pharisees In Flannel 
2. How Do You Feed With No Stomach 
3. ゴ!ゴ!オオカミ人 
4. Heart Of November 
5. Lust For Power, Devolve 
6. Burial At Sea 
7. Enter The Chaosphere 
8. Wandering Grounds 
9. A Crack In The False Mirror 
10. Tall Trees Cast Long Shadow 
11. Cold Toned Headspace 
12. Autoerotic 
13. Asymptotic Reaching Out

Music is dead. Art is dead. Face extinction.

Bio: Founded in 2009, Corvid Canine is the chief solo project of coastal Georgia multi-instrumentalist and producer Matthew Borders. A sonic manifestation of ever wandering headspace, drenched in post nihilistic absurdism, and irreverent worship of the space between The Everything and The Nothing. Rooted in grind, noise, 20th century avant-garde, surf rock, EDM, and video game scores, the project maintains a signature of prominent atmosphere and existential anarchy despite a consistent inconsistency between the overall timbres of each release.

Info: Recorded sometime early 2015. All instruments/lyrics/programming/vocals/recording/mixing by Matthew Borders. Art by Jay Watson and bonus art by Matthew Borders

Team Eastside D-Nice - Underdog (Placenta Recordings #300 + Richmen Records 2015)

Team Eastside D-Nice - Underdog (Placenta Recordings #300 + Richmen Records 2015)

01 Underdog Intro (Produced by DJ Brown)
02 100 Ball (Produced by Dame Dot)
03 Pressure (Produced by Lil Ron)
04 Allah (Featuring Team Eastside Lil P) (Produced by T Turn Up)
05 Ghetto Boy (Featuring Nayeli Eleven)
06 Never Change (Produced by M Staxx)
07 Be Real (Featuring Nayeli Eleven) (Produced by Maniac)
08 Skit Kamari
09 4 Da Money (Featuring TY) (Produced by Jon Boi)
10 Speak For Itself (Featuring 80's Baby & Tezzy) (Produced by Jon Boi)
11 Skit Will
12 Plotting (Featuring Team Eastside Peezy & Quankoo)
13 Momma (Featuring Team Eastside Babyface Ray) (Produced by Meech)
14 Outro (Produced by DJ Brown)

Team Eastside D-Nice presents his 2nd solo mixtape "Underdog" released on CD via Michigan labels Placenta Recordings and Richmen Records. Featuring production by Dame Dot, Lil Ron, T Turn Up, Jon Boi, Meech, and more + guest appearances from Team Eastside Peezy, Babyface Ray, Lil P, Quankoo, and more. Representing East Detroit, Michigan. RIP Flav.

Cover Art by Lil Ron @lilron_beats
Design & Logos by Jay Watson @placentarecordings

Follow Team Eastside D-Nice:


Team Eastside D-Nice -

Omari/OG -

Jay Watson -

Follow Placenta Recordings:

Watch the new video Team Eastside D-Nice "100 Ball" on YouTube:

ALSO AVAILABLE: Team Eastside D-Nice "Must Be Nice" (Placenta Recordings #249)



The Sanctuary
1501 E Outer Drive
Detroit, MI 48234

Doors at 9:00pm.
Music will begin promptly at 9:30pm.


We try to keep these events inexpensive so that everyone gets a chance to attend.
Door profits help with gas for touring artists, labor and sustaining the awesome venues we work with.

Keep your drinks (21+) inside, please. 
No smoking inside or in front of the building.


20 minute sets from 14 insane (local and touring) live acts!
All killer! No filler!

Fully transformed space.
Video projections by Walk In Circles, Ohhinaifu & Befunderbunk.


Web/print fliers by Andrea Befunderbunk.

Video flier for UMAE8 by Tony Miller.
Watch & share:


Pictures, audio & video from previous UMAE events at:


You too can help make this event awesome by spreading the word and inviting your friends!


Here's the lineup:

8cylinder (Pittsburgh, PA) []

Hacker, maker, coder and musician, 8cylinder, is a well-rounded example of contemporary DIY aesthetics who is sure to excite the earbuds with his raw, pounding alien sounds.

Cutups (Pittsburgh, PA) []

Pittsburgh mainstay, Cutups, is an events curator, one man record distro and DJ who's been keeping parties hype since the '90s with his extensive knowledge of quite literally all spectrums of music.

Decide Today (Cincinnati, OH) []

Cincinnati DIY anarcho hardcore. Radical sound to match radical message!!!

Detroit Party Marching Band (Detroit, MI) []

The Detroit Party Marching Band is an ever-evolving collective of Detroit area musicians devoted to unanticipated revelry, driving jams and the power of the un-amplified horn blast.

Divtech (Nomadic) []

Abrasive beats for social change and the creation of positive alternate realities, because this one is hell.

Hobert Europe (Detroit, MI) []

From the ashes by special request for a last man standing breakcore set. 

Kkrusty (Chicago, IL) []

Kkrusty mixes sometimes sweet, sometimes epic melodies, pounding, danceable rhythms that can turn any room into a frothing mess of nuclear gleeful madness!

Mavis Concave (Cincinnati, OH) []

Ex-Realicide drum machinist, recently back in the game after a 4+ year hiatus. Broken beat digital hardcore meets future bass and sound collages. "OX the BASS!"

Mike Bison (Detroit, MI)

Killer drum n' Atari duo returns after an extended hiatus to put you on your ass!

Saskrotch (Chicago, IL) []

Musician, double label manager, and self proclaimed King of Chipbreak, Nigel Shields, AKA Saskrotch, is a lovely young man from the village of almost-Chicago.

Scissor Now (Ann Arbor, MI) []

Female-fronted Ann Arbor prog/punk supergroup.

Snesei (Detroit, MI) []

The go-to-guy for danceable chiptune, Snesei will be bringing to us what he refers to as "cute melodies over dank ass saw waves." 

Super Thing (Ypsilanti, MI) []

A psych/doom chimera formed by two young men from Ypsilanti.

The Amino Acids (Detroit, MI) []

Crash landed on this blue planet in your year 1965. Met J.R."Bob" Dobbs, who told them to come back in semi-human form in 1998 and destroy the PINKS and NORMALS with AMINO-RAWK.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cheerleader Concubine - Bukkake Birthday Blast (Kitty On Fire Records) out now! Manufactured by Placenta Recordings!

Cheerleader Concubine - Bukkake Birthday Blast (Kitty On Fire Records) out now! Manufactured by Placenta Recordings!

Get it here:


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dental Work - Live @ Experi-MENTAL Fest 6 - The Silent Barn - Brooklyn, NY 9-27-14 (Placenta Recordings #299 + Alrealon Musique 2015)

Dental Work - Live @ Experi-MENTAL Fest 6 - The Silent Barn - Brooklyn, NY 9-27-14 (Placenta Recordings #299 + Alrealon Musique 2015) 

1. Dental Work - Live @ The Silent Barn - Experi-MENTAL Fest #6 - Brooklyn, NY 9-27-14 

Special Thanks: Experi-MENTAL Fest, The Silent Barn, Pas Musique, Placenta Recordings, Alrealon Musique, Qixoni, Tom Kittendorf, NYC. 

Released 16 May 2015 

I swear we saw Varg Vikernes having a Bloody Mary at Tutu's in Brooklyn/// 

Art by Jay Watson 

Released by Placenta Recordings and Alrealon Musique 2015. 

Recorded by Robert Pepper, PAS Musique

Friday, May 15, 2015

Helka Wu - Parallel Play (Placenta Recordings #298 - 2015) CD/DIGITAL OUT NOW!!!

Helka Wu? - Parallel Play (Placenta Recordings #298 - 2015)

1 Nunc
2 Byzantine Debates
3 Hessem
4 Cadavre Exquis
5 Stalinway to Lenin
6 Vexames

Helka WU? was born in 2014, as a trio (voice & synths, guitar, and drums). In the summer of the same year we released our first demo “The Spring that never was” DIY, supported by a little italian tour. On the 15th May we release our new EP “Parallel Play” with Placenta Recordings (USA), Fuck Your City (DE), Edison Box and Toten Schwan in Italy.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Placenta Recordings Logo T-Shirt PRE-ORDER 5/1 - 6/1!!!

Placenta Recordings Logo T-Shirt!




The Amazing KYARY ERO GURU and THE EROGE FANATIC BAND - Candy Candy (Placenta Recordings #296 - 2015) OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD + LIMITED DIY CASSETTE!!!

The Amazing KYARY ERO GURU and THE EROGE FANATIC BAND - Candy Candy (Placenta Recordings #296 - 2015)


Cassette - Only 7 Copies TOTAL! Includes unlimited streaming of The Amazing KYARY ERO GURU and THE EROGE FANATIC BAND - Candy Candy (Placenta Recordings #296 - 2015) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.ships out within 60 days - edition of 7!!!

soul9499 - Suicide (Placenta Recordings #295 - 2015) OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD!!!

soul9499 - Suicide (Placenta Recordings #295 - 2015)

"Haunting ambient desolation from the outskirts of Chicago"

"designed to be played at maximum volume"

Bookwar - Real Wigger (Placenta Recordings #294 - 2015) OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD!!!

Bookwar - Real Wigger (Placenta Recordings #294 - 2015)

1. Реальный пацан | Real wigger 
2. Анна | Anna 
3. Утро.обед.ночь | Morning.lunch.night (original version) 
4. Скрипкин | Skripkin 
5. Реальный пацан | Real wigger (beat version) 
6. Все равно | Storm (full lyrics version) 
7. Реальный пацан | Real wigger (instrumental) 

Receiving an offer by Placenta Recordings to release something, Bookwar made an effort and created mini-album especially for US listeners. Why is it worth to listen? Because this is probably the last work of the artist - no more pins! - you can`t punk ‘til you die, have remorse! So this EP is made with school lyrics and not so serious as usual. The Real wigger song is about white trash guy close to your house and his love adventure - he is on the way to his girl but everywhere he ended to spoil his fancy clothes by shit (real shit - human or animal or birds shit). But his clothes have shit-cleaners built-in, so he doesn`t care. Anna song is about love, "become my bathtub, oh, Anna, ruin me as i can`t surprise you''. What else - just all sort of experimental spontaneous sounds that come into mind in early spring. ''Storm'' is inspired by sounds by Iranian ambient musician Amir Baghiri - thanks to him and thanks to YOU. Beware - Russians are coming! Book! War! 

Читай Букварь – Реальный пацан ЕР 

Bookwar – lyrics, voice, music, except of: 
6 – beat & some effects by Amir BaghirIi
2 – second vocal by Marfa Oblomskaya 

Recorded from 19 to 21 april 2015 specially for Placenta Recordings 
using soviet analog synths Polivox, Altair 231, Ritm-2, Rokton drum machine, sampler Roland. Many thanks to Amir and Emerge for inspiration and sounds in Storm.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Tasuketekun - Heads (Placenta Recordings #293 - 2015) Official Download!!!

Tasuketekun - Heads (Placenta Recordings #293 - 2015) 

1. Heads 頭 
2. Obscene camera 卑猥なカメラ 
3. Balloon Fight バルーンファイト 

"Noise project started in 2012 in Saitama, Japan."

Dead Hands on a Piano - Walking Around (Placenta Recordings #292 - 2015) Official Download!!!

Dead Hands on a Piano - Walking Around (Placenta Recordings #292 - 2015)

"Independent noise/electronic/ambient project produced by José Martí based on audio experimental methods, circuit bending, glitch, and sound on sound looping. Produced and native from Puerto Rico, Dead Hands on a Piano is a counter-cultural search of alternate sounds that may allude to the common problems lived in the island such as violence, over population & noise pollution. Among the instruments commonly used are Guitar, Synths, Toy Pianos, Sequencers, Samplers, Vinyl Records & iPad. 


Basement Widow - Mute (Placenta Recordings #291 - 2015) Official Download!!!

Basement Widow - Mute (Placenta Recordings #291 - 2015)

1. "mute" 
2. "bloom" 
3. "outro" 

Arrangement, production, sampler, vocals, and album artwork by basement widow. 

Vocals on track three by Iodine Princess. 

"Dedicated to my mother." - Basement Widow 

alternative ambient avant-garde electronic experimental illinois minimalist noise


Friday, April 17, 2015

Radio Frankenstein's Placenta Recordings Ciliegia (Placenta Recordings #290 - 2015) OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD

Placenta Recordings 92 Minute Special On Italy's Radio Frankenstein!!!

Shout out and thank you to Radio Frankenstein in Italy for the support of Placenta Recordings! They are currently streaming a 92 minute special on some of the music released on PR over the last 10 years!

Giunti al termine della densa diretta di CIliegia su

10 anni di Placenta Recordings - ci godiamo alcune produzioni di questa meravigliosa etichetta. A risentirci la prossima settimana!

La tracklist del primo blocco di musica è la seguente:

Tropical Painforest - Is Everybody HAPPY? (Austria)
Vankmen - Mirrorshard Demolish (Tooth_Eye Remix) (USA)
Bubblegum Octopus - Rembowave (USA)
Corot Ghost - Lumineon (USA)
Hujiko Pro - Cherry MIDI Boy (Japan)
Barbeque - Mechanical Madness (Featuring an-cat-max) (USA)
Bear-Trap - Tape Deck (USA)
Nyarlathotep - Sunshine (USA)
7 Mile Clee - Everything (Featuring Team Eastside Babyface) (USA)
Merzbow - gran 1 (Japan)
Black Mayonnaise - Stagnant Ponds II (USA)
Sete Star Sept - Wrist Chopped (Japan)
TheSonnyBono - Lusso Per Tutti (Italy)
Watabou - Anguist (USA)
Chulo - Naturaleza Colombiana (Colombia)
crochetcatpause - clevercatsss (USA)
xPUSx - Guissago (Italy)
Yatagarasu - Perils Of The Warp (USA)
Changoz - Kill Your Enemy (Paraguay)
Faction Disaster - 925 Suicide (USA)
Cryptic Yeast - Garburator (USA)
Redsk - Untitled Track #69 (USA)
Scissor Shock - Art That Dies To Live (USA)
Dental Work - Detroit Crack Walk (USA)
Alienslang - Smoking Joints With Allah (USA)
7 Mile Clee - Famous (Featuring GT, Icewear Vezzo, Team Eastside Peezy) (USA)