Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mochipet Gives Away Entire Discography for Free, Asks Fans to Spread the Word!

David Y. Wang aka Mochipet has undoubtedly shaped the sound of modern electronic music. A pioneer of the underground, his prolific production spans everything from experimental IDM and breakcore to more recognizable styles like trap, dubstep, and new-school glitch hop. And now, all that music can be yours… for FREE.

Yes, you read that right. Mochipet has decided to give away his entire collection of music; while a complete discography is nearly impossible (the man seriously has more side projects then Robin Thicke has lawsuits right now), this is an extensive library of what he has put out in the recent years. It contains a catalog of his work plus previously unreleased mashups, originals, collaborations, and remixes from Outkast, eDIT & Boreta of the Glitch Mob, E40, The Polish Ambassador, Radiohead, and many, many more. There’s just one catch: you have to help get the word out! Tell your friends about it, seed the torrent files, upload the albums to file-sharing websites, whatever you can do to help get this music into as many ears as possible. While you could just download his albums for free on Bandcamp, it won’t give you anywhere near as comprehensive a collection as this generous offer will.

So, what are you waiting for? Start grabbing the complete zip files after the jump and donate to Mochipet‘s music fund if you’re feeling the vibes!


Who remembers the Mochipet/Dental Work split "2008 Erections"? Released on Placenta Recordings/Daly City Records in an edition of 100 hand numbered copies???

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dental Work/Otomo Hava - Split (Placenta Recordings #289 - 2015) OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD!

Dental Work/Otomo Hava - Split (Placenta Recordings #289 - 2015) 

1. Dental Work - Trap House Sociopath 
2. Otomo Hava - Untitled 

"From Lebanon to Greece across the filthy sea to the USA in Harsh Noise we trust forever!!!" 

Dental Work (USA) 
Otomo Hava (Greece) 

Placenta Recordings (USA) 

Art by Jay Watson:

Thursday, March 12, 2015

ARMENIA: Durante todo este tiempo (Placenta Recordings #288 - 2015) Official Download!!!

ARMENIA: Durante todo este tiempo (Placenta Recordings #288 - 2015)


"En el silencio etéreo del abandono y la iniquidad que me ha lanzado a los espejismos.''

1.Todo este tiempo
2.Cueva de los Tallos  

Recorded at Fastidium Studios by LS. February 25th, 2015

Art by Jay Watson

"Armenia concept was originally created in 1995 by LS. ARMENIA Has played live in Ecuador (where he is from originally), Colombia and United States, and produced around 250 releases on various formats (cd, tapes, MD, vinyl) LS has worked in several noise bands, zines, underground organizations and projects since 1986."




Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Placenta Recordings Hoodies!!!


It's that time again, The last batch of pre-orders is sold out/shipped! Are you trying to stay warm this winter AND represent your favorite label? Placenta Recordings hoodies are on the way once again! Don't sleep! These sell out every time!

Hoodies are $40 USD + Shipping/Handling

Sizes available: S, M, L, XL

Color: Black w/ White Ink

Pictured: Bear-Trap


Monday, March 2, 2015

Dental Work & haiiyuuko - Split (Placenta Recordings + High Concentration Contaminated Water Records 2015) OUT NOW!!!

Dental Work & haiiyuuko - Split (Placenta Recordings + High Concentration Contaminated Water Records 2015) 

1. Dental Work (USA) - Herbivore Lizard Smoking Volcanic Meth In 1986 Pangea 
2. haiiyuuko (JAPAN) - Super-malevolent deity 


Front Cover Art by Jay Watson 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Placenta Recordings 92 Minute Special On Italy's Radio Frankenstein!!!

Shout out and thank you to Radio Frankenstein in Italy for the support of Placenta Recordings! They are currently streaming a 92 minute special on some of the music released on PR over the last 10 years!

Giunti al termine della densa diretta di CIliegia su 

10 anni di Placenta Recordings - ci godiamo alcune produzioni di questa meravigliosa etichetta. A risentirci la prossima settimana!

La tracklist del primo blocco di musica è la seguente:

Tropical Painforest - Is Everybody HAPPY? (Austria)
Vankmen - Mirrorshard Demolish (Tooth_Eye Remix) (USA)
Bubblegum Octopus - Rembowave (USA)
Corot Ghost - Lumineon (USA)
Hujiko Pro - Cherry MIDI Boy (Japan)
Barbeque - Mechanical Madness (Featuring an-cat-max) (USA)
Bear-Trap - Tape Deck (USA)
Nyarlathotep - Sunshine (USA)
7 Mile Clee - Everything (Featuring Team Eastside Babyface) (USA)

ecco invece la tracklist della seconda selezione musicale:

Merzbow - gran 1 (Japan)
Black Mayonnaise - Stagnant Ponds II (USA)
Sete Star Sept - Wrist Chopped (Japan)
TheSonnyBono - Lusso Per Tutti (Italy)
Watabou - Anguist (USA)
Chulo - Naturaleza Colombiana (Colombia)
crochetcatpause - clevercatsss (USA)
xPUSx - Guissago (Italy)
Yatagarasu - Perils Of The Warp (USA)
Changoz - Kill Your Enemy (Paraguay)
Faction Disaster - 925 Suicide (USA)
Cryptic Yeast - Garburator (USA)
Redsk - Untitled Track #69 (USA)
Scissor Shock - Art That Dies To Live (USA)
Dental Work - Detroit Crack Walk (USA)
Alienslang - Smoking Joints With Allah (USA)
7 Mile Clee - Famous (Featuring GT, Icewear Vezzo, Team Eastside Peezy) (USA)


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

soul9499 - hell (Placenta Recordings #286 - 2015) Download available now!!!

soul9499 - hell (Placenta Recordings #286 - 2015)

1. hell



"Recorded in early Febuary 2015 in Crystal Lake, Illinois in my bedroom."


"soul9499 is the project of 14 year old, John Schroeder. The project has been self releasing on Soundcloud since its creation in fall of 2014 and has over a dozen releases, but is now releasing its first project on Placenta Recordings."


RICHARDBARKER (Placenta Recordings #285 - USA) Digital/CD out now!!!

RICHARDBARKER (Placenta Recordings #285 - USA) 


"Algo de lo que se viene en el del powerviolence trio RICHARDBARKER. Hardcore diabólico desde Ambato-Ecuador. Something that comes in the powerviolence threesome RICHARDBARKER. Hardcore evil from Ambato , Ecuador." 

Members: Flaco Barker (bajo/voz) Diabla Barker (voz) Gordo Barker (voz)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Midwest Harshfest Uno - May 9th, 2015 - The Sanctuary Detroit, MI

Midwest Harshfest Uno

Saturday, May 9 @ 2:00pm

The Sanctuary Detroit, MI

A day of Harsh Noise, Noisecore and Power Electronics.

Confirmed Acts:

John Wiese (CA)
Cock ESP (MN)
Gnawed (MN)
Farting Corpse (MI)
Disleksick (CAN)
I, Benign (CAN)
Waves Crashing Piano Chords (NY)
God Of Gaps (NY)
Rape-x (PA)
Developer (OH) vs Breaking The Will (MI)
Dental Work (MI)
Citizen 2-13 (WI)
Bonemagic (OK)
Lost Cat (OH)
Caleb Voronwë (MI)
Redsk (MI/OH)
Vitriol Gauge (MI)
Obiekt 172 (MI)
Legs of the Fly (MI)
Boar (IA)
Clavicula Salomonis (OH)
Methlab Explosion (OH)
Deceiver (NY)
Murderous Vision (OH)
Invertabit (WI)
Self Surgery (OH)
Piss Junkie (NY)

2pm sharp. Punk time is fucking stupid. 



Hosted by William Olter and Patrick Harsh

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. US & Canadian tour 2015 "Cosmo Saraswati Tour 2015"

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. US & Canadian tour 2015 "Cosmo Saraswati Tour 2015"


17th (fri) @ Echo Los Angeles CA 

18th (sat) @ Bottom Of The Hill San Francisco CA

20th (mon) @ Mississippi Studios Portland OR

21st (tue) @ Electric Owl Vancouver BC

22nd (wed) @ Barboza Seattle WA

23rd (thu) @ Crazy Horse Boise ID

24th (fri) @ Urban Lounge Salt Lake City UT

25th (sat) @ Hi Dive Denver CO

26th (sun) @ Vega Lincoln NE

27th (mon) @ 7th Street Entry Minneapolis MN

28th (tue) @ Empty Bottle Chicago IL

29th (wed) @ UFO Factory Detroit MI

30th (thu) @ Grog Shop Cleveland Highland OH


01st (fri) @ The Garrison Toronto ON

02nd (sat) @ La Vitrola Montreal QC

03rd (sun) @ Great Scott Allston MA

04th (mon) @ Cafe Nine New Haven CT

05th (tue) @ Boot & Saddle Philadelphia PA

06th (wed) @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn NY

07th (thu) @ Mercury Lounge New York NY

08th (fri) @ Comet Ping Pong Washington DC

09th (sat) @ Strange Matter Richmond VA

10th (sun) @ The Poor House Raleigh NC

11th (mon) @ The Earl Atlanta GA

12th (tue) @ Siberia New Orleans LA

13th (wed) @ Fitzgerald's Houston TX

14th (thu) @ Three Links Dallas TX

15th (fri) @ Red 7 Austin TX

16th (sat) @ Lowbrow Palace El Paso TX

18th (mon) @ Soda Bar San Diego CA

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso :
Tsuyama Atsushi : bass, voice
Kawabata Makoto : guitar, voice
Higashi Hiroshi : synthesizer, voice
Tabata Mitsuru : guitar, guitar-synthesizer, voice
Satoshima Nani : drums
Justin Waters : god

support band : ST 37

Sunday, January 25, 2015

GirlsNames/Kusari Gama Kill: Drum Tactics (Placenta Recordings #284 - 2015) Out Now!!!

GirlsNames/Kusari Gama Kill: Drum Tactics (Placenta Recordings #284 - 2015) 


Track 1-6 by GirlsNames (Courtice, Ontario Canada) 
Track 7-30 by Kusari Gama Kill (Copenhagen, Denmark) 

1 Cooling Off (Burning Flesh) 
2 Cancel All Outgoing Calls (Chamber That Round) 
3 Meadow Widowed (Drowned) 
4 Nicole Winning (Blood Is Thick) 
5 Mutiny (One More Time) 
6 Quiet In The End (Skin Under Fingernails) 
7 Release The Bats 
8 Drum Tactics 
9 Flesh Eater 
10 Arse 
11 Gash 
12 Dunkelrunk 
13 Mohawk 
14 Stellar Rage 
15 Well Of Souls 
16 Machetazo 
17 Throat 
18 Betty 
19 Mindcraft 
20 No Threat Profile 
21 The Entertainer 
22 Record Collector Masturbator 
23 Monsanto Death Mass 
24 Dreadnoughts Schrani 
25 Ultracide (Face The Slayer) 
26 It’s Grim Up North 
27 Barking Orders 
28 Anti-Christian 
29 Rope. Choking. Dead. 
30 Cosmic Hearse (Delivery Truck) 

GirlsNames (Courtice, Ontario Canada) 

Kusari Gama Kill (Copenhagen, Denmark) 

Placenta Recordings (Traverse City, MI, USA) 

Placenta Recordings 
c/o Jay Watson 
P.O. Box 1642 
Traverse City, MI 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Teppei Togashi - Acalanatha (Placenta Recordings #283 - 2015) Official Download!!!

Teppei Togashi - Acalanatha (Placenta Recordings #283 - 2015) 

1. Acalanatha 
5. Tapir 

"A new generation Noise artist in Japan." 

Teppei Togashi (Tokyo, Japan) / 

Placenta Recordings (Traverse City, MI, USA) 

Placenta Recordings 
c/o Jay Watson 
P.O. Box 1642 
Traverse City, MI 

tags: acid alternative ambient avant-garde experimental harsh noise industrial japan japanese noise psychedelic punk

Monday, January 19, 2015

Big Drum In The Sky Religion - Raw Power Of Myth (Placenta Recordings #282 - 2015) OUT NOW!!!

Big Drum In The Sky Religion - Raw Power Of Myth (Placenta Recordings #282 - 2015)

1. Death Is A Start
2. Infinity Is My Name
3. She Is Beyond Pairs Of Opposites
4. 911 Is A Trickster
5. In Wakan Tanka There Is No East Or West
6. A Pagan's Life Is The Life For Me
7. Jesus Is An Inside Job
8. Sacrifice Is Bliss

Big Drum In The Sky Religion:

Members: Constantly changing, shape-shifting, re-incarnating....
Genre: Shamaniimprovexperimenoisy(notNoise) with banjo
Hometown: Harrisonburg, Virginia USA

"…is a band, of sorts, loosely organized around founder and constant member Brown Hat, the Espresso Shaman. Other individuals may come and go, participating as much or as little as is good for them, in various ways. They may or may not have any religious beliefs. Pseudonyms help us maintain our anonymity. There is no set line-up and no specific instrumentation. The sound created is mostly improvisational and inevitably “experimental”, for lack of a better term, tending toward the long and noisy, all the better to disorient and spiritualize you with, my dears."

Placenta Recordings (Traverse City, MI, USA)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

7 Mile Clee - Name Hold Weight 2 (Forever Gutta, 30 Rich, Placenta Recordings #281 - 2015) DOWNLOAD/CD AVAILABLE NOW!!!

7 Mile Clee - Name Hold Weight 2 (Forever Gutta, 30 Rich, Placenta Recordings #281 - 2015)

Out now!!! 3rd album from Detroit heavyweight 7 Mile Clee. Forever Gutta, 30 Rich, Placenta Recordings. Art by Lil Ron and Jay Watson. 20 tracks featuring Icewear Vezzo, Team Eastside Peezy, Team Eastside Dame, GT, Hardwork Jig, Microwave Man, 80's, Spain, Jonboi, Team Eastside Lou, Green Guy Webbo, and more with production credits from KMoney, Dame Dot, Lil Ron, Meech, and more! REAL GUTTA SHIT! Check out those new 7 Mile Clee videos on YouTube!!!

1. Intro (Featuring Big Chuck & TY) (Produced by DJBrown)
2. Boes (Featuring Team Eastside Dame Dot) (Produced by Dame Dot)
3. 8 Rounds (Featuring Microwave Man & REUP) (Produced by DJBrown)
4. Famous Where I'm From (Featuring GT, Icewear Vezzo, Team Eastside Peezy, Los, & Jonboi) (Produced by Jonboi)
5. Business (Featuring 80's) (Produced by KMoney)
6. Let's Get This Money (Featuring H4L Moe Moe & Rocaine)
7. Count Up (Featuring $pain) (Produced by Fleetwood)
8. Fear (Featuring GT) (Produced by H)
9. By (Featuring Jonboi & 80's) (Produced by Jonboi)
10. Facts (Featuring Microwave Man & Hardwork Jig) (Produced by Lil Ron)
11. Get Low (Featuring Jonboi) (Produced by Jonboi)
12. How It Feel (Featuring Team Eastside Dame Dot) (Produced by Jonboi)
13. Introduction (Produced by KMoney)
14. Let Me Tell You (Featuring Team Eastside Lou, Green Guy Webbo, PGutta, & GT) (Produced by PGutta)
15. Thoughts (Produced by H)
16. Real Shit (Featuring GT & Trey) (Produced by LTL Trey)
17. Remain Real (Featuring Team Eastside Dame Dot & 80's) (Produced by Dame Dot)
18. Outro (Featuring Sweezy & Team Eastside Dame Dot) (Produced by DJBrown)
19. No Love (Featuring Hardwork Jig & Team Eastside Dame Dot) (Produced by Meech)
20. (BONUS) Down Fall

Order the CD here:

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cholos On Acid - Grab Your Brain (Placenta Recordings #280 - 2014) AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Cholos On Acid - Grab Your Brain (Placenta Recordings #280 - 2014)

1. Hidden War
2. Cause Of Pain
3. Cause and Effect
4. The Way It Is
5. Nowhere
6. Control
7. Laughing At Myself
8. Victim
9. I Am Reagan
10. Sedition
11. Fuck You Man

Tags: c.o.a. coa cholos on acid crossover thrash grab your brian hardcore punk punk thrash metal thrash punk Ventura, California, USA

Cholos On Acid (Ventura, CA, USA)

Placenta Recordings (Traverse City, MI, USA)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Scissor Shock - Synonym For The Word Decay (Placenta Recordings #279- 2015) OUT NOW! FREE DOWNLOAD! R.I.P. ADAM COOLEY 1986-2014!

Scissor Shock - Synonym For The Word Decay (Placenta Recordings #279- 2015) 

R.I.P. Adam Cooley/Scissor Shock, a friend and inspiration to many <3 

Experimental musician from Columbus, Indiana. Born May, 28th, 1986, died of complications from acid reflux on February 3, 2014. A member of the Placenta Recordings family since 2008. 

DISC 1(Y): 

01 Unconcerned With The Holy and Profane 
02 Naked Brunch 
03 Demon, Detuned 
04 Feedbag 
05 Ghost Fahey 
06 Blood Infinitive 
07 Psychic Vision of a Strangulated Woman Who is Missing a Shoe 
08 Tape-recorded Counterculture Implosion 
09 For Hisako Tabuchi 
10 Fahey Ghost 
11 Obsessed With Structural Defect 
12 End of Johnny Merzbow 

DISC 2(Z): 

01 Splintered Skyscraper 
02 Existentialist Agendas 
03 Untitled 
04 Ro 
05 Bo 
06 Demon Combustible 
07 Remains Of The Counterculture Facade 
08 For Mukai Shutoku 
09 Art That Dies To Live 
10 The Host The Ghost The Most Holy-O 
11 Everything Stu Says Could Be A Song Title 
12 Blue Mamba (Sun City Girls cover) 
13 Ghost Snoring 
14 Bathed In Syrup 
15 Glass Bulbs 
16 Forget The Sunny Side Of The Ocean 
17 Design An Algorithm 
18 (BONUS TRACK) Psychology Means Nothing 
19 (BONUS TRACK) Harmonizing With The Refrigerator 
20 (BONUS TRACK) Scissor Shock vs. Dental Work 

"Scissor Shock was the solo project of Adam Cooley (Robe., RUINHORSE, etc.) — who often employed the help of a small list of collaborators (most notably Aaron Booe) — usually described as being an avant-progressive/art rock/electronic/RIO/noise/free jazz/no wave/ambient band formed in Columbus, Indiana in 2003, but opinions differ. The project has been put on permanent hiatus due to the death of Adam Cooley in February, 2014." 

“Scissor Shock has no near equal, much less an equal, and any attempt to try and nail them into a particular genre or sub-genre is a fruitless endeavor.” - Dusty. 

"Scissor Shock has had up to 30 members at a time before, though the band is mainly just credited to Adam. Scissor Shock has explored many different types of genres and production styles and rarely makes the same music twice. Scissor Shock is constantly progressing. Through clever advertising, insane live shows, and a forward-thinking approach to making music, Scissor Shock has continued to gain attention and is listed by many artists as being an influence. Today, Scissor Shock hardly has any elements of the sound they started with in 2003. No two albums are the same. Adam uses a wide, vast, and ridiculous assortment of sounds to make his songs, and sometimes spends weeks just recording one track. The only constant in Scissor Shock’s music, present on nearly every release, from the past to the present, is a strange balance of unhinged lunacy combined with uneasy, delicate ambiance." 

Scissor Shock: 

Placenta Recordings (Travesre City, MI) 

tags: acid alternative avant-garde chip cyber grind experimental grindcore lsd left field lo-fi noise psychedelic punk speedcore trash