Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cheers to WATER RATS for recent work with Converse Rubber Tracks, Thurston Moore, Jack Endino, Vice, Noisey, Alternative Press, and more!!!

Water Rats "Hellway To High" 10" vinyl record featuring legends Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Jack Endino - coming soon on Hearts Bleed Blue Records, Laja Records, and Placenta Recordings! Stay tuned for details! Until then go read up and watch these videos and documentaries presented through Noisey!

Catch up:

"Converse Rubber Tracks, a multifaceted global music platform, will release four documentaries featuring emerging musicians’ journeys to some of the most prestigious recording studios in the world. These artists were mentored by a list of surprise guests, including Marky Ramone and Mark Ronson. Watch the trailer for the entire documentary series below.

Read more: Sex Pistols collection released through Converse

So, here’s how this worked: Converse Rubber Tracks chose 84 international up-and-coming musicians from over six continents out of 9,000 applicants to record original music in world famous studios alongside a team of experienced producers and sound engineers during one to two day sessions free of cost. Plus, the musicians retained the rights to their music after the fact.

Then, out of those 84 acts, four were chosen to star in their own documentary, recording their journey from hometown to recording session. Converse Rubber Tracks is now releasing these documentaries over the next two months.

The documentaries, presented by Noisey and produced by Pulse Films, will feature the following acts. First, Forever Vacation spotlights Brazilian alt-rock band Water Rats with special guests Thurston Moore and Jack Endino at Avast Recording Co. in Seattle, WA and releases Feb. 24. Second, The Undergraduate spotlights a Providence-based rapper/musician DAP with special guests Mark Ronson and Ken Scott at Abbey Road Studios in London, England and releases March 2. Third, 4,700 Miles spotlights British indie rock quartet the Magic Gang with special guests Sly And Robbie at Tuff Kong in Kingston, Jamaica and releases March 9. Lastly, A Band Of Five spotlights Chinese punk rock group Pumpkins with special guest Marky Ramone at Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin, Germany and releases March 16." 

-Alternative Press

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