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Placenta Recordings - End Of The Year Newsletter - 2013

Placenta Recordings - End Of The Year Newsletter - 2013

2013 has been a huge year for the Placenta Recordings family! I want to start out by giving my sincere appreciation, love, and respect for everyone who represents and supports PR, big to small, especially my parents, my girlfriend, my friends, my cats, and the entire Placenta Recordings family for all of your continous support and inspiration. 

This year started out with Placenta Recordings placing an ad in Decibel Magazine, which was featured in the 100th issue with GHOST on the cover. Our ad was right next to the TANKCRIMES ad, which we were totally stoked about! The next task accomplished was the first batch of official PR T-Shirts hitting the streets, which was cool as fuck to me to see people representing our team in these "Rostov" edition T's from our Marquette plug. CRUCIAL BLAST RECORDS started carrying our 200th release - Mauthausen Orchestra "Under Control" 7" vinyl record. This was the final work of the legendary Italian Power Electronics composer PIERPAOLO ZOPPO before his mysterious death in June of 2012. Crucial Blast wrote a great review of the album, which is featured on their site. In February of 2013 Placenta Recordings held an exhibit of artwork at GRAND TRAVERSE ART BOMB @ RIGHT BRAIN BREWERY for 3 months solid, and PR family THE BAYSIDE BOMBSHELLS BURLESQUE TROUPE and DENTAL WORK headlined the GTAB Encore Reception for the event. This date also marked the birth of the PR INSTAGRAM profile, thanks to ERIKA ESCOBAR! BSHARP MERCH cranked out some awesome 1.5" pins for some of our acts including a DENTAL WORK design by RACHEL VIOLA and pins of MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA, CHULO, TORTURING NURSE, and more. PR Fam WATABOU, DENTAL WORK, FACTION DISASTER, SID YIDDISH, STIVERSON, and more played the first annual TRASHFEST #1 which was hosted by REDSK and TRASHFUCK RECORDS and held at PAYCHECK'S LOUNGE in HAMTRAMCK, MI. This marked the first PR Fam trip to AMAR'S PIZZA, a halal pizza place that serves amazing GHOST PEPPER pizza and was featured on BIZARRE FOODS. On the other side of the pond, the prolific Shanghai, China based Harsh Noise artist/fam TORTURING NURSE did a tour of SWITZERLAND, FRANCE, and BELGIUM which was organized by SONIC PROTEST FESTIVAL. PLACENTA RECORDINGS, PIKO PIKO DETROIT, and LIONCOOLMAN teamed up in late February at NEW DODGE LOUNGE in HAMTRAMCK, MI for the BARBEQUE dual cassette release party, which included the "Growth" cassette by BARBEQUE, released on PR in a lush turquoise tape with a digital download card. This was a great night featuring stellar performances by BUBBLEGUM OCTOPUS, CROCHETCATPAUSE, SKGB, THE ONE ELECTRONIC, SNESEI, and JAWS THAT BITE. RACHEL VIOLA did amazing 8-BIT visual projections that night, and I believe this was the night of my cousin TOM KITTENDORF (VISCIOUSINSTITUTE, KITTENDORG PIEZO CO.) got his lifelong nickname "TOMMY 2BLADES". PR also released a yellow cassette called "Guissago" by Italian Hardcore/Skate Punk band xPUSx, which had artwork done by SERVADIO the same night. After this event, we got our 2nd batch of PR T-Shirts in stock, which expanded into the colors of PINK, RED, BLUE, and GREEN in addition to our traditional BLACK. At this point I was starting to get a ton of pics of friends/fam/fans wearing these shirts, all around the world, which is pretty fucking cool if you ask me. In mid march PR dropped 4 new releases as a pre-order package deal that included the albums K2/TORTURING NURSE "Genpatsu Mafia Conference" on CD/CDR, TASUKETEKUN "In Smoke" CDR, CEREBRAL ROIL/DENTAL WORK "Split" CDR, and ARCHAGATHUS/JEFFREY DAHMER "Mincecrusher" 7" vinyl, which was a 6 label co-release by PLACENTA RECORDINGS, MANNEQUIN REIN RECORDS, TRASHFUCK RECORDS, GRINDFATHER PRODUCTIONS, NUCLEAR ALCOHOLOCAUST RECORDS, and RIOTOUS OUTBURST RECORDS. During all of this, a ton of PR fam played HALFWAYFEST @ HALFWAY HOUSE on DETROIT, MI's infamous EASTSIDE, which featured WATER TORTURE, PIZZAHIFIVE, TOTAL HIPSTER CRUSHER, DEAD CHURCH, FACTION DISASTER, REDSK, and more. In April, Japanese Psychedelic Noise Rock heavyweights ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE went on the "SPACE RESSURECTION TOUR" of the U.S. and Canada. I got the opportunity to be put on the guest list for their show at the MAGIC STICK in DETROIT, MI and personally give their fearless leader KAWABATA MAKOTO their artist copies of the collaboration album we did together on PR - KAWABATA MAKOTO/ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE vs. DENTAL WORK "Lemonade Station Destruction 25" CD, which he was very pleased with. I saw many PR stickers around the area that night. At the same time, our boys BUBBLEGUM OCTOPUS/ULTRA DEATH MEN hit the road for their east coast tour, which included a 4/20 show at HALFWAY HOUSE in DETROIT, MI which LIONCOOLMAN and PLACENTA RECORDINGS teamed up to host. 4/20 on the Eastside of Detroit is a beautiful thing let me tell you. This ridiculous line-up included BUBBLEGUM OCTOPUS, ULTRA DEATH MEN, DENTAL WORK, TERROR AMORE, SNESEI vs. BARBEQUE, LIONGHOULMAN, and DJ SUPER YUM-YUM. This event had some incentive: "IF YOU SHOW ME A LITTLE WAYNE BLUNT WRAP YOU WILL RECEIVE SOME ROCKS AND DIRT AND BE REQUIRED TO KEEP THE ROCKS AND DIRT IN YOUR POCKET THE ENTIRE NIGHT. DON'T FUCK UP AND SHOW ME A LITTLE WAYNE BLUNT WRAP." Just prior to this show HONG KONG, CHINA Noise artist ORGASM DENIAL teamed up for a split with DENTAL WORK which we released on CDR as PR's 222nd release. The next PR Fam show that followed was a triple CD release party that was hosted by RANDALL ERNO of BSHARP MERCH at the EMMET COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS in PETOSKEY, MI. The bill included PR acts THE DISSENSION, MEGASKYFISH, DENTAL WORK, and INFLATABLE BEST FRIEND along with MICHIGAN Pop Punk, Death Metal, and Hardcore bands FAMOUS LAST WORDS, COSTELLAR, ARBITER, HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES, andHELLO DEAR MONSTER. TOMMY 2BLADES held down the PR merch booth while I schmoozed with the bands. I remeber this guy was doing live painting to the music, I thought that was rad. This marked PR's release of THE DISSENSION "Path Of Resistence" CD. Over in OAKLAND, CA our bro DILATEDEARS and I were waiting for his new album that we put out "Dinner in the cave of veils" which is currently one of my favorite albums...The album dropped just in time for RATSKIN EXPLASTICAL #32 which was held at LIFE CHANGING MINISTRY in OAKLAND, CA and featured performances by DILATEDEARS, COLLAPSED ARC, RUST WORSHIP, HA HA LA, COAGULATOR, and HEADBOGGLE. May 10th and 11th I was at RHINOCEROPOLIS in DENVER, CO for DENVER NOISE FEST, which I had been invited back to play as DENTAL WORK for the 2nd time. I took the train from LANSING, MI and had a great time of introspection and met a ton of cool people on the ride, I got to visit with my DENVER family and friends and see a bunch of my noise dudes/dudettes during the fest also, and got to smoke pot LEGALLY for the first time in my life (Yay, COLORADO for legalizing MARIJUANA for recreational use!) Artists who played the fest included PR Fam DENTAL WORK, CRANK STURGEON, XOME, PCRV, DROMEZ, ARZO ZYLO, NOVASAK, THE NOTHING, THIRTEEN HURTS, PULSATING CYST, ARAGO'S WHEEL (DJ URINE), WHITEY ALABASTARD, and many more. Later that month our homies MOIRA SCAR from OAKLAND, CA started their U.S. tour, which inlcuded a stop at the HALFWAY HOUSE in DETROIT, MI for an event hosted by PR. It was great to see my old pal Ryan (BONUS BEAST) who was drumming with MOIRA SCAR that tour. We all had an amazing night that featured performances by MOIRA SCAR, DENTAL WORK, WATABOU, LIONGHOULMAN, BARBEQUE, KHRYSALIS, LUCY'S DRIVE-THRU DINER, and THUG BITES. Back in CHICAGO, IL PR Fam Chicago Chapter Super-Show was held on May 25th @ El Mamey Lounge which featured performances from DENTAL WORK, RIGHT EYE RITA, DRILL SCARE, TOOTH_EYE, CRAZY NAIL, and GIANT SQUID AUTOPSY. That May, PR had 
another ad in the June issue of DECIBEL MAGAZINE issue #104 wth CANNIBAL CORPSE on the cover, and I started talking with them about featuring PLACENTA RECORDINGS/DENTAL WORK in a future "Metal Muthas" column. Right around this time we received our 3rd batch of PR T-Shirts, this time adding PURPLE and BROWN to the color scheme. Our 225th release was a CD by Sacramento's long running Noise/Jazz/Experimental collective INSTAGON ran by head honcho/host of the infamous Norcal Noisefest, the almighty LOB! We did a slew of new releases after this including COLOMBIAN/MALAYSIAN Grindcore GRINDING/SHITNOISE BASTARDS "Split" CD, DRILL SCARE, FEEDBACULA, FORBES-YOUNG DUO, and GIANT SQUID AUTOPSY "Chicago Duos 4 Way Split" CD, CHANGOZ/SHITNOISE BASTARDS "Split" CD/Download, and some MEXICAN Black Metal from NECROSADIK "D.M.S. (Delusional Misidentification Syndrome)" CD. June 9th our buddy AARON MIDCALF from BLUNT FORCE TAPES/TOTAL HIPSTER CRUSHER organized a show at PAPA CHINN'S in FOWLERVILLE, MI for JAPANESE Grindcore bad asses SETE STAR SEPT during their U.S. tour, which featured PENIS GEYSER, FACTION DISASTER, DENTAL WORK, REDSK, TOTAL HIPSTER CRUSHER, LT.DAN, DIANE REHM, and VOLLMOXX. This was a great night and I still am giving thanks to FACTION DISASTER for letting me catch a ride to this with them when my car was in the shop. That night DENTAL WORK was a 4 piece act adding WILL 
OLTER (FACTION DISASTER), PATRICK DOYLE (REDSK), and AARON MIDCALF (TOTAL HIPSTER CRUSHER). SETE STAR SEPT was signed to PLACENTA RECORDINGS shortly after this show. At this point in time PLACENTA RECORDINGS was able to claim over 500 international artists on our roster! Later in June we got some releases from earlier in the year that were posted as pre-orders in stock, including 500 copies of the ARCHAGATHUS/JEFFREY DAHMER "Mincecrusher" 7" vinyl record, DENTAL WORK "Lucy" CDR/DVDR/POSTER, K2/TORTURING NURSE "Genpatsu Mafia Conference" CDR, DOTABATA/GORGANIZED DORKS "Split" CDR, and RIGHT EYE RITA "The WTCH on the WZRD" CD. After this we teamed up with BEAT THE MEAT RECORDS, NARCOSARCASMO, THE RETURN RECORDS, COPE, SUBSISTENCIA CRUST DISTRO, and HYGIENE RECORDS to co-release 500 copies of the CHULO/MARION BARRY split 7" vinyl on BLACK and WHITE editions. All of the labels on this release are in the U.S. and BOGOTA, COLOMBIA. Following this release we put out an album for ITALIAN Psychedelic Noisecore weirdos THESONNYBONO called "Porci Comodi" on CD. July 1st I got the amazing news that copies of the long awaited PR release by the legendary JAPANESE "King Of Noise" MASAMI AKITA aka MERZBOW known as "Samidara". We are very proud to work with him, we did the album on translucent PISS YELLOW 12" vinyl in an addition of 250 copies along with a one sided PINK cassette edition of 
100 copies. This marked the first 12" vinyl LP on PR. It took us a minute to get it pressed but eventually MERZBOW got his artist copies and gave us positive feedback on his sites, and all pre-orders shipped. August 9th THE HOLLOW in TRAVERSE CITY, MI allowed INFLATABLE BEST FRIEND, THE BAYSIDE BOMBSHELLS BURLESQUE TROUPE, and DENTAL WORK to perform live the weekend before PR's annual MENTAL SPAGHETTI FEST (#4 "THE QUATRO"). Might I add at this point I was totally falling for the (then) future love of my life HEATHER SPALENY. I remember leaving this show and making sure she sat in my front seat. The next week PR dropped a re-issue of MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA "Under Control" on CD, with bonus liner notes and featuring the uncut full recordings that weren't able to fit on the 7" along with HAREM: ISSUE #2 which featured Bri Mix, Bronze Jones, Sasha Holtrey, Lucy Aguilar, Valerie Corrales, Laura Maier, Sam Farris, Zenetta Watts, Karie Johnson, Lara Neeley, Ryoko Seraphine, Ashley Kennedy, and Amanda Biuzo, HAREM: ISSUE #3: BIUZO EDITION, 
SETE STAR SEPT "Messenger from the darkness" CD, and our first batch of PR hoodies. Decibel Magazine #107 featured a new PR advertisement which came out right before MSF4.The following weekend was complete organized chaos at MENTAL SPAGHETTI FEST #4 THE QUATRO which I have been throwing at our sacred land known as THE PROPERTY in WELDON TOWNSHIP, MI the last few years, this year we specialized in A Local/Michigan Art Gallery - Improv Spoken Word Comedy Pieces - Live Burlesque Action - Live Graffiti Tagging - A D.I.Y. Flea Market full of all of the traveling artists merch - CDs, Tapes, Records, T-Shirts, and Goodies, Live Alternative Experimental Music Sessions - Psychedelic Rock Groups From Outer Space - 8 Bit Chiptune Gameboy Wizards - Obscure Noise Catastrophes Transmitted As Loud As Possible via Texas, Florida, New Orleans, and other bizarre pockets of the USA, Crusty Grindcore Blast Beat Insanity, Hardcore Punk Rock Unity Aesthetics - Old School Jazz Inspired Jam Bands Laying The Funk Down - Ghettotech, Hip-Hop, Trap, Breakcore, Drum/Bass, House, and Electronic Dance Music DJs from Philly, New Jersey, Chi-Town, Detroit, all over the midwest, Michigan, and even Switzerland. Artists who performed this year include FAT FRIEND, MEDICINAL 
DWY DROBENA, RACHEL VIOLA, and DEB ENNIS. RACHEL VIOLA did the coolest visual projections I have ever seen in my life. Big thanks to everyone involved/who helped out in the crazy fucking weekend, especially my uncle BOB STREETER, TOMMY 2BLADES, ANDREW DROBENA, and all of the lil' homies who ran security with us! Might I add my beautiful girlfriend HEATHER SPALENY and I had our first kiss on the last day of this festival and it was the most romantic kiss in my life. I am pretty sure SYCAMORE SMITH & THE GREY BEAST were performing during this kiss. In late August Decibel Magazine featured Placenta Recordings + Dental Work in their October issue #108 with Carcass on the cover! The article/interview was in the "Metal Muthas" column on the opposite side of a GWAR advertisement, which I was extremely happy about. The last day of August we released our 234th release which was a collaboration CD between U.S./German Power Electronics acts PRAYING FOR OBLIVION and FLUTWACHT. In September, DENTAL WORK announced tour dates for the "Young Latina Lost In 
Mexican Transylvania Tour" which featured dates in DETROIT, MI - CHICAGO, IL - OAKLAND, CA - SAN FRANCISCO, CA - SACRAMENTO, CA - BURLINGTON, IA - KALAMAZOO, MI - LANSING, MI - DETROIT, MI - and ST. PETERSBURG, FL. I kissed my girl and my cats goodbye and hopped on the train out of Lansing, MI and headed west. The train ride was very meaningful, I met a variety of people who I will never forget. The tour was amazing, I had some radical adventures and experiences during my 4th U.S. tour. Spending time with my RATSKIN RECORDS crew in OAKLAND, CA was my favorite part, and I always looked forward to talking with my girl and my parents on the phone in between. It is interesting being all alone all across the country, making things work. The events I played during this tour included CITY CLUB: RELOADED at LELAND CITY CLUB, RATSKIN EXPLASTICAL #35 at LIFE CHANGING MINISTRY, BRUTAL SOUND EFFECTS FEST #76 at THE LAB, NORCAL NOISEFEST #17 at SOL COLLECTIVE, CODENAME: DRACULA II at NORTH END STUDIOS, and more, and the acts I played with during the tour included DILATEDEARS, CTRL(V)3RROR, MURDER MURDER, M22, BLUE SABBATH BLACK CHEER, MAGNETIC STRIPPER, COAGULATOR, MEDVED, XOME, ACTUARY, INSTAGON. +DOG+, ENDOMETRIUM CUNTPLOW, STRIATIONS, SID REDLIN, FORGET THE TIMES, CROCHETCATPAUSE, DETROIT PARTY MARCHING BAND, BUBBLEGUM OCTOPUS, WATABOU, SELECTOR CATALOG, SASKROTCH, and many more! During the tour PR put out a special limited edition CDR by DENTAL WORK "Young Latina Lost In Mexican Transylvania" in a hand numbered edition of 50 copies, which are now sold out. The next 2 PR releases after this time period of 2013 were SPANISH Grindcore from CHOCHOS Y MOSCAS "Placenta Lovers" CD and LANSING, MI Trap Star BEAR-TRAP "Soul Mates" CD. In November a new Placenta Recordings ad was featured in the December issue of Decibel Magazine (#110) with Toxic Holocaust on the cover, right after the cover story. We followed this with a digital/CD EP by PILLARS OF SARNATH "Infinite Star Power", DENTAL WORK's BDAY show was held on November 29th at LELAND CITY CLUB in DETROIT, MI and was hosted by my bro Doc Colony. Heather and I had a great time hanging with PAN, DOC COLONY, STEPH, and GINO SETTIMO of BRUXISM fame that night/morning. Up next at PR was a digital/cd release of the BARBEQUE/DENTAL WORK "Split", and a digital/cd release of experimental musicians from Iceland HARRY KNUCKLES & ZZZINDRI!!!. PR made a distro deal with EASTSIDE DETROIT, MI rapper 7 MILE CLEE to start carrying 7 Mile Clee Presents: Name Hold Weight CD @ Placenta Recordings, and to re-press the album officially on PR when the OG copies run out. The album features 7 MILE CLEE, TEAM EASTSIDE, MICROWAVE MAN, and more. It has been a great year. I have succesfully released numerous CDs, tapes, records, 'zines, clothing, and merch, released our first 12" vinyl LP, been featured and published in various magazines, thrown a 3 day experimental outdoor music festival, fell in love with the most amazing woman in the world, gone on tour, played tons of shows, created endless art, music, and photography, sent orders/trades/artist packages all over the world, networked and broke bread with some of the most interesting people in this international world of creativity, music, and experimentation. The Placenta Recordings studio is moving to a new location in 2014, and we have an INSANE amount of albums slated for release, an overwhelming amount of new demos to listen to, and a ton of really bizarre projects in the works, including the final issue of HAREM, which will be ISSUE #4: SPALENY EDITION, MENTAL SPAGHETTI FEST #5, various photography/recording projects/books with my love HEATHER SPALENY, and new releases by acts like AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, DENTAL WORK, MAURIZIO BIANCHI, CAROLINER, RUBBER O CEMENT, 7 MILE CLEE, MURDER JUNKIES, CROCHETCATPAUSE, ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE, STYROFOAM SANCHEZ, STRIATIONS, XOME, PASSENGER OF SHIT, TOTAL HIPSTER CRUSHER, COCK ESP, BONUS BEAST, BUBBLEGUM OCTOPUS, WATABOU, SNESEI, CROWHURST, CRYPTIC YEAST, MATICRUST, EPROM COLONY, DEMONSLEEPER, REDSK, ICPCP, MUSCLE BABY, FECALIZER, FRANK GOSHIT, HALALNIHIL, ANA VENUS, VENTA PROTESIX, WILLIAM SIDES ATARI PARTY, HARRY KNUCKLES, INTERCAMALEMELONT, OGATA TETSUO, K2, KUSARI GAMA KILL, LIONGHOULAMN, LIVER CANCER, METHLAB EXPLOSION, MOIRA SCAR, NRYY, OTOMO HAVA, OTTO VON SHIRACH, SPSQUIGGZ, POOR ELEMENTS, RO SO MATIX/EGOGOD, ROTTEN BITCH, ROBERTO MALDOROR MANFRDINI, MUSTAFIO, TORTURING NURSE, SACKRATTEN, SALOME LEGO PLAYSET, SCISSOR SHOCK, SYCAMORE SMITH & THE GREY BEAST, WET NURSE, TWODEADSLUTS ONEGOODFUCK, VOMIR, TASJIIL MOUJAHED, and many more! 


Get in touch for Demo Submission, Mail Order, Wholesale/Distribution Rates, Booking Info, Remixes, Co-Releasing, Job Quotes, Recording Rates, Design Rates, and Collaborations: placentarecordings@gmail.com



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