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Placenta Recordings: Upcoming Releases 2015

Upcoming Placenta Recordings Releases:

вдс-дм (HCV - dm) - Demo (Placenta Recordings)

+DOG+ - North Bluffs (Placenta Recordings)

2apes/Yogurt - El Norte Sessions (Placenta Recordings)

240P_289K_181681 (Placenta Recordings)

7 Mile Clee - THC: The Hustle Continues (Forever Gutta Music & Placenta Recordings)

900piesek - Foggy Mountains (Placenta Recordings)

Acid Mothers Temple - 12” (Placenta Recordings)

Agoraphobic Nosebleed + Dental Work - 12” Collaboration (Placenta Recordings & Grindcore Karaoke)

Amigo - CD (Placenta Recordings)

Anal Violence & Skat Injektor - Cassette (Placenta Recordings)

Aterpe + Dental Work + DJ UMA GUMMA vs. To Die - Split CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Barbeque, Monotony, SNESEI, The One Electronic - 4 Way Split (Placenta Recordings + Piko Piko Detroit)

Black Saturn meets FluiD - CD (Placenta Recordings)

Bonose TV - The Street Channel DVD (Placenta Recordings + Bonose Productions)

Botched Facelift - This Is Punishment CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Boys Age - TBA (Placenta Recordings)

Brain Rape Fanzine Re-Issue Collection Box Set DATA CD-R (Placenta Recordings/Brain Rape)

Buben - No One Calls Us To Account + Sober 2x CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Bubblegum Octopus - I Can’t Ever Know Things 12” LP (Placenta Recordings)

Bunny & Buggy - CD (Placenta Recordings)

Ca ne s'ecrit pas - CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Caroliner - 12” LP (Placenta Recordings)

Cock E.S.P. + Dental Work - Heart Attacks & Plane Crashes 12” LP/CD (Placenta Recordings)

Count Zoloft - 7” (Placenta Recordings)

Crochetcatpause - 7” (Placenta Recordings)

Crochetcatpause - Bravery Boys (Cassette) (Placenta Recordings)

Crochetcatpause - CD (Placenta Recordings)

Crochetcatpause - DVD/Zine (Placenta Recordings)

Crochetcatpause + Bubblegum Octopus - Split EP (Placenta Recordings)

Cultasfuck - Demo CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Demonsleeper - CD (Placenta Recordings)

Dental Work + Gonorrea + I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua - Split CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Dental Work & Hector Lopez - 90's Porn Addiction Recovery DVD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Dental Work/Rektal Prolapse - Halal Vomit CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Dental Work + To Die - Fuck Corporate Punk Rock CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Deviated Sister TV/Astro/Dental Work - Split CD (Murderabilia Records/Placenta Recordings)

Digital Trash + Thug Bites - Eating A Papusa Faded As Hell CD-R/Digital (Placenta Recordings & Snitch Carnitas Russian Imports)

Dino Felipe - TBA (Placenta Recordings)

Disleksick + Dental Work - Split CD (Placenta Recordings)

DJ Embryonic Petit Sac + Dental Work - Split CD (Placenta Recordings)

DJ Rainbow Ejaculation - CD (Placenta Recordings)

DJ Scratchin' - CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Endometrium Cuntplow - Blood.Junk.Fuck. CD (Placenta Recordings)

Eprom Colony - CD (Placenta Recordings)

Experimental Music Of The Middle East Compilation (Placenta Recordings)

Farmacia - CD (Placenta Recordings)

Flareup! vs. Abusive - Split (CD) (Placenta Recordings)

Frank Goshit & Dental Work - Split CD (Placenta Recordings)

FVCKHEAD - TBA (Placenta Recordings)

Gage - Nurture Monster CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Giant Sloth - TBA (Placenta Recordings)

Grow Horns - Wax Work II CD (Placenta Recordings)

Gugayage + Rage + Dental Work + Lara's Dolphin - 4 Way Split CD (BTK Recordz + Placenta Recordings)

Harry Knuckles - Tom's Hank CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Harry Knuckles & Deborah Arenas - CD/Digital (Placenta Recordings)

Heartworm - CD (Placenta Recordings)

Hijos Del Grind - Demo (CD) (Placenta Recordings)

Hiroshi Hasegawa - CD (Placenta Recordings)

Histoplasmosis Records + Placenta Recordings - Compilation Collaboration 1.0 DVD (Placenta Recordings + Histoplasmosis Records)

ICPCP - TBA (Placenta Recordings)

I.M.d.P. - 'Mai' CD (Placenta Recordings)

Industria Masoquista - CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Intercamalemelont - The World Is Not Destroyed Yet CD (Placenta Recordings)

Intercamalemelont vs. Dental Work - CD (Placenta Recordings)

James Doesn’t Exist - Mean CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

K2/Dental Work/Rubber O Cement - Split CD (Placenta Recordings)

Kaelteeinbruch, Catgirl, & Hinyouki - Penelope Black Diamond CD (Placenta Recordings)

Kalimantan - To Smear Charcoal… CD (Placenta Recordings)

Kaninchen - TBA (Placenta Recordings)

Karl Krieger And Dental Work - Collaboration CD (Placenta Recordings)

Lil Jaye - CD (Placenta Recordings)

Lionghoulman - CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Lost Appeal - Full Length CD (Placenta Recordings)

Lost Appeal & <-0-> - Split CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Made In Lebanon - Box Set CD-R (Placenta Recordings & Snitch Carnitas Russian Imports)

Mastofact - 23 Figures CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Mexico, Central, y South America Compilation - CD/Digital (Placenta Recordings)

Moira Scar - CD/Comic (Placenta Recordings)

Moralles Phallus - CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Mummifier - Advanced Mummification Procedure (Re-Issue) CD (Placenta Recordings)

Murder Junkies - CD (Placenta Recordings)

musclebaby - CD (Placenta Recordings)

NRYY/Dental Work - Split 7” (Placenta Recordings + Silent Novels Records + En La Mala Records)

NRYY/Dental Work - Split Cassette (Placenta Recordings + Silent Novels Records)

Ogata Tetsuo + Dental Work - Split EP (Placenta Recordings)

Oiliud - Uaoo! CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Otto Von Shirach - TBA (Placenta Recordings)

Passenger Of Shit - 7” (Placenta Recordings)

Passenger Of Shit - CD (Placenta Recordings)

Passenger Of Shit + Dental Work - Split 12” (Shit Wank Records/Placenta Recordings)

PissPissPissMoanMoanMoan + Dental Work - Split CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Professional Liars - Unreleased Hits And Live Classics (Re-Issue) CD (Placenta Recordings)

Priest Punch/Dental Work - Split 7” (Placenta Recordings + TBA)

Psychotic Sufferance - CD (Placenta Recordings)

Qixoni - TBA (Placenta Recordings)

Rank Sinatra + Toe Cutter - Split 7” (Placenta Recordings)

Richard Ramirez/Dental Work - Split 7" (Placenta Recordings)

Ro So Matix And Egogod - Stringkiller LP (Placenta Recordings + TBA)

Roberto Maldoror Manfredini + Dental Work + Cementimental - Split CD (Placenta Recordings)

Rootea - Materials (Placenta Recordings)

Rotten Bitch - Box Set (Placenta Recordings)

Se Mustard Terrorists - Dada Erko Mauk Orr CD (Placenta Recordings)

Shema - CD (Placenta Recordings)

Shortwave Surfers + Terror Apart + Dental Work + Rubber O Cement - Live @ Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA (4-19-11) CD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Sid Yiddish - CD (Placenta Recordings)

SNESEI - CD (Placenta Recordings)

softMICRO & Dental Work - Split CD (System Breakdown Recordings + Placenta Recordings)

Stiverson - TBA (Placenta Recordings)

Stone Coma - CD (Placenta Recordings)

Striations - Cassette (Placenta Recordings)

Styrofoam Sanchez - TBA (Placenta Recordings)

Systemofadon - CD (Placenta Recordings)

Team Eastside - TBA (Placenta Recordings)

Team Eastside Babyface Ray - TBA (Placenta Recordings)

Team Eastside D-Nice - Must Be Nice 2 (Placenta Recordings)

Team Eastside Lil P - TBA (Placenta Recordings)

Terror Apart + Micose And The Mau Maus + Dental Work + Caroliner - Live Bootleg 4-20-11 - Lobot Gallery - Oakland, CA CD-R/DVD-R (Placenta Recordings)

Throatplunger + Dental Work + Campfire Abortions - Split CD (Placenta Recordings)

Torturing Nurse + Dental Work + Geronimo Arafat - Split Cassette (Placenta Recordings + TBA)

Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck - 7" (Placenta Recordings)

Venta Protesix - 12” LP (Placenta Recordings + Lips Infection)

Watabou - Full Length (CD) (Placenta Recordings)

Water Rats - 10" (Placenta Recordings + Laja Records + Hearts Bleed Blue)

William Sides Atari Party - All Aboard To Mrs. Rifkind's House 12'' LP (Placenta Recordings)

Winters In Osaka - CD (Placenta Recordings)

Xome - CD (Placenta Recordings)



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