Friday, February 22, 2013

Placenta Recordings, Piko Piko Detroit, and LCM present: BARBEQUE DUAL RELEASE PARTY!

Placenta Recordings, Piko Piko Detroit, and LCM present:
BARBEQUE DUAL RELEASE PARTY! March 2nd, 2013 @ New Dodge Lounge (8850 Joseph CampauHamtramck, Michigan 48212)

A dream team of touring and local artists will be performing in celebration of 8-Bit Chiptune hero Barbeque releasing his cassette album (on Placenta Recordings), and his Pizza Lord album. 


5 Bucks at the door!


Barbeque - Chiptune Pizza Wizard (Detroit) (Placenta Recordings)

"Barbeque has two game boys and three eyes.
Utilizing each more effectively than the last, he creates luscious soundscapes and rhythms designed to flush out memories past and bring about visions of the future."

Bubblegum Octopus (New Jersey) 
(Placenta Recordings)

"Bubblegum Octopus is a frantic, progressive hybrid of bouncy, cutesy pico-pico and synth-pop, grinding and noisy freakouts, 8 and 16-bit video game style electronics, touches of dance music, and IDM/breakcore style percussion mutilation."

Crochetcatpause (Detroit/Pittsburgh) 
(Placenta Recordings)

"Crochetcatpause is an electronic-punk performance art act from Metro Detroit & Pittsburgh. They are adults, they make intense electronic punk music, and they know next to nothing about mid-evil architecure"

Jaws That Bite (Detroit)

"Channeling sounds from outer space, Jaws that Bite aka Mike D Sabatini infuses multiple grenes to create a unique audible experience. From down tempo to drum and bass, from hiphop to rock and roll, everyone can find something they like in his music."

SKGB (Philadelphia)

"SKGB hails from the p|-|uture str33ts of Neo Killadelph. SKGB is here to raise the noize and make music from any piece of hardware he can find."

The One Electronic (Detroit)

"The One Electronic is Kansas City native Michael Vallejo. Using a blend of 8bit hardware, vintage synthesizers, ’80s drum machines, vocals, and modern day software, he creates a unique, untraditional style of chiptune. His focus on strong melodies shows a strong emphasis in being happy, optimistic, and upbeat."

Snesei (Detroit)

"In the year 200x a teenage boy was reading his monthly Nintendo Power when he stumbled across an article about chiptune. The idea intrigued him so much he began lurking forums for more info. With his new found knowledge he equipped himself with a Gameboy and LDSJ. Now you can catch him playing in many different environments and throwing hadoukens to the sound of sawwaves and cute sounding melodies."


wear a track suit, or don't.

see if i care.

just be here.

or our hearts will tear.

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