Saturday, December 28, 2013



Sat, Dec 28 // Doors @ 6 // All Ages // $8

The Avenue
2021 E Michigan Ave


Hosted by the always-lovely ACE DEVILLE



Rock N Roll Party Thrash. (Flint)
If you hang around with the guys from 1876 while they're recording you'll hear a certain word used a lot: ugly. "Make it uglier". They're more than capable of shitting out a 3-chord pop tune but they'd rather make you feel like you're being aurally assaulted. Fear, vertigo, anxiety, nausea, claustrophobia, etc. would be the desired effect. They're not bad guys but they don't feel good.



++Super Thing++
Heavy Psych Doom Power Duo. (Ypsi)
Priests of Cthulhu channeling the old gods through ancient secret rituals, innately tribal, barbaric, and dangerous. WITNESS AT RISK OF SANITY.

++Meat Dog++
Sloppy, amateur ass-to-mouth hardcore. (Charlotte, MI)
“Five working stiffs with stiffs that don’t work playing music that sucks for women who won’t.”

Skanky-ass Honey-dipped Trap. (Lansing)
Lansing trap dj/producer bear-trap is a 22 year old guy who specializes in Motown/trap fushion paired with suped-up percussions and ghetto-vibes. When you hear the roar you know it soars.

++The One Electronic++
Chips N Bits (Detroit)
HI-NRG happy Gameboy love songs to dance to~

Versatile electronics. (Lansing)

Old philosophy and hidden secrets direct from the mouth of the Rat King. (Dearborn)
Your parents failed you in their upbringing. Lionghoulman will finish the job they didn't start.

++Mr Denton on Doomsday++
Experimental Rock. (Lansing)
Lyrics provoke thought and music that isn't afraid to take chances. With a base in metal and a foot in the door of funk, it's hard to pigeon-hole Mr Denton On Doomsday into one particular music style. If given the opportunity to see Mr Denton On Doomsday live, then do one thing: Do not miss it!

++Geoph Aldora Espen and the Three-Headed Owl++
Quasi-prophetic spoken concepts and almost-truths. (Lansing)
Geoph delivering spoken word atop live music from a full band.


A surprise guest performer!!!


The Santapocalypse is upon us.

The Santapocalypse is the upcoming live action, Christmas theatrical concert event of 2013. Occurring Dec 28, The Santapocalypse is backed by a web released short film series starring familiar Lansing personalities set in the Murder Mitten’s capital city itself.

Santa Claus is on the loose!

In essence, Christmas Spirit is dying, and the demon that lives within Father Christmas is now running amuck killing innocents and stealing souls throughout the 517. Two competing factions are at work trying to save Christmas before the world is destroyed: Mrs Claus and her henchman, Billy Mays, are trying to kill Santa, while the embodied Spirit of Christmas and painter Bob Ross are trying to heal him. Turn back the tide of the evil that lies within St. Nick and join us for a wonderful evening the Saturday after Christmas and before New Year’s. The event will be held at the illustrious Avenue Café.

Everything will end...

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