Saturday, October 24, 2015

Robot Speaker - Plastic​-​TV Channel (Placenta Recordings #329 - 2015) out now!!!

Robot Speaker - Plastic​-​TV Channel (Placenta Recordings #329 - 2015)

1. amoebic love 
2. circuit breaker 
3. ballon spray machine 
4. fork song daylight 
5. maskman scratcher 
6. moon computer 
7. tcm-57 voice 
9. lob.nob.kab 
10. my room melody 
11. space surfing 
12. guitarlist house 
13. rulette voice 
14. typewriter-synthesizer 
15. three hands game 
16. english master 
17. switch-77s 
18. boil up cassette tape 
19. Frequency 505 
20. a twilight episode 
21. broken television (bonus track) 

The wrong place three hand game changes three hands game 

Recording of body and machine music. 
It is a record of 2002-2015 at my home studio 
recorded at my home studio (amoebic sound laboratory) 

Each track on Robot Speaker's Plastic-TV Channel No. 5 is a unique collection of random sounds from electronic transmissions (television, radio, words, music, static), masterfully organized into complex and interacting sets of rhythms that are arranged unpredictably. 

Words cannot begin to describe how much we love the music of Takuma Ebisawa's Robot Speaker, but we'll try. The most original music we've heard in years, effortlessly combining a sampledelic, cut-up collage aesthetic with ingeniously evolving, multi-layered, complex rhythmic patterns. 

Takuma Ebisawa lives in Tokyo, Japan

Cover art by Jay Watson

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