Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Currently accepting demo submissions for FREE DOWNLOAD RELEASES at Placenta Recordings!

Placenta Recordings HQ is moving to a new location - this means big things are in the works - if we haven't talked in a while, hit me up, I prob still got love for you, and if I am working on a release for you, please be patient. Things will be much smoother on a permanent basis like, real quick - heart emoticon - Thank you all for the continued support. In the meantime we are trying to release many of our old albums and drop some new free downloads at - get your fix and stay tuned in - smile emoticon

If you are interested in having your material released as a FREE or NAME YOUR PRICE download on Placenta Recordings please send us over this material for consideration:

- WAV files (properly labeled)
- JPEG images (700 x 700 DPI)
- .TXT file (written bio/links/info about the release)

Put all of this in a zip folder and go to the site WETRANSFER.COM - send it to my e-mail:

Keep in mind:

- I can't/wont release everything that gets sent to me.
- It might take me a day or it might take me a year to get in touch with you. Life happens.
- I appreciate every demo that is sent my way. Keep it up!

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