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Mauthausen Orchestra - Under Control (RE-ISSUE CD w/ uncut versions!!!) (Placenta Recordings #200 - 2012/2013)

Mauthausen Orchestra - Under Control (RE-ISSUE CD)
(Placenta Recordings #200 - 2012/2013)

1. Under Control (UNCUT) (7:37)
2. Edge Of No Control (UNCUT) (7:03)

Composed/Performed by Pierpaolo Zoppo/Mauthausen Orchestra in Torino, Italy, 2012.
Art/Release by Jay Watson/Placenta Recordings in Traverse City, MI U.S., 2012 - 2013
Fully authorized by Pierpaolo Zoppo.

Sealed CD inside jewel case w/ art:

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$14/USD shipped anywhere international

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"One of the early Italian power-electronics projects, Mauthausen Orchestra, in the person of Pierpaolo Zoppo, started in 1982, releasing tapes on his own label Aquilifer Sodality. His work explored morbid subjects, usually extreme sex, perversion, tortures and disease, and the sound was a brutal collage of noise, electronics distortions and inhuman vocals. Mauthausen Orchestra stopped in 1986, some recordings from 1988 were published ten years later by Xn Recordings.  In 1997 Zoppo resurrected the project and released some new material, while a series of reissues of the early cassettes was published by Slaughter Productions. " - Statement found on Wikipedia


"One of the key figures of the Italian post-industrial scene, Pierpaolo Zoppo (aka Mauthausen Orchestra) died suddenly in early 2012, leaving behind a body of work that includes some of the most diseased and evil-sounding electronic music ever. While his more recent recordings tended to be a bit hit and miss in terms of , I've still followed his work over the years and was bummed to hear that he had died this past spring. Apparently the last thing that Zoppo had been working on releasing prior to his death was this 7" for Placenta, the two-song Under Control 7", and it’s one of the better of his later recordings. Housed in a white jacket with the sort of morbid, cadaverous imagery that adorned his classic Necrofellatio and Murderfuck cassettes, Under Control features two tracks of writhing industrial creep. The a-side bursts like a blister as "Under Control" pours forth in an oozing mess of flanged distortion and thumping low-end noise, the extreme low frequencies creating a strange fluttering effect as the speakers reverberate with the whump of Zoppo's synth. Like a lot of his later material, this is more of an abstract noisescape than the rotting, evil death industrial primitivism of his iconic 80's output, but it's still plenty bleak, a macro-view of collapsing machinery and diseased circuit-boards, revealing the vaguest hints of musicality in the strange descending note patterns that emerge in the final throes of the track. "Edge Of No Control" slowly drifts in on a wave of warped, atonal synth notes and buzzing distortion, this amorphous mass sounding like some ectoplasmic residue from a carnival freaktent, as Zoppo slowly  introduces additional layers of warbling synth notes, clusters of misshapen melody that later drop in and out as the track evolves into an expanse of rumbling noise and creepy minor key melodies take shape, eventually turning into an alien sort of church music. Limited to two hundred fifty copies."

-Crucial Blast Records

"I am a huge fan and supporter of Mauthausen Orchestra and we were working together very well. He even got his request of transparent blue vinyl. Shame on everyone who doubted us. We released the FINAL recordings of Mauthausen Orchestra, and we are proud to have worked with such a legend. R.I.P. Pierpaolo Zoppo, my friend and a huge inspiration to many. Now you can hear the full uncut versions of his material for the "Under Control" 7" record, which were
originally shortened for time on the vinyl. Enjoy!

- Jay Watson, Placenta Recordings

Mauthausen Orchestra:

Placenta Recordings:

Placenta Recordings
c/o Jay Watson
P.O. Box 1642
Traverse City, MI
49685 - U.S.A.

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