Monday, July 29, 2013

DROMEZ - The Great Times Tour 2013

DROMEZ (Austin, Texas) is going on tour solo through the sticky south and ghost towns and up north.

Harsh Noise. Screamin.

I will update soon with more details/venues. If you have suggestions/can help please email at 

8/8 Austin, TX House of Caca Tour kick-off
8/9 Houston
8/10-New Orleans
8/11-Chattanooga, TN?
8/12 Nashville, TN
8/13 Cincinatti, OH
8/14 ?
8/15 Dayton, OH
8/16-8/18 Traverse City, MI
8/19 MI*
8/20 Chicago, IL
8/21 Milwaukee, WI - Milwaukee Noise Fest Pre-show
8/22-24 OFF/Attending Milwaukee Noise Fest
8/25 Minneapolis, MN
8/26 Ames, IA
8/27 Wichita, KS
8/28 Denton, TX

*=could really use some help plz

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