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VENTA PROTESIX interview by Jay Watson/Placenta Recordings

VENTA PROTESIX interview by Jay Watson/Placenta Recordings

PR: Hello from the U.S.! It is a pleasure to speak with you! Could you please tell me in your own words, a description of your project "Venta Protesix"?

VP: Venta Protesix is the direct consequence of many days spent masturbating in front of computer, downloading anime with a large dose of fan service, loli images and hentai doujinshi. There is no artistic value in what I do, and the creativity amounts to zero. These are just bothersome and annoying noises that collide and repeat, which I obsessively made with my pink laptop.

PR: Tell me what life and politics are like Salerno, Italy.

VP: I have never played live in Salerno. I don't know actually if sooner or later it will happen. It is a provincial town where the people are distrustful and envious.In Salerno, there is the sea, the sun is always high, trips on Amalfi coast are within everybody's reach and that is enough for people to be happy or enough for them to pretend to be happy. The boys in my town always find a good reason to go out and have a social life, they don't remain at home to download porn. It is for these reasons that nothing interesting goes on in this town. The few active bands are almost pitiable, and all of them sound the same. This is a limitation they can't exceed, fundamentally just because the inhabitants of my town are afraid of change and of what they don't know, because it takes them out from their comfortable reality. Anyhow I would like to say that all the shit i've produced over the years comes out from this city, which proves that the place you live in, does not matter. Nowadays all those who blame their discontent and defeats to the place they live in are just frustrated and they try to find an excuse for their failures.

PR: I am curious about the record label that you run: Lips Infection. Can you tell me more about the label? How long has it been going, how many releases, etc.?

VP: Lips Infection was born three years ago, along with some other guys from my town. We have put out 16 releases, but now actually i'm trying to go ahead by myself.
I would like to specify that on several occasions I have produced records for people who I will probably never meet. This is because I really like what they play, unlike many labels that exchange favors each other, you know what I mean? A typical distressing situation like "Ok, I will produce your needless tape on my label but you will release on yours a lousy cd-r of mine." In the long run these people think they are cool because their releases go all over the world, indeed their cdr’s are given for free like a present for friends, who don’t listen to them, but they have to give feigned compliments, just to support the (non-existent) scene.

PR: You have worked with many labels during the span of Venta Protesix. What formats do you prefer your music to be released on?

VP: The format is not important, physical or digital releases are all the same to me. One of the discs I’m the most tied up with, is dedicated to Yuki Nagato and it came out on a netlabel. Also, all my tracks can be listened to for free, on Bandcamp. Noise hasn't a real audience. Those who object to this are liars, because they listen to only a few seconds of each track, and want to get to the end quickly.

PR: What have been a few main inspirations for Venta Protesix?

VP: What influences me? Anime, Meganekko, AV Idols, Hentai Mangas, Doujinshi, Ero-guro, Yaeba, Premenstrual Syndrome, Akira Sakura from the manga Narutaru and Setsuna-Chan from School days.

PR: Who are some of your favorite artists? I have read that you hate music.

VP: Sonic Coaster Pop, Sachiko M, Lullatone, Keiichiro Shibuya, Frenesi Cupra, Urbangarde, Lulickma, Gerogerigegege, Killer Bug, Furukawa Mirin, Takuma Itoi to name a few. When I say I hate music, I refer to those sneaky people whose intent is to give music an aggregate meaning. This it is not for me.
I don't like to join together, to sweat, to dance. It doesn't help anything. If people say that I am a misanthrope they have reason to think so. Unfortunately festivals and bands arise just to approach some cute and introspective girl, who thinks she has great artistic skills but in reality she is just a deluded little girl.

PR: What devices have you used to make the perfectly awful sound that is Venta Protesix?

VP: Just my laptop, nothing else. I've never bought an instrument or a pedal to make noise and I will never do. Moreover I hate the tangle of wires that grows with using a mixer and pedals.

PR: Tell me your age, and what you have planned for the future of Venta Protesix and Lips Infection.

VP: I'm 27. Maybe i will continue making noise under the name Venta Protesix. I have two new tracks for you to hear. My desktop has been full of wav files from long time but i'm too bored to work on new tracks seriously. I intend to play some live sets. Two years have passed since my last awful set in Turin. This because in Italy much of the times during noise live sets you are forced to meet very silly people and to open the live set for some mediocre band supported by the organisers of the event. This is the underground scene in Italy, a big farce. With Lips Infection I will continue to produce unlistenable records of unknown people by the mass. These are the productions I like the most.

PR: Thank you for your time Italo! I am proud to work with you, and Placenta Recordings will always support Venta Protesix! Any last words?

VP: Stop immediately making noise, see more porn on the internet and bother little schoolgirls with glasses when coming back from their afternoon math lessons!

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