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NECRO interview by Jay Watson/Placenta Recordings:

NECRO interview by Jay Watson/Placenta Recordings:

That's right BITCHES. You read the words on your fucking screen correctly. Placenta Recordings has conducted an exclusive interview with the man behind the legendary Brooklyn, NYC based hardcore hip hop label "Psycho+Logical Records", the man who brought you "I Need Drugs", "Cockroaches", "Bury You With Satan", and countless other razor sharp linguistical masterpieces, or as he likes to refer to it: "Beautiful Music For You To Die To." Ladies and gents, Scum Bags, Hip-Hop Junkies, and STD ridden whores, we present to you, our homeboy: 


PR: Good morning Necro! First off let me say that I am a huge fan of Necro and Psycho+Logical Records! Where did the concept for "The Murder Murder Kill Kill" Double EP come into the mix?

NECRO: My fanbase has been on my back to release something, so I needed to release something faster than the Gfathers would be able to be released and that's where I came up with the idea of an EP, and then it turned out that I had 15 tracks that I wanted to unleash so now it's a double EP, and the name Murder Murder Kill Kill is just real simple and to the point, that's what I do when I drop a verse, I MMKK everything I touch, so while some might find that a generic name, I am considered the most brutal rapper on earth, and my verses over the years back it up, so when I say I am gonna MMKK shit, its far from generic, cuz I dont rap horrorcore corny freddy and jason rhymes, I rap complex, technical, brooklyn, NY, highly original verses of brutality over top notch east coast production, noone does this, I'm in my own fucking lane, so really what I do is for the NECROMANIACS, who get what I'm doing, you cant brainwash a stupid motherfucker into the realness, you can but the effort would require kidnapping, chloroform, and alot of time wasted, I got enough loyal 10 years plus Necro supporters to not have to work a job for the last 15 years, I'm good

PR: Will there be any kind of promotional tour or live performances in support of the new album? I know a ton of cats in Detroit who are waiting for you guys to come kill the stage. Where would you play if you could choose anywhere in the world?

NECRO: I am not touring for this EP, just touring the canals of groupie vag

PR: You are from Brooklyn, New York. Tell me how it was growing up, and the differences you see today in comparison. What are your best memories of NYC life?

NECRO: I had a rough childhood growing up in the projects but i guess its not that much different than any hood anywhere, but Brooklyn has that flavor that is hip hop, and we are legendary in hip hop years before most other hoods did shit, so we got that thing, I just feel like when I travel to certain places, its not that people are softer, but their flavor is always a little less dope, they are trying real hard to be fresh but the reality is alot of it is influenced by NYC, but you know it depends where you go, hood is hood in my eyes

PR: I have seen some promo shots where are getting your grub on at a Japanese steak house, what kinds of eats could we find you munching on a regular basis in your neighborhoods?

NECRO: Right now I only eat healthy because I am on my Stallone 300 shit, but when I do eat wrong it was Japanese, Turkish, anything I was craving for at the moment, I am real impulsive, but right about now I need to control all that to reach my goal

PR: What are some of the musical influences that have helped craft your razor sharp lyricism? I know Necro has a fascination with old school Death Metal. Tell me of your favorite music from childhood, and what you are currently listening to today?

NECRO: Alot of underground hiphop growing up, all the dope shit like Rakim, to Kool G Rap to KRS One, and from the metal side shit like Metallica to Slayer to Megadeth all influenced me, I lately listen to anything hot, like Phil Collins lately, Sting too

PR: I am curious what is your favorite piece of your own work?

NECRO: I dont have a favorate, I am a fan of my catalog, that's bigger than a song or record, thats a book, that's a life time

PR: Murder Dog or The Source?

NECRO: Fuck both of them, my formspring is the new interview: - Ask me anything you want there and I just might answer it, I empowered the fans not some faggot journalist at some paper magazine who dont get it, paper magazines are dead anyway, its all about NECROMANIACS online!!!!!!!!!

PR: Tell me about your studio, and a bit of the process of your personal recording rituals. What does it take to get you in the zone for a session?

NECRO: I got a home studio I built myself with my engineer and it does what I need it to do, I need to be in the zone where I wanna exert that energy needed to complete something insane, it takes alot out of me because I really think out my lines, I dont just try to say anything, it has to be real special and fit my goal for what I am going for, very planned most of the time

PR: Who did the album art for the new record? This is going to be released in 2012 on Psycho+Logical Records, correct? Could you tell us a bit about what the label has been up to?

NECRO: Satan drew it, he is a friend of mine, yes all Necro albums are released on PLR, my own label, been in business for 12.5 years so far and going strong, the label has been fixing all the problems it had since the DIE! album which was plagued with obstacles and pitfalls, shit is coming together and I am hungrier than ever!!

PR: Thanks for your time Necro, and  thanks for continuously providing the world with 100% quality hardcore hip hop. We are all excited as a motherfucker to get our grimy little hands on the new album: "The Murder Murder Kill Kill" Double EP. Let us know when you come to Detroit, we will make sure you get what you need out here! Cheers, Smoke Signals, Respect, and Peace!

NECRO: Thank you - make sure to preorder my new double ep at and join the newsletter as well as like my facebook page follow me on twitter and check out my youtube channel

PR: Thanks Necro, You are the fucking man. I will always respect and represent Necro and Psycho+Logical Records! I hope to get ridiculously annihilated with you at some point.....I could see a bizarre collab happening in the future! Keep in touch man!

Make sure to pre-order the new Necro album, about to drop on Psycho+Logical Records! Get it here:

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