Saturday, December 3, 2011

MUSTAFIO - "A Taste Of Mustafio Vol. 1" RE-ISSUE available!

Placenta Recordings presents:

MUSTAFIO - "A Taste Of Mustafio Vol. 1" (Our 4th PRESS of this album/100 Copies)

"Bulgarian visionary prophet exports via New York//// MUSTAFIO, master of the articulate will guide you through your sordid little existence while pouring a steaming cup of Bobo's chili down your esophagus. Long nights of Mexican shuffle board players against chickens and dreams of underwater sports bars and throat fucking homely nurses with saxophones, accompanied by faint sun bleached lounge music churning away in the distance."

Order a copy today! $5/U.S. or $7/International - Price Includes Shipping PAYPAL:

Listen to a sample here: Mustafio - The Chicken Always Wins by Placenta Recordings

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