Thursday, November 24, 2011


Placenta Recordings - Exclusive Distributor for KITTENDORF PIEZO CO.



"A contact microphone, otherwise known as a pickup or a piezo, is a form of microphone designed to sense audio vibrations through solid objects. Unlike normal air microphones, contact mics act as transducers which pick up vibrations and convert them into a voltage which can then be made audible. Often used as acoustic leakage probes, they also enjoy wide usage by noise music artists experimenting with sound. Plain contact microphones are passive and high-impedance and this can cause them to sound 'tinny' unless used with a matching preamp."

“A piezo microphone uses the phenomenon of piezoelectricity — the ability of some materials to produce a voltage when subjected to pressure — to convert vibrations into an electrical signal. An example of this is potassium sodium tartrate, which is a piezoelectric crystal that works as a transducer, both as a microphone and as a slimline loudspeaker component. Crystal microphones were once commonly supplied with vacuum tube (valve) equipment, such as domestic tape recorders. Their high output impedance matched the high input impedance (typically about 10 megohms) of the vacuum tube input stage well. They were difficult to match to early transistor equipment, and were quickly supplanted by dynamic microphones for a time, and later small electret condenser devices. The high impedance of the crystal microphone made it very susceptible to handling noise, both from the microphone itself and from the connecting cable."

"Piezoelectric transducers are often used as contact microphones to amplify sound from acoustic musical instruments, to sense drum hits, for triggering electronic samples, and to record sound in challenging environments, such as underwater under high pressure. Saddle-mounted pickups on acoustic guitars are generally piezoelectric devices that contact the strings passing over the saddle. This type of microphone is different from magnetic coil pickups commonly visible on typical electric guitars, which use magnetic induction, rather than mechanical coupling, to pick up vibration."

Each order comes with free noise/music/art from Placenta Recordings!

"Stronger better faster, you could shove these up Daft Punk's ass and shake them around and they wouldnt even go bad!"
-Caleb "Kessenchu" McPherson, Lansing, MI

Coming Soon:

KITTENDORF “RECHTECK-MODULATOR” #1 - $TBA/$TBA - available soon for purchase via KPC/PR!

"High frequency radio waves from your favorite shortwave broadcaster are propagating hundreds or thousands of miles through the air until they reach your location – with just the usual mixture of fading, phase distortion and noise from their passage through the ionosphere.”


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