Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Menacide - Murda One (Limited Collector's Cassette) (Placenta Recordings #420 - 2017)

Menacide - Murda One (Limited Collector's Cassette) (Placenta Recordings #420 - 2017)

Placenta Recordings is proud to announce our 420th release, a limited edition cassette of West Michigan's own Menacide. Featuring Esham "The Unholy", The Dayton Family, McNastee, Insane Loc, and Simken Heights. 

Purple tinted cassette tape, professionally manufactured, pad printed label, full color 2 sided J-card, 100 copies in existence, and we only have 50 available. Once they are gone they are gone forever. Don't sleep, sleep is the cousin of death... 

Shipping out on or around January 26, 2018



1. I Love It (Feat. Simken Heights)
2. Maniac
3. Menacide & Esham (Skit)
4. Shoot 1st (Feat. The Dayton Family, McNastee, & Esham)


5. Shoestring TDF Intro
6. This Iz Murda (Feat. Shoestring Of The Dayton Family)
7. Murda Muzik
8. Slash (Feat. Insane Loc)

This cassette is a limited edition collector's item manufactured for the hardcore Menacide fan. Purchasers have had their name inserted into a Murder Raffle, and the winner shall be visited by The Reaper at a time of their least expecting.

Instructions For Committing The Perfect Murder:

1. Tell no one. There must remain at all times, zero witnesses or second-party associations capable of dropping a dime. Police search for these subtle associations that begin as clues, then snowball into monstrous evidence. Again, tell no one of your intentions.

2. Make sure it is NOT well known that you hate your intended target. If it is well known, give it a great deal of time first for things to cool down. This way, when you strike, your name will not be brought immediately into the picture as having had unresolved grievances with the target.

3. Become familiar with your target's daily routine, but never so much that it becomes your own. Calculate the best time to strike (a time when they will be predictably alone).

4. All of your tools (attire, gloves, weapons, etc) should be acquired from rare, hard to track down sources, or even stolen. This way, in the unfortunate event that any of them are recovered, they are not traced back to you.

5. Strike on the date and time that you set, and get quickly as far away from the crime scene as possible. Have a bag handy to place ALL clothes worn at the time of the incident into, and take it immediately to a previously decided upon location to be burned. 

6. Alleviate the murder weapon from the face of the planet. Dispose of it at a predetermined place, making sure it is beyond recoverable and damaged to the highest extent possible.

7. Calculate for variables and potentially unexpected problems ahead of time.

8. Make no mention of the incident ever. You and ONLY you alone can be aware of the murder. Carry your secret to the grave.

"Menacide is a veteran of the “Gun Rule” (Grand Rapids, MI) Hip Hop scene with several credible accomplishments attached to his name. He’s released over a dozen albums, has sat in the same studio as Eminem (while working with Proof Of D12), and paid enough real dues to cover the work ethic of a dozen indie artists combined. In 2001, his “In My World” E.P. garnered so much attention from local media, that the Associated Press picked up the story and blasted it across the national news wire. Cutting his teeth by pounding out show after show locally, he also went on to be featured on the syndicated Michigan Radio Network (MRN) for an almost unheard of nationwide promo-cast." 

Read more at: www.menacide.com/about

All songs recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered by: Menacide @ The Autopsy Room, AZ. Morgue Assistant: McNastee. Executive Crime Scene Technician: Jay Watson / Placenta Recordings (Detroit). 

Accomplices: Esham "The Unholy," Shoestring & Bootleg (aka The Dayton Family), Insane Loc, McNastee, and world-famous serial killer Richard "The Iceman" Kulklinski.

Check Out www.Menacide.com for more of West Michigan's most Murderous Mic Bully.


Esham "The Unholy" - www.acidrap.com

Placenta Recordings P.O. Box 32161 Detroit, MI 48232 

DEMO SUBMISSIONS: placentarecordings@gmail.com 

OFFICIAL DOWNLOADS: placentarecordings.bandcamp.com 

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