Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hari Maia - Continuous War (Placenta Recordings #397 - 2017)

Hari Maia - Continuous War (Placenta Recordings #397 - 2017)


Hari Maia is: Hari Parreira Maia from Brazil - Rio de Janeiro/RJ. 
Project of Power Electronics, Industrial, Noise, Harsh Noise, created in 2012. 

Its purpose is to portray, in most cases, historical events with 
greater influence of wars. 

With shouted or spoken vocals, solid bases, heavy and noisy. 


Facebook: "Hari Maia" 

Thanks and enjoy! 

About the album: 


The album has the idea to portray any kind of war. 
Reflect that, despite years and years pass, we did not evolve anything, because today there are attacks and people thinking that
everything will be solved the weapons base, 
death and destruction. Unfortunately, war is continuing... 

"A good deed, sometimes, kills good people" - Hari Maia 

Album recorded and mastered by: Hari Maia in 2015. 
Released: 09/25/2016 --> (without label) until 2017, released on Placenta Recordings. 

Placenta Recordings (Detroit, MI) 

DEMO SUBMISSIONS: placentarecordings@gmail.com 

OFFICIAL DOWNLOADS: placentarecordings.bandcamp.com 

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