Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tasuketekun - Sad Morning (Placenta Recordings #382 - 2017) out now!

Tasuketekun - Sad Morning (Placenta Recordings #382 - 2017)

Music by Tasuketekun (Saitama, Japan) 
Art by Jay Watson (Detroit, MI) 

"Mechanical blisters swell while the human race pretends life is satisfactory. Lost inside a brittle factory with one thousand mutant bee-stings while you realize your final moments. Technology crumbles, Y2K would have been forever vacation. Tasuketekun is anti-social drear, stapled to the face of mankind through computer signal." - Jay Watson, Placenta Recordings 

Noise project started in 2012 in Saitama, Japan by Kouta Yamamoto. 


Placenta Recordings: 

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