Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Placenta Family Tree Volume 9 (Placenta Recordings #380 - 2016) out now!

The Placenta Family Tree Volume 9 (Placenta Recordings #380 - 2016)

1. Tiffany Blade - All The Way Up (Detroit, MI) 01:27
2. Watabou - The City of Ypsilanti [DenverSnackMix] (Ann Arbor, MI) 01:29
3. PURPURA - XONAXI (Chiapas, Mexico) 05:28
4. Deb And The Mentals - Take it away (São Paulo, Brazil) 02:08
5. Gazawat - The chair forces him to lean forward in a crouch, forcing all of his weight onto his thighs (Warsaw, Poland) 06:18
6. Dental Work - Vladimir Putin Follows Us On Twitter (Detroit, MI) 07:40
7. Bullshit Market - Shower (Detroit, MI) 00:59
8. METHLAB EXPLOSION - Exploding Head Syndrome (Lima, OH) 05:38
9. Nava Spatiala - A playful noise piece (Bucharest, Romania) 04:40
10. Lo Mas Bello - Live Vias Negras Studios Nov 2016 (Ambato, Ecuador) 11:58
11. FIBROSIS MORAL - Cuando Comemos Los Ojos (Bogota, Colombia) 03:14
12. DJ Rome x Martez - Welcome to Reality (Chicago, IL + Detroit, MI) 03:10
13. iamdeadsmiles58 - Botched Societies (Manhattan, NY) 01:51
14. I PORNO YOU - Clitoris Artificial(with Jean Loise) (Guayaquil, Ecuador) 03:28
15. Folie à Deux - Soldier(E.R Stories) (Milan, Italy) 01:50
17. P.U.M.A. - EST-Trieste (Italy) 03:02
18. Diesh - White Dwarf 08:08
19. BusFactor1 - Organization (British Colombia, Canada) 04:30
20. Andrew Bunny - 30_54 (Traverse City, MI) 01:00
21. frank angotti is dead - dangerous sweater (Gary, IN) 03:00
22. Unwashed - All I am now (Walla Walla, WA) 04:24
23. Instagon - Tea Bagged (Sacramento, CA) 04:31
24. Sunrise Square - price (dolla sign) (Connecticut, USA) 00:33
25. Kiss Thy Goat - Befallen (alternate) (Alberta, Canada) 07:00
26. Zilmrah - Now is Never (Brooklyn, NY) 04:56
27. Tomhet - Ulcers of Consciousness (Alberta, Canada) 03:05
28. \ƒ®EE | ©LI©K/™ - Give Me The Night (Belgrade, Serbia) 01:48
29. wosX - Eroded (Mykolaiv, Ukraine) 01:00
30. New Shoppe - Ender (Los Angeles, CA) 01:04

"The state of music in the world today" 

Featuring new and exclusive music from all over the planet! 

Thank you to everyone who made this compilation possible, and the entire Placenta Recordings family tree worldwide <3 This has made for one hell of an awesome 30th birthday! 30 tracks for 30 years of my life!!! 

This compilation series was created to defy mainstream culture by mixing genres that have never appeared on the same album before. If you are new to something here, give it a listen. It might change your life! 

Organized and released by Jay Watson/Placenta Recordings winter 2016 

Front cover: 

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