Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hinyouki + Kaelteeinbruch + Catgirl - Penelope Black Diamond (Placenta Recordings #378 - 2016) OUT NOW!

Hinyouki + Kaelteeinbruch + Catgirl - Penelope Black Diamond (Placenta Recordings #378 - 2016)


HINYOUKI: Cristina Bosco and Crypt Vihâra are Hinyouki, a noise ensemble from Spain. Amalgamating abstract and harsh noise, Hinyouki works with concepts such as goldenshowers, pee pervertions and watersports since 1993. With more than 200 works Hinyouki is the perfect piss+noise shots! 

"Abstract Noise duo from Spain. Hinyouki is a Japanese common term that means "urinary organs". Influenced by Merzbow, Maurizio Bianchi, MK2 or Death Squad, Hinyouki create a mixture of Abstract and Harsh Noise, working with concepts such as goldenshowers, pee perversions and watersports." 




Is Jack Mountvérno, a crazy/freaky/funny 30 years old (*hrhr*...oooold :P) guy from Essen in Germany. The most used alias is just a dirty "K*" and he mostly produced Pornoise at "The Old Railway Control Centre". Jack is inspired by too much alcohol, porn-movies and handmade girls...(and should be inspired by the Catgirl... *gnrrrr*...aren't I handmade enough?). He produced Industrial Noise too and years ago he was in the straight Speedcore scene too. Jack has tracks on around 300 different releases and has around 30 different aliases. 


Daniel Szymiczek, Wiesbadener Str. 4, 45145 Essen - GERMANY 



The little Catgirl is called Shira Tails and this purple haired (damn, I am always fascinated by this colour of your hair) lady lives in 
the most chaotic city in the world, called Tokyo. Her tracks are a combination of glitch and noise, but she is in Noise and Pornoise 
too. I can't understand how it is possible that she can create tracks with so much Martini in her veins. By the way: She is younger as 
me, but only a few months. Her studio is called "The Red Tokyo Hotel Lounge", because of the tons of red satin bedclothes, red curtains and all the red plush-hearts in her room. I am sure, normally people will get blind in this room. 



Placenta Recordings Contact: 

P.O. BOX 442187 



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