Saturday, June 11, 2016

PURPURA - The world is gonna end, you know (Placenta Recordings #366 - 2016)

PURPURA - The world is gonna end, you know (Placenta Recordings #366 - 2016)

PURPURA is the solo harsh-noise project of Andrea Nucamendi, originally from Chiapas, Mexico, formed in 2014 and located in Geneva Switzerland.
Obscure figure of the underground scene in Geneva, PURPURA has been playing and producing atmospheres inspired by visions of the underworld. Invading the venues with sonic aggression she pursuits an old-school-like noise show experience on the today's scene.  
The world is gonna end is an EP with the track IXTAB (name of the goddess for the suicides in the Mayan culture)
-Each of my shows and recordings are unique. For my sets I create paths with the elements that I like (feedback loops, distortions, distortions, recordings, distortions, reverb, distortions, distortions, sound generators, delays, something else and distortions) to make a zone where I can improvise during the live act. 
I’m not trying to do something new, but to be the truest with my feelings when expressing with the machines. PURPURA is a way to express my feelings living in this society, in this world now.  When I play I don’t have the full control of the sounds emerging; harsh-noise reminds me of life, it’s chaos that I have to deal with, and I find it anyways painfully beautiful.   

Noise music is crucial in my life, it’s a need, and it keeps me calm. I do it with this motivation, and I don’t care about what is being said that noise is dead ‘cause for me it is very alive. Those bored old guys can say whatever they want but for me I need to experience its extreme sensation. I like it and I need it now, in this future time. I would agree with Steven Parrino to why not convert into necrophilia then.  
As a side project I make drawings under the name of Chaotic Behaviors. Drawing for me is a cosmic portal where I can communicate with the deepest and simpler part of myself.   
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can hear PURPURA sounds and see Chaotic Behaviors drawings here ->  

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