Saturday, April 16, 2016

Record Store Day 2016!!!

Happy Record Store Day 2016!

Placenta Recordings is offering this bundle of oddities for a mere 20 bones. Stock up!

1x Godstomper/Terlarang - Split 12' Vinyl (Purple Splatter) (Bay Area California + Malaysian Grind)

1x Mauthausen Orchestra - Under Control 7" Vinyl (Blood Red or Navy Blue) (Post-humus/final recording of Italian Death Industrial + Power Electronics legend Pierpaolo Zoppo)

1x Chulo & Marion Barry - Split 7" Vinyl (Black or White) (Bogota, Colombia's Narcoterrorism onslaught + California Noise/Grind)

1x Archagathus/Jeffrey Dahmer - Split 7' Vinyl (Canadian + Indonesian Mince/Grindcore - co-release with a bunch of sick labels)

1x Team Eastside D-Nice - Must Be Nice CD (Detroit reality rap from the wicked streets of east Detroit - member of the infamous group Team Eastside)

1x Bologna Violenta - Il Nuovissimo Mondo CD-R (One man Italian Digital Grindcore attack!)

1x Placenta Recordings "10 Years In The Game" T-Shirt (random sizes, for you or a friend) (featuring the notorious "Rostov")

1x Black Mayonnaise 1.5" Pin (90's Ohio bedroom Doom Metal/Sludge master - do your homework!)

1x Suprise gift!!! (something for the girls and boys!)

ORDER all of this stuff HERE for $20!!!:

Oh yeah go download some of the free digital stuff at:

SHARE THIS! We appreciate your support! Go support ALL of your fav independent record stores today and EVERYDAY ;) If you are in the Detroit area check out Melodies and Memories, Hybrid Moments, and Hello Records to start!

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