Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Catdog - Culture Jamming Vol. 1 (Placenta Recordings #353 - 2016) out now!

Catdog - Culture Jamming Vol. 1 (Placenta Recordings #353 - 2016)

"I won’t go into an elaborate, wikipedia-style explanation of what is or is not considered “breakcore,” but I will say that being a breakcore DJ is probably not conducive to becoming a rockstar or picking up girls at the bar. This over-the-top genre is just too hard and too weird to go anywhere near the mainstream in the next few years. Those who choose to play it have long forsaken the coveted image of a temporarily-misunderstood EDM genius ultimately destined for greatness. Enter John Catdog: a Jersey-based breakcore DJ and producer whose chaotic sets and intellectually-cohesive style reflect a truly unapologetic attitude toward musical exploration.

While I’m not quite sure what a Catdog really is, I imagine it lives in a self-collapsing black hole at the end of the internet, where most DJs dare not venture. Even those of you who aren’t fond of art that exists exclusively for art’s sake will be pleasantly surprised; a naturally light-hearted and funny person, Catdog uses humorous interludes to make experimental tracks audience-friendly.

So don’t fear the breakcore: prepare to be very amused, kind of puzzled, a little offended, and completely blown away."

- Anastassia Paloni

catdog contact:


REAL LIFE: Placenta Recordings P.O. Box 442187 Detroit, MI 48244 


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