Friday, January 29, 2016

b4by f4c3 - just relacks (Placenta Recordings #350 - 2016) out now!!!

b4by f4c3 - just relacks (Placenta Recordings #350 - 2016)

Final release of Indiana cyberpunk Chip warp extraordinaire b4by f4c3!!! Our 350th release at Placenta Recordings!!!

Official Download:

Watch the official video here: 

b4by f4c3:

Music by Frank Angotti aka b4by f4c3. Front cover by Juan Manuel Larrazabal aka Kool Skull

tags: alternative avant-garde chip chiptune dark chip experimental gameboy gary indiana lsdj noise placenta recordings psychedelic punk vgm b4by f4c3


REAL LIFE: Placenta Recordings P.O. Box 442187 Detroit, MI 48244 


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