Sunday, September 6, 2015

HateWire - Let's Get Methy EP (Legs Akimbo Records/Placenta Recordings #320 - 2015) Official Free Download!!!

HateWire - Let's get methy EP (Legs Akimbo Records/Placenta Recordings #320 - 2015) 


01. Blood (...and bits of sick) 
02. Songs of Hate(Wire) 
03. DOL (Die.Out.Loud) 
04. I got the 'Wire 


A. Hate = Blasts from HELL, noise, samples, demonic deth-vomit 

A. Wire = Stringy Cunt Stick, noise, additional blasts, offensive gestures 

HateWire is a nekro tekno band incorporating elements of speedcore, grindcore, black metal, noise, terrorcore, hardcore tekno, vomit, piss and blood... 

Artwork by Brown Lazer ( 

Winty ( 

All tracks were demonically conceived by HateWire during 2015, sometimes this involved some painful nostrils, sometimes this involved a nice pint (or 10...!) of ale, sometimes this involved A. Hate having a fat one whilst A. Wire got narked off with his stoned crap, sometimes this involved no inebriant whatsoever.......... 

Mastered by Capta1n Cha0s (Fucking nice one Angela!) 

Many thanks go to Neil/Legs AKimbo Records and Jay/Placenta Recordings for putting this out, we appreciate the efforts that are made with netlabels and really appreciate being part of the associated family that ensues from such shit. We would also like to thank the following in no particular order whatsoever...: Laura and Annie for dealing with our noise, Shane 2nr/Pinhead/Lorraine/Rigormortis, Brown Lazer, JDecker, Primitive Graven Image, Dale/AAR, cRAP_cILLA (bigtime bro!), 
Disco Cunt, SpDhStE, Hate Division, Drugzilla, Drunken Bastard, Speedcore Whore and Minister Of Death, Pressterror, Christoph and MAS Leipzig, Junkie Kut, Swords Of Texas, Viral Conspiracy Records, Erwin Noizefucker, RTK, Boki, Sparkee, Noizy Az Fuck, Rick and Skat Injektor, Matheus, Peter White and Annihilation, DJ Kurrupt, Alex Montana, Pure Hate Speedcore Terrorist, Anyone else we have forgotten (feel free to add yourself to this list and save so you feel better 
about it!) 

(c) 2015 

(c) 2015 


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