Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dental Work - "Anxiety.Addiction.Abuse." (Re-Issue) (Placenta Recordings #308 - 2015) Digital Download/Limited Edition DIY Cassette available now!

Dental Work - "Anxiety. Addiction. Abuse." Re-Issue (Placenta Recordings #308 - 2015)

"Anxiety. Addiction. Abuse." is a reflection on mental illness, homicide, medical fascinations, drug habits, politics, suicide, their relationships to one another and their role in society. This album was originally released on CD-R only via Placenta Recordings in winter of 2009 and was recorded at the now defunct "Birth Canal" and "K-Hole" studios in the desolate woods of northern Michigan.  



1. Abandoned Hospital
2. A Shallow Grave
3. A Dick For Dead Lips
4. Catheter Fetish
5. Crack Pipe Burns (Featuring Morgan Feger)


6. Father Electronics
7. This Is Our Time
8. Sucking Drugs Through An Orange
9. Building 54 (BONUS TRACK)


Dental Work on this release is Jay Paul Watson.

Special Thanks:

My family, Ashley, Rostov On-Don, Melvin Boris Hutz, Placenta Recordings, Ratskin Records, Heidi Johnson.

"Building 54" was constructed using the entire album in winter of 2011 at  Danger Garden in Traverse City, MI. Dedicated to Heidi Johnson (R.I.P.) and the Traverse City State Hospital.

 Available on the re-issue edition ONLY!

"During my first U.S. tour, this was the album I was promoting. I remember sitting in the Razorwire Compound in Oakland, CA with the Ratskin Records crew burning blunts and copies of this before my first ever California performance. This was how I introduced myself to the west coast, and marks the start of many amazing relationships I continue to carry on to this day."

- Jay Watson,
Dental Work

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