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BOOKWAR - INSECTS LIBERATION FRONT (Placenta Recordings #307 – 2015) out now!!!

BOOKWAR - INSECTS LIBERATION FRONT (Placenta Recordings #307 – 2015)

First and most known studio album, reissued by Placenta with 2 bonus tracks, recorded recently at Moscow gig. 

Being a good poet with strong will to share his words with people Ivan Bookwar started to search musicians to form a band and tried few options, but did not have success. So he decided to play solo. But how - still even after a year of releasing music he doesn't know musical notes! So he chose his own way of making sounds by buying old soviet dusty analog synths and drum machines that are very cheap in Russia as everyone uses Korgs and Yamahas, but not local gems - Polivoxes, Lels and Altairs. This stuff considered to be difficult to operate and create music. So Bookwar started his 1-man-band called "Read ABC-book" in Russian (Bookwar is a phonetic version of word "Bukvar" or ABC-book). Why ABC-book? Because it`s a reminder of soviet childhood and soviet sounds from soviet synths. As Bookwar is not a musician you can here that on I.L.F. - everything is very basic, but honest and straight. Sound is industrial and noisy. Tracks were recorded live with very little rehearsals, as the most important thing here - lyrics! Good russian poems i will describe to you now. 

1. First song is a story about guys with anarchic-eco views who attack a factory that produce powders and chemicals to kill innocent insects. So this a step by step description how they deal with each and every worker and manager of the factory playing a proper game of revenge. "We are insects and you are merely bubbles with teeth!" - last words of the song. 

2.Phylosofical track about time. "Time does not exist as well as authority".What was a thought in time when there was no language? What is fire from the point of view of an insect flying to burn itself out? This kind of phylosophy. 

3. One of the most punkish songs. "It`s good to become seek, to be a living example of a deviation from the norm. As all ordinary people are afraid to come to you, as all lying doctors are shy to talk tp you. So - hepatitis, tuberculosis but all the better - AIDS will help you to remain solid as rock from the very young age". 

4. Festival is a funny punk-reggae about a guy found himself in a village close to rock festival with a big mohawk on his head that is still long and stylish but locals are not happy to see such sort of crap in their place, so beware - "hide your brain under a cap, no matter how rare you are here". 

5. Agressive punkish drum n bass dedicated to suicide of "Russian Banksy" Pasha 183. "Dead are more that alive, be happy when you are sick''. 

6. Another dedication to a dead friend. Dima Lis was a fire-dancer and drug-addict who sliped from cliff in Himalayas few years ago. This is lyrical poem from his point of view. "Finally i left kids and job to become a wanderer. Finally no more doubts. There are spirits and demons all around, i see them, talk with them. You also join me and jump into abyss, it`s a special pride - to live in psychedelic trouble''. 

7. Life of remarkable people is a step by step description of life from birth through kindergarden-school-university-mentalhospital-job-family-grave. 

8. Raweater is epic movie about a raweater`s fight with meateaters. Raweater Sergey finds that all shops use to sell fake veggies made from meat, as meat is more cheap and veggies are more fashionable, so he performs a special action in a Russian White house to convince men in power to start a propaganda of real veggies on TV. Within a short period all the country is converted into veg and now meat becomes more fashionable as it`s more rare. So shops start to make meat from veggies. And here we have - doesn't matter - meat or veg, it`s all veg and healthy now and raw eater is happy. 

9-10. Live unreleased bonus tracks performed by Bookwar at D-Formation fest (noise experimental electronic Moscow gig). Guard is about guard who "guards money of others''. 

All in all - one of the best releases by Bookwar. Proper experimental post-hop played live on analog synths. 

Recorded live in may-june 2014, using solely analog Soviet synthesizers Ritm-2, Altair-231, Polivoks and drum synths Rokton, Lel` UDS, reverberator Lel` RC. 

This is digital reissue. Originally the album was self-released released on LP and tapes in July 2014 

Bookwar – music, synths, noises, box with iron nails, voice, lyrics, photo, except of 
track ‘’Guard’’ – music by Bookwar & Lezuvuzel 
Dmitriy Chernikov – guitar on "Festival", mixing 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 
Damir Askarov (Damirichi) – mixing 1, 8 

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