Sunday, January 25, 2015

GirlsNames/Kusari Gama Kill: Drum Tactics (Placenta Recordings #284 - 2015) Out Now!!!

GirlsNames/Kusari Gama Kill: Drum Tactics (Placenta Recordings #284 - 2015) 


Track 1-6 by GirlsNames (Courtice, Ontario Canada) 
Track 7-30 by Kusari Gama Kill (Copenhagen, Denmark) 

1 Cooling Off (Burning Flesh) 
2 Cancel All Outgoing Calls (Chamber That Round) 
3 Meadow Widowed (Drowned) 
4 Nicole Winning (Blood Is Thick) 
5 Mutiny (One More Time) 
6 Quiet In The End (Skin Under Fingernails) 
7 Release The Bats 
8 Drum Tactics 
9 Flesh Eater 
10 Arse 
11 Gash 
12 Dunkelrunk 
13 Mohawk 
14 Stellar Rage 
15 Well Of Souls 
16 Machetazo 
17 Throat 
18 Betty 
19 Mindcraft 
20 No Threat Profile 
21 The Entertainer 
22 Record Collector Masturbator 
23 Monsanto Death Mass 
24 Dreadnoughts Schrani 
25 Ultracide (Face The Slayer) 
26 It’s Grim Up North 
27 Barking Orders 
28 Anti-Christian 
29 Rope. Choking. Dead. 
30 Cosmic Hearse (Delivery Truck) 

GirlsNames (Courtice, Ontario Canada) 

Kusari Gama Kill (Copenhagen, Denmark) 

Placenta Recordings (Traverse City, MI, USA) 

Placenta Recordings 
c/o Jay Watson 
P.O. Box 1642 
Traverse City, MI 

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