Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sackratten - Nicht Geeignet für Menschen (Placenta Recordings #256 - 2014) Digital/CDR available now!!!

Sackratten - Nicht Geeignet für Menschen (Placenta Recordings #256 - 2014)

1. Das Grauen kehrt zuruck! 
2. Nicht Geeignet fuer Menschen 
3. Kuhficker 
4. Psycho Psychiater Returns 
5. Marsch der Exkremente 
6. Wir waren als Kinder schon Scheisse 
7. Ein - oder Ausgang 
8. Intermezzo 
9. Heilger Mord (Sackrattentum Part I) 
10. Die heilige Lehre (Sackrattentum Part II) 
11. Musikkrieg 
12. SOS Kinderdorf 
13. Amokfahrer 
14. Das letzte Abendmahl

"Picture 2 scrawny drunken long haired Austrian garbage men with a serious speed habit and major Arnold Schwarzenegger complexes screaming into shitty mics about psycho psychiatrists, necrophilia, and kabobs whilst buzzing and bashing cheap Thrash guitars and the worst possible photoshop art possible..."

released 21 October 2014

All music and art by Sackratten. Released by Placenta Recordings 2014.

tags: avant-garde comedy experimental grindcore international metal noise psychedelic punk thrash trash

Download the whole album for $2 or get the Handmade DIY CD-R/Limited Edition/Hand Numbered version that comes with recycled materials as bonus art. Each copy is unique!!! Die hard familia only!!! Get either version right here: https://placentarecordings.bandcamp.com/album/sackratten-nicht-geeignet-fur-menschen-pr-256-2014

Listen on Soundcloud here:

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