Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Brainrape Presents: SWAMPFEST 2014!!!

Brainrape Underground Media, Void Sound Booking, and Mountain Dew Baja Blast present:


"The HEAVIEST event this summer." -- George Costanza


Post Cereal Noise Rock Heavy Fuzz Punk No-Wave Surf Sludge. The happiest gloom your parents never warned you about. Heavier than a cat pregnant with elephant babies but pleasing enough to the ear you won't even notice your pants just got rocked off. Your pants are not ready for this. Take your favorite 80s and 90s alt-rock bands, add CRACK, and it's still not as good. INFLATABLE BEST FRIEND takes the brown sound to downtown and spins it back again. Get crunk, sons.

REDROT (Farmington Hills, MI)
Further explorations into death-industrial territory. Dirty bass frequency bombs, sludge metal synthesized to bare bones, lightning and flesh.


Super heavy sludge punk metal champions of the world. They don't need to wear helmets in public, but you will after receiving a bonified brain-scrambling after they crank up their sonic throttle. Chase the horror with a beer.


:::with special guests:::

Experi-Metal / Beastcore / Sword Metal. DRINK THEIR BLOOD takes listeners through a vast landscape of sounds. You may hear them entrancing audiences with atmospheric ambience at one moment, then pummeling them with unfathomable brutality the very next instant.

Hermitic Death Drone/ Power Electronics. Hypnotic and offensive sounds from Anthony Kuchta III.

DENTAL WORK (Traverse City)
Harsh noise avante-garbage from the Michigan north. Grinding, alien sounds created by a man wearing a raincoat and boxer briefs. But that's what we expect, and Dental Work will often deliver the unexpected ('Daniel Twerk').

MEAT DOG (Charlotte, MI)
Sloppy amateur ass-to-mouth hardcore. Working stiffs with stiffs that don't work playing music that sucks for women who won't. Meat Dog will make your mom puke.

Blackened, crusty anarcho-metal brewed dark in an abandoned trailer deep in the woods. These guys are very loud, very outspoken, and very orange.

SUPER THING (Ypsilanti)
Psychedelic doom designed to rewire your hardware. Place pop rocks in your anus and do squats for optimal listening experience.

✡‼ (Detroit)
✡‼ (fucked merkaba) is negative harsh forever everything is black and blackened with the bleak black bleakness of one million blackened souls trudging forward but really backward and nowhere toward nothing forever we all die alone dying in black desperate blackness forever alone and dying in negative apathetic disappointing blackness that's black and hopeless and reminds us of death but mostly nothingg.

HORACE (Flint)
Somewhere between "Doomsurf" and "acidsludge", some have expressed confidence the background music played in Hell is Horace.

They started as a Clutch cover-band.... And now, they are a Clutch cover band. With some other stuff. Heavy rock to boil your grits.

Asymmetric kinetic grindy punk shit. If spit flies on you during their set, accept it and consider yourself blessed by the water gods.


Show begins PROMPTLY, so show up on time to avoid missing a single GODDAMN ANAL-BLASTING moment.

13 amazing acts for one low price. This is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your summer.


Doors at 2

official page (whatever that means) =

booking =

* "13 bands" currently the planned estimate and may be subject to change

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