Monday, April 29, 2013

Denver Noise Fest 2013 featuring Xome, Crank Sturgeon, Dental Work, Fatale, and more! May 10th & 11th @ Rhinoceropolis!!!

Denver Noise Fest 2013

3553 Brighton Blvd
Denver CO 80216

Friday May 10th.  8:00PM Sharp

Arago's Wheel
Bigawatt (NM)
Blood Rhythms (IL)
Body Garden (FL)
Dental Work (MI) (Placenta Recordings)
Flower Flesh and Blood (KS)
Gasman (CO)
IT-290 (CO)
Juice Machine (OR)
Mariela Rossi (OR)
Mobdividual (CO)
Ozone Leash (CAN/FL)
Sisto Rossi (OR)  
Whitey Alabastard (FL)
Zoologist (FL/CO)

Saturday May 11th.  8:00PM Sharp

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan (TX)
Crank Sturgeon (ME)  (Placenta Recordings)
Dromez (TX)
Fatale (IL) (Placenta Recordings)  
Leveret (FL)
Newton (PA)
Nookleptia (IL)
Novasak (FL)
Page 27 (CO)
Pop Culture Rape Victim (MT)
Pulsating Cyst (CA)  
The Nothing (CA)
Thirteen Hurts (CO)
Wapstan (CAN)
XOME (CA) (Placenta Recordings)

Contact us for more information.

Contact us for more information.

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