Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New releases from Venta Protesix, Instagon, and Nundata!

New releases from Venta Protesix, Instagon, and Nundata!

Placenta Recordings is extremely proud to announce the release of 3 brand spanking new explorations in sound, including our 140th release!

PR#139: Venta Protesix “Erotic Dreams Of A Young Slut With An Amputated Leg”

7 violent clipping orgasms from Salerno, Italy’s utterly disturbed sexual predator of noise Italo Belladonna, aka Venta Protesix. Don’t let his boyish good looks and charm fool you, this guy will pull your teeth out and disembowel you and the blink of an eye…This is obvious when listening to the unrelenting sounds and analyzing the visions that they produce. Do not miss this album! Art by Jay Watson.

PR#140: Instagon “Pink Eye”

Sacramento, CA’s driving creative leaders are continuing their mission of coughing up diverse textures emphasizing on collaborative efforts utilizing both live instrumentation and free jazz laced experimental noise rock elements. You may have heard of the groups fearless leader LOB from his direct involvement in the organization the the longest running Noise festival in the U.S. “Norcal Noisefest”, or you may have seen him perform live during one of his 500+ Instagon shows. A piece of noise history! Art by LOB.

Review from VITAL WEEKLY: INSTAGON - PINK EYE (CDR by Placenta Recordings)

"Placenta Recordings is an obscure label from the States and organizes a lot of concerts and events and has their own studio, art gallery and theatre. Jay Watson is the man behind this active label and since 2005 he released 150 CDRs. "Pink Eye" by Instagon is one of his latest releases. Pink Eye contains nine composition which are parts of live recordings in 1998, 2007 and 2011. Lob and 14 other musicians played on these live-events. The mood of the several recordings is diverse. Some tracks are full of improvisations with guitar, bass and guitar added with some strange wicked sounds. The lack of these improvisations is that the atmosphere of the concert room where the band plays with the light, audience, smell and sounds are important parts to make the music interesting. Now it is just a recording of a live-event and that is something else than a jamming band which makes the audience wild. The recordings which are more noise orientated are worth listen to. The first track for example is a great mix between noise scratches and some experiments with guitar and bass. I prefer sounds like this and jamming sessions with a Black Sabbath riffs, I love to play it or hear it in a bar and go wild over there. But here in my own house or car it sounds flat?(JKH)" - Vital Weekly #810

PR#141: Nundata “Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus”

Srdjan Eftimovski’s inexplicable harsh noise is the equivalent to a serious MRSA infection. The sound of extreme disease. Broadcasted from Belgrade, Serbia. Art by Srdjan Eftimovski and Jay Watson.


Each album can be obtained for $6 each (U.S.) and $10 each (International).
Distro rate (3 or more copies of the same album) is $3 each (U.S.) and $5 each (International).
I pay all shipping costs!

Send Cash (U.S.D.) or Money Order (made out to: Jay Watson) along with your order to:

Placenta Recordings
c/o Jay Watson
P.O. Box 694
Beulah, MI

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