Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Mental Spaghetti Fest #8 - The Return! August 23rd and 24th, 2019

Mental Spaghetti Fest #8 - The Return! August 23rd and 24th, 2019 - Detroit, Michigan! Brought to you by Placenta Recordings, held at Studio 8700 in Oak Park, MI! 😼

A barrage of the senses: A music festival intended to make you freak the fuck out, highlighting underground artists from all over the world, coming together in one bizarre fashion that you will not find anywhere else, period. Don’t sleep on Michigan’s most fucked up music festival in existence. Back after a 2 year hiatus.

Featuring live performances from: 

Project Born (Flint)
Stale Dale aka D-Lyrical of ICP (Columbus, OH)
Black Mayonnaise (Akron, Ohio)
Gozza of Artfull Dodgers (Flint)
Team Eastside D-Nice 
Marco Skeezy 
Bobby Waters (Toledo, OH)
Cock ESP (Minneapolis, MN)
Dental Work
Misnomdeplumr (Belleville)
egodriven (Lima, Ohio)
Kite Splash
PAS Musique (Brooklyn, NYC)
Khrysalis (Dayton, Ohio)
Kessenchu (Cleveland, OH)
Medicine Mouth (Lansing, MI)
Disleksick (London, Ontario)
Hesitant Pegging
My Sister Is A Cop
Ariel Sports
8 Blocked Users
Eprom Colony 
Seanni B
Sir And Baby 
Pep-Step (Miami, FL)
Bbomit (Hamilton, Ontario)
Disenthrall (Port Huron)
SHEMA (Ann Arbor)
Skin Beetles (Port Huron)
Sea rabbit (Gaylord, MI)
HLO (Los Angeles, CA)
Autoerotichrist (Wisconsin/Washington D.C.)
Nekomata (Kalamazoo, MI)
Battalion Of Cloudships (Erie, PA)
Street Rat (Miami, FL) 
Contraktor (Tulsa, OK)
d_strct (Chicago, IL)
Whitey Alabastard (St. Pete, FL)
The Brimstone Lab
TRASH GODZ (Philadelphia, PA)
Dope Rhyme Villianz 
CX Da Grinch (Colorado)
Dystopian Vomit Cop (Newaygo, MI)
Bit-Mummy (Pittsburgh, PA)
K9 Hemorrhoids 
RagK (Kansas)
Hideous Replica (NYC)
Denouement (Port Huron)
Death Factory (Chicago, IL)
Sean Holt (Cleveland, OH)
Steve Harvey Oswald 
Period Bomb (Miami)
Bobb Hatt (Cleveland)
Timmy 2 Tymes (Fallen Angelz Entertainment)
Ray Honcho
Janet (St. Louis, MO) (as seen on Adult Swim!)
+ visuals by Jonnn! 


Placenta Recordings
Trashfuck Records 
Causticity Productions 

(Get in contact to be a vendor - placentarecordings@gmail.com)

Sponsored by: 

Placenta Recordings
Hot Hits Records
Nekhorosho Records

(Get in contact to be a sponsor - placentarecordings@gmail.com)

+ many more TBA

Weekend Passes are available for pre-order here: https://placentarecordings.bandcamp.com/merch/weekend-passes-mental-spaghetti-fest-8-the-return (Limited to 100)

VIP Weekend Packages are available for pre-order here: https://placentarecordings.bandcamp.com/merch/vip-package-mental-spaghetti-fest-8-the-return (Limited to 50)

Give us a like on Facebook: facebook.com/mentalspaghettifest ��Limited weekend passes and VIP packages available at: placentarecordings.bandcamp.com/merch - NO TICKETS WILL BE SHIPPED, WILL CALL ONLY, DURING DAYS OF EVENT! 100 regular, 50 VIP. Reserve ASAP, you don’t wanna be the person at home looking at all the pics. Be there. 


��Booking inquires, vending info, questions, donations, sponsorship ideas, volunteer requests, and more can be sent to: placentarecordings@gmail.com ��Online ticket purchase Includes unlimited streaming of Dental Work - Rotten Fruit For Fresh Vegetables: Arch Deluxe Edition (PR#458 - 2018) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Dental Work - Dead Birds (Descent From Grace) (Placenta Recordings #521 - 2019)

Dental Work - Dead Birds (Descent From Grace) (Placenta Recordings #521 - 2019)

4x CD Box Set + Digital available now: placentarecordings.bandcamp.com

A bird taught me the meaning of life and death when I was very young.

This album will teach you about the life of Dental Work.

A collection of material released over the years, including work from the Dental Work albums: "Italian Films You've Never Heard Of", "Snitch Carnitas" (only released in Japan on Silent Novels Records), PMS City, "Hashish & Raw Meat" (released in England on Final Trauma Recordings), "Facebook Glory Hole", the "Humanity" tour tape, the entire 8-track recording "Mental Ragnarok", a bunch of unreleased cuts and remixes from albums that never saw the light, and even a few compilation appearances!

Art and music by Jay Watson 2005-2019.

Guest appearances include: Morgan Feger, Justin Lee Smith, Sean Barry, Eric Stephenson, Ben Ruggles, Kris Smith, and your mother.

Recorded in various cities and studios through Michigan and California.

Noise, Cybergrind, Ambient, British, Industrial, Breakcore, German, Lebanese, Harsh Noise, Dadaist, Surrealism, Vaporwave, HNW, Horrorcore, Punk, World Music, Dadaist, Surrealism, Horror, Underground, Acid, Avant-Garde, Therapy.

More about Dental Work: dentalworknoise.blogspot.com

Monday, June 10, 2019

Fattoush Douche - Zait b'toom Motherfucker! EP (Placenta Recordings #520 - 2019)

Fattoush Douche - Zait b'toom Motherfucker! EP (Placenta Recordings #520 - 2019)

Mysterious Lebanese producer and DJ from Jezzine...

Originally released on Snitch Carnitas Russian Imports as a limited edition CD-R in 2011. Re-issued on CD/Digital in 2019.

25 copies. Very rare, for the tru collector of bizarre Middle Eastern music...CD contains bonus tracks not available anywhere else. 


Friday, May 31, 2019

bBomit - BtrdedAlbumbum (Placenta Recordings #519 - 2019)

bBomit - BtrdedAlbumbum (Placenta Recordings #519 - 2019)


Beats, words, and tunes by bBomit 2014 - Hamilton, Ontario. Released by Placenta Recordings 2019.

1. Message4Kids
2. Satan's Finger Dance
3. Ballsx3
4. XmasFuckingChildhoodBed
6.Inside Satan's Bindle
7.Satan's List
9.Prenatal Yoga
10.Stopt Racissmus!
11.Raver Crystal Gerbil Poetry
12.Barry Brown Superstar
13. Satan's Hot Pocket
14. Hug An African Baby
15. Vagazzled
17. Meat Cream 

bBomit/Placenta Recordings 2019

Contact: placentarecordings@gmail.com 

FFO: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Toronto, Black Metal, Horrorcore, Rap, Rave, Industrial, Hip-Hop, Noise, Placenta Recordings...

Saturday, May 25, 2019

V​/​A CUTTERS ANONYMOUS (Placenta Recordings #518 - 2019)

V​/​A CUTTERS ANONYMOUS (Placenta Recordings #518 - 2019)

An album by cutters, for cutters. Stay strong, if we can keep moving forward, so can you...<3 Резцы анонимные 

Organized by Jay Watson 2018-2019. 
Released on Placenta Recordings summer 2019. 

Friday, April 26, 2019

Personal Cemeteries Vol. 2 (A Book of Photography by Jay Watson) (Placenta Recordings #516 - 2019)

Personal Cemeteries Vol. 2 (A Book of Photography by Jay Watson) (Placenta Recordings #516 - 2019)

Coffee table book of full color select photography of Jay Watson. Abandoned decay, withering cemeteries, and the harsh grim realities of modern day Detroit. Part 2. First 20 copies pre-ordered will receive their copy signed. All orders receive a bonus gift from the Placenta Recordings vault! Not for the easily offended! 18+ 

Includes unlimited streaming of Up North Trips Vol. 1 (Placenta Recordings #512 - 2019) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Shipping out on or around June 7, 2019

Edition of 50.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Tomhet - Of A Dying Star (Placenta Recordings #515 - 2019)

Tomhet - Of A Dying Star (Placenta Recordings #515 - 2019)

For the true collector of Canadian Black Metal!

Tomhet (Canada) started in 2004 and the first demo was released in 2006 by Clovenhoof Productions. Since then, over twenty titles have been released under the Tomhet logo, including 7 splits (with the likes of Skagos, Zebulon Kosted, Moloch, and more), nine EPs, and five full lengths. 

For a full and detail discography, see Metal-Archives.com 

Follow @thetruetomhet on Instagram and Facebook! 

Recorded between July and November 2014.

Released March 11, 2019 

Xaphan - All ambiance, programming, and vocals. 

Music and art by Tomhet. 

Released by Jay Watson/Placenta Recordings 2019. 

Contact: placentarecordings@gmail.com

Sunday, March 10, 2019

HookahBAYBEEF20 زوجات ، كلب واحد - حشيش مخدر, حمار, السيولة النقدية (Placenta Recordings #514 - 2019)

HookahBAYBEEF20 زوجات ، كلب واحد - حشيش مخدر, حمار, السيولة النقدية (Placenta Recordings #514 - 2019)

Found in a burnt out condominium in war torn Beirut 1996.

LIMITED EDITION CASSETTE OF 25 COPIES + DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE HERE: https://placentarecordings.bandcamp.com/album/hookahbaybeef20-placenta-recordings-514-2019

avant-garde beirut cassette comedy dabke dabs experimental grindcore hashish hookah lebanese lebanon noise psychedelic vaporwave world Detroit

Monday, March 4, 2019

Erythrite Throne - Mournful Cries from Obsidian Towers (Placenta Recordings #513 - 2019)

Erythrite Throne - Mournful Cries from Obsidian Towers (Placenta Recordings #513 - 2019)

Spells and 
from the long 
forgotten tomes.

Music and art by Erythrite Throne: 

Released by Placenta Recordings: 

Contact: placentarecordings@gmail.com

#avantgarde #blackmetal #canada #deathmetal #dungeonsynth #experimental #forest #grindcore #metal #noise #occult #ontario #psychedelic #toronto #witchcraft #world #dungeon #Detroit #Michigan #PlacentaRecordings #ErythriteThrone #ambient #atmospheric #folklore #Medieval #FinalFantasy #MagicTheGathering #LimitedEdition #CD

Up North Trips Vol. 1 (Placenta Recordings #512 - 2019)

Up North Trips Vol. 1 (Placenta Recordings #512 - 2019)

Placenta Recordings presents: Up North Trips Vol. 1 - a compilation highlighting our favorite underground Rap/Hip-Hop artists who we have released. A greatest hits collection of sorts. All fam. Featuring Neisha Neshea, Team Eastside, Peezy, Lil P, D-Nice, 7 Mile Clee, Babyface Ray/M.I.A., Project Born, Dame Dot, GT, Menacide, Esham, The Dayton Family, Simken Heights, McNastee, Bad Mind, Staplez (Bedlam), Icewear Vezzo, Marco Skeezy, Gozza (Artfull Dodgers), Dice, Tommy Wright III, Bobby Waters, Hex of L.U. Cipha, Sodoma Gomora, Bizarre of D-12, MensVreters, Dental Work vs. Scumbag Fred (Lunicy), and more. Perfect soundtrack to cruise OT and do a little dirt...I highly advise you to research and support all of these artists...Free CD edition coming soon to be given away at shows to help promote the artists and label! We appreciate your support!

Organized and released by Jay Watson/Placenta Recordings 2019. 

Contact: placentarecordings@gmail.com 

All songs that appear on this album have been previously released with permission on Placenta Recordings. 

Album cover photo and edit by Jay Watson 2017-2019 - Detroit, Michigan. 


Sackratten - Austrian Trash Vol. 1 (Deluxe Edition) (Placenta Recordings #511 - 2019)

Sackratten - Austrian Trash Vol. 1 (Deluxe Edition) (Placenta Recordings #511 - 2019)

"Picture 2 scrawny drunken long haired Austrian garbage men with a serious speed habit and major Arnold Schwarzenegger complexes screaming into shitty mics about psycho psychiatrists, necrophilia, and kabobs whilst buzzing and bashing cheap Thrash guitars and the worst possible photoshop art possible..." 

All music and art by Sackratten. Released by Placenta Recordings originally on CD-R in 2008, re-issued in 2019 on CD. 


Contact: placentarecordings@gmail.com 



Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Wormhoudt - Concrete Encased High School Girl Murder Case (Placenta Recordings #509 - 2019)

Wormhoudt - Concrete Encased High School Girl Murder Case (Placenta Recordings #509 - 2019)

This project was inspired by the pornographization of the murder of Junko Faruta, a seventeen year old girl who as held captive for forty days by a group of young men. The kidnappers, led by Hiroshi Miyano, who had recently been declined a date by Faruta, brought the young girl to the house of one of their parents where she was repeatedly 
raped and tortured from November 25th, 1988 to January 4th, 1989. The parents, afraid of the boys who became increasingly violent towards them, allowed Faruta to be held captive at first under the guise that she was their son’s girlfriend, but when the truth soon came to light, they continued to allow her to be held there out of fear of their Yakuza connections. Upon finding out that the girls parents had reported her missing, Hiroshi Miyano forced her to call her mother and say that she had chosen to run away. Over the course of her stay at the Minato residence, the boys would invite their Yakuza friends to come over and join in on the torture. It is said that no less than one hundred people knew of Faruta’s captivity. According to their confessions, the boys raped Faruta over four hundred times, starved her, beat her, strung her from the ceiling to be used as a punching bag, dropped weights onto her stomach, forced her to eat live cockroaches and drink her own urine, among numerous other heinous acts. Sixteen days into the captivity, one friend of the boys was bullied into raping her, upon feeling guilty for his actions, he confessed to his parents who would report the crime to the police. The police visited the Minato house, but didn’t feel it necessary to go inside. Had they, the crime would’ve only lasted sixteen days and Faruta would’ve lived, In December, Faruta made an attempt to call the police. She was intercepted and as punishment the boys doused her with lighter fluid, lit her on fire and sodomized her. Beaten beyond recognition, Faruta would lose control of her bowels and bladder which would result in more severe beatings when she soiled the carpets. The boys stopped raping her only after they became disgusted the smell that her body gave off. They abducted another girl to rape at this point. The day of her death, Faruta beat the boys in a game of Mahjong. Out of frustration, they beat her for two hours with an iron barbell, they again lit her on fire. Her severe burns and infected wounds leaked pus that also disgusted the boys, instead of killing her as she begged for death, the boys wrapped their hands in plastic bags to continue the beatings. She succumbed to her wounds. The boys wrapped her in blankets and shoved her in a duffel bag before ultimately putting her into a fifty five gallon drum and filling it with concrete. Upon being arrested for the kidnapping of the second girl, out of confusion, Miyano confessed to the Faruta crime. All four boys refused to plead guilty to murder and instead plead guilty to committing bodily injury that lead to death. Hiroshi Miyano was sentenced to seventeen years in prison as the ringleader of the crime, the other three were sentenced to less than eight years each. In 1995, Katsuya Matsumura made a pornographic film about the case. 

Thank you to Closer Bones, Swamp Temple, Peasant Farm, Pain Chain & Mutual Aid Records, Palm Hands, REDNECK!, Mall Prowler and all of my other cool noise buds. 

Released February 26, 2019 

Wormhoudt is Christopher. Track three features Swamp Temple. 

This project was recorded in Brockton, MA in 2018/2019 with three VCRs, a field mic, and various household chemicals. 


Contact: placentarecordings@gmail.com

#TrueCrime #Japan #HarshNoise #HNW #Wormhoudt #PlacentaRecordings

Monday, February 25, 2019

Enbilulugugal - Offerings to GoatSerpent (Placenta Recordings #508 - 2019)

Enbilulugugal - Offerings to GoatSerpent (Placenta Recordings #508 - 2019)


Worst of Collection with 33 of the more "Musical" tracks. 

This release is meant to be an introduction to the LardRealms of ENBILULUGUGAL, THE GOATSERPENT and his fat fvkken crony... THE LARD CURLYTON. Further Interest in Enbilulugugal upon hearing this release is at your own risk and not recommended by Enbilulugugal, The GoatSerpent or his fat fvkken crony... The Lard Curlyton. Enbilulugugal, its members and fans cannot be held accountable for loss of sanity, hearing or brain cells upon listening to this collection or any other recording by the BLACK NOISE ARMAGEDDON band Enbilulugugal. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 


Released February 25, 2019 


Contact: placentarecordings@gmail.com

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Flesh Of Horses & Vampyric Arse - Fungal Remains On Castle Walls (Split) (Placenta Recordings + Nekhorosho Records 2019)

Flesh Of Horses & Vampyric Arse - Fungal Remains On Castle Walls (Split) (Placenta Recordings + Nekhorosho Records 2019)

Double album, 2x CD set co-released with cranium vaporizing alien thugs on the outskirts of the industrial slums deep within Rostov On-Don, Russia, none other than Nekhorosho Records...CDs ship from a seaside port and will arrive to your country in crates of caviar... 

Blood soaked runes, prunes, and jagged ice lined shores. Snake shaped boats shipwrecked, coat of arms overgrown with mold. The stench of Vled's arse torn to shreds in burning beds in dungeons unbeknownst to man's maps.Shit in a chalice for priests to gorge while Pagan warriors smear blood and fire across plague ridden lands... 

Blodvippede runer, svisker og hakkede iskledde kyster. Snakeformede båter skibbrudd, våpenskjold overgrodd med mugg. Stanken av Vleds rumpe revet i brennende senger i fangehuller som ikke er kjent for mannens kart. Sluk i en kaliber for prester til kløften mens hedenske krigere smeder blod og brann over plyndrepede landområder 

Des runes imbibées de sang, des pruneaux et des rivages déchiquetés de glace. Des bateaux en forme de serpent font naufrage, les armoiries envahies par la moisissure. La puanteur du cul de Vled déchiré en lambeaux dans des lits en flammes dans des cachots à l'insu de la carte de l'homme. 

Пропитанные кровью руны, чернослив и изрезанные льдом берега. Лодки в форме змеи потерпели крушение, герб зарос с плесенью. Зловоние задницы Вледа, разорванное в клочья в горящих кроватях в темницах, неведомых человеческим картам. Битва в чаше для священников, чтобы сожрать, в то время как языческие воины разливают кровь и огонь по землям, пораженным чумой

Released February 24, 2019 

Flesh Of Horses is from Molde, Norway 
Vampyric Arse is from Carcassonne, France 

The two bands were able to meet for a week long ritual session in the Vatican City, where psilocybin was ingested and these rites were forged. 


Contact: placentarecordings@gmail.com 



Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Krister Bergman - UTOPIA II (Placenta Recordings #506 - 2019)

Krister Bergman - UTOPIA II (Placenta Recordings #506 - 2019)

Krister Bergman is an experimental artist from Västerås, Sweden. 

Released February 18, 2019 

All music by Krister Bergman. 

Photography and art by Andrey Iskanov. 

Released by Jay Watson/Placenta Recordings 2019. 

Contact: placentarecordings@gmail.com

Sunday, February 17, 2019

冥無幻妖「忌み双児」​(​Placenta Recordings #505 - 2019)

冥無幻妖「忌み双児」​(​Placenta Recordings #505 - 2019)

LIMITED EDITION CD OF 10 COPIES + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE HERE: https://placentarecordings.bandcamp.com/album/placenta-recordings-505-2019



冥無幻妖「忌み双児」(Japanese Oriental Power/Melodic Metal Twins)

All Song Writing-市姫 

Released as a limited edition CD/digital download from Placenta Recordings 2019. 

Contact: placentarecordings@gmail.com

Durance Of Hate - East Of The Potato Fields Where The Devil Plays His Drum (Placenta Recordings #504 - 2019)

Durance Of Hate - East Of The Potato Fields Where The Devil Plays His Drum (Placenta Recordings #504 - 2019)


The original evil vaporwave dungeon music from the Kashubian potato fields of Danzig, Poland - Durance Of Hate...Co-released with deranged Russian blood fiends Nekhorosho Records in the decaying corpse filled bathtub lands of Rostov-On Don, Russia...

Нет кредита. Барабаны от Diablo 222. Вокал от Oskaaa. Записано в прямом эфире в Данциге, Польша. Искусство Джея Уотсона (Jay Watson)..

Upcoming DENTAL WORK shows!!! March + April 2019!!!

Dental Work is hitting the road for a couple Canadian gigs in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario next month along with a local Placenta Recordings showcase in Oak Park, MI in April! Come hang with us!!!

TORONTO, ONTARIO 3/15/2019 @ OWL'S CLUB - 8PM - EVENT PAGE/RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/361444291343215




OAK PARK, MICHIGAN 4/6/2019 @ STUDIO 8700 - 8PM - EVENT PAGE/RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/523109134878118


AFTER THAT, THE ONLY THING DW HAS SET IN STONE IS MENTAL SPAGHETTI FEST #8 THE RETURN ON 8/23/2019 + 8/24/2019 AT A SECRET LOCATION IN DETROIT, MICHIGAN - MORE INFO HERE: https://www.facebook.com/mentalspaghettifest - EVENT PAGE/RSVP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/397473694353110




Wednesday, February 13, 2019

George Feeny - The Work Week Is Finished (Placenta Recordings #503 - 2019) CD/Digital out now!!!

George Feeny - The Work Week Is Finished (Placenta Recordings #503 - 2019)

STREAM, DOWNLOAD, AND ORDER THE LIMITED EDITION CD OF 50 COPIES RIGHT HERE: https://placentarecordings.bandcamp.com/album/george-feeny-the-work-week-is-finished-placenta-recordings-503-2019

"After an extremely stressful workweek, standing in line in the frigid temperatures for the brand new video game console, I was granted a little time to decompress on the commute through the flickering city lights, I finally arrived at my humble abode. The excitement of opening up this brand new, factory assembled 64 bit entertainment system, complete with 3 games for my enjoyment. I reached for my bourbon glass, pulled out my trustworthy pipe, and began my evening. The work week is finished..." - George Feeny (October '96)

Factory sealed CD inside a jewel case with full color art and disc. Co-released by Nekhorosho Records in the land of bloody bathtubs: Rostov On-Don, Russia. Art by Jay Watson.


George Feeny - The Collected Works Volume 1 (Released on Bogus Collective): 

George Feeny vs. Weekend At Bernie's 3 - Island Games (Released on Placenta Recordings) 

George Feeny - When Life Just Can't Wait (Released on power_lunch_corporation) 

George Feeny - Fundamental Learning Environment Vol. 1 (Released on Bogus Collective):