Sunday, June 16, 2019

Dental Work - Dead Birds (Descent From Grace) (Placenta Recordings #521 - 2019)

Dental Work - Dead Birds (Descent From Grace) (Placenta Recordings #521 - 2019)

4x CD Box Set + Digital available now:

A bird taught me the meaning of life and death when I was very young.

This album will teach you about the life of Dental Work.

A collection of material released over the years, including work from the Dental Work albums: "Italian Films You've Never Heard Of", "Snitch Carnitas" (only released in Japan on Silent Novels Records), PMS City, "Hashish & Raw Meat" (released in England on Final Trauma Recordings), "Facebook Glory Hole", the "Humanity" tour tape, the entire 8-track recording "Mental Ragnarok", a bunch of unreleased cuts and remixes from albums that never saw the light, and even a few compilation appearances!

Art and music by Jay Watson 2005-2019.

Guest appearances include: Morgan Feger, Justin Lee Smith, Sean Barry, Eric Stephenson, Ben Ruggles, Kris Smith, and your mother.

Recorded in various cities and studios through Michigan and California.

Noise, Cybergrind, Ambient, British, Industrial, Breakcore, German, Lebanese, Harsh Noise, Dadaist, Surrealism, Vaporwave, HNW, Horrorcore, Punk, World Music, Dadaist, Surrealism, Horror, Underground, Acid, Avant-Garde, Therapy.

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